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Marketing Assistant Job Description

Preparing yourself for a marketing assistant job or looking for an article that can help you through all the nitty-gritty of the career? Then, you have stumbled upon just the right web page for you.

Marketing forms an important part of any business or organization as it helps in showcasing the brand to its niche audiences. Marketing is an important component that can build or break any organization. 

No wonder marketing jobs have become extremely popular among the youth of today! 

However, it has to be acknowledged that recruitment to any marketing position is extremely fierce, and it is important to stand apart from the masses. 

A marketing job assistant is considered a stepping stone in the field of marketing, and therefore the recruitment fierceness applies for this position as well. Furthermore, there are certain factors that one should be aware of before stepping into this career path. 

Continue reading the article as we share some effective marketing assistant strategies and a thorough template for the marketing assistant careers

What is a marketing assistant? 

As mentioned earlier, the marketing assistant job is considered the stepping stone in marketing. 

The marketing assistants are bestowed upon the responsibility of supporting the marketing managers or executives in their projects to maximize the profit for the company and develop marketing strategies accordingly. 

The marketing assistants work closely in a team and are responsible for other functions like market research, production, advertising, distribution, and sales. 

What does a marketing assistant do? 

Marketing assistants have both on, and off-field responsibilities. Some of the chief duties a marketing assistant has to shoulder are:

  • preparing and compiling budget spreadsheets incorporating the financial and statistical information available
  • preparing and analyzing questionnaires to boost the marketing campaigns led by the company
  • writing documents which include monthly reports and brochures for the company. 
  • preparing presentations for the customers
  • assisting with promotional campaigns
  • attending external agencies and customers

Marketing assistant job duties include

One may wonder that being just a marketing assistant, one does not have too much work. However, the workload of a marketing assistant consists of a varied range and is much more demanding than it seems. 

Some of the chief duties in a marketing assistant job are

  • Undertaking different administrative assignments to ensure proper functionality and coordination among the different departments of the organization. 
  • Supporting the marketing leads in their projects and ensuring the set goal is reached within the given deadline.
  • frequently conducting surveys on the markets and analyzing the reports provided by the customers, and trying to create strategies accordingly
  • monitoring the ongoing marketing campaigns of the company

Job brief for marketing assistant

The ideal job brief that is usually posted for the marketing assistant job consists of the need for a zealous performer who can support the company’s marketing department with its daily administrative duties. 

The marketing assistant has to work in a team and develop creative marketing strategies and campaigns that will help in boosting the image of the company. 

An assistant will be asked to work under the supervision of their marketing executives. They coordinate and execute the functions according to their guidance. 

The job brief also mentions the responsibilities and duties that the marketing assistant has to shoulder, including performing thorough research and analyzing the recorded data and information. 

Responsibilities of marketing assistant

The generic responsibilities that come with the marketing assistant job are

  • Strategizing and providing support to the marketing departments. 
  • Executing and implementing the marketing strategies designed by the company in the marketing campaigns
  • Boosting the functionality and coordination of the departments
  • Supporting the marketing heads in the development of various projects
  • Conducting weekly or monthly surveys and analyzing the statistics
  • Employing different marketing techniques to boost the sales and production of the company. 
  • Updating databases and spreadsheets with financial, non-financial, and statistical information
  • Brainstorming better promotional and marketing campaigns to boost success. 
  • Composing and posting online content on the company’s different social media platforms
  • Composing brochures and press releases to augment the presence of the company in the market
  • Producing innovative marketing methods to access different clients and brands. 
  • Maintaining honest and strong relationships with different clients and customers

Requirements for marketing assistant job

Hundreds of applications are submitted every year for marketing assistant jobs. Therefore, hiring managers look for certain requirements in their potential candidates to choose the right employee for their company.

  • Education 
    • bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing or any other related field
    • diploma in disciplines like advertising, business, communication, advertising, and product management
    • specialization in industry-specific disciplines like website development, social media, and SEO techniques
  • Having prior experience in marketing 
  • Possessing the ability to multi-task with good time management and complete projects flawlessly within the deadlines
  • Having excellent knowledge of marketing software, online tools like Web Analytics, CRM tools, Google AdWords, and MS Office
  • Demonstrating marketing experiences on social media platforms 
  • Having experience with Adobe creative cloud, digital marketing, and video editing is considered a plus, and candidates with such experiences are highly preferred

The average salary for a marketing assistant

The average marketing assistant salary depends upon the key skills and the candidate’s experience and sometimes even upon the company. 

The average salary for a marketing assistant who is just a fresher in the field may obtain a salary of INR 2,70,540 per year. 

A marketing assistant with more than four years of experience may earn an annual salary of INR 5,12,800, while those who have been in the field for above ten years obtain an annual salary of INR 6,78,900.

Key skills

Apart from the basic requirements that should be met by aspiring marketing assistants, there are some other key skills that one should be aware of to excel in the career. 

Some of the skills being

  • Organization: This skill includes various sub-skills under its head including punctuality, focus, accuracy, and coordination. The assistants need to use their organizational skills to prioritize, plan and achieve the best result for their company. 
  • Time Management: Being excellent in time management is another skill hiring recruiters search for in their potential candidates. 

The ability to prioritize assignments, complete daily tasks within deadlines fall under this skill. Marketing assignments need to maintain their productivity and complete the given projects on schedule. 

  • Excellent communication skills: Communication skills are required to communicate with potential clients, coordinate meetings and events, deliver clear and concise marketing content, and articulate statements, presentations, and proposals. 
  • Appropriate technical skills: Marketing assistants require technical skills to conduct digital marketing campaigns, create online surveys and analytical tools, and use emails and spreadsheets to complete the daily assignments. Therefore, having appropriate technical skills is a must when considering yourself for different marketing assistant careers

Why pursue a career as a marketing assistant

As mentioned earlier, obtaining a marketing assistant job is considered the stepping stone in marketing. Therefore, the position is one of the most sought-after by the youth of today. 

Marketing assistants get to have the hands-on experience of implementing innovative marketing strategies that help in boosting the growth of the company. 

At the initial stages of their career, they learn to organize, multi-task and complete projects within deadlines. The marketing assistants get to work with some of the best marketing executives in the field. Therefore, the experience gathered during these stages becomes extremely beneficial for the future endeavors of the employee. 

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How to become a marketing assistant

To obtain a marketing assistant job, one needs to have the knowledge, determination, and personality, and to summarize, here is a small breakdown for you

  • Pursue the correct education (bachelor’s degree in business, communication, or marketing) 
  • Gaining the relevant work experience
  • Earning technical certificates in digital marketing, marketing content writing, email marketing, or SEO programs.
  • Creating the perfect resume for your position showcasing all your skills, work experience, and education and applying to your desired companies thereafter. 

Now you have all the information related to the marketing assistant job. 

Hundreds of applications are submitted for the position of marketing assistant every year. Therefore, make sure to prepare yourself accordingly to stand apart from the crowd. Set your goal and work towards it accordingly.

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