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Public Relations Officer Job Description

Each company or social municipality needs a representative, someone to maintain the relations and businesses. In most associations, this work is performed by a Public Relations Officer. Preserving and upholding the relations between the audience or consumer and the establishment is the primary goal of their job. The credibility and reputation of the company lie in the hands of the Public Relations specialist. Public Relations Officer is a mid-level position responsible for designing PR campaigns and strategies to increase the organization’s public image. They are to work on every possible outlet for the marketing strategies to promote the company.

What Is a Public Relations Officer?

Public Relations Officer, also known as PRO, is the head personnel responsible for communications, announcements, and civic affairs in an organization. They use varied sources of broadcasting means to advertise and commercialize the establishment. Communication, exchange of ideas, and objectives are an integral part of this job as a Public Relations specialist.

What does a Public Relations Officer do?

The Public Relations Officer’s Job is to skillfully craft the company’s positive outlook in the consumer’s eyes. They represent the company’s face, and hence, it becomes an essential responsibility of theirs to endorse the motto and objective of the company. In addition, the Public Relations Officer is to undertake market research in return for the budget and financing talks held by the company.

They are responsible for the outlook of the establishment and making contacts that can help encourage the company’s growth. Campaigns and highlighting social surveys are very much part of the position held by the Public Relations Officer.

Public Relations Officer job duties include:

  • Edit and write media content suitable for the brand of the company.
  • Maintain good relations with the stockholders and collaborators.
  • Strike a deal with other corporations for partnership.
  • Establishing a proper two-way understanding for both the company and investors.
  • Assigning the duties and liabilities to the right employee.
  • Understanding the relation account managers for coordination and organized planning.
  • Consolidating PR campaigns and press releases for publicity.
  • Submitting the PR reports and statements.
  • Enhancing the articulation among the depositors and management of the enterprise.
  • Building dealings and associations through broadcasting and digitalized materials.
  • Interrogations to the public relations and media management for the development and progress of the corporation.

Public Relations Officer is taken by a person who is relatively composed, for talks and promotions are a great part of their duty. Consistency in the arrangement for clear transmission of information from the organization’s administration to the outer world (which includes patrons, stakeholders, financiers, co-operators, and sponsors) is accomplished by the public relations specialist.

Manufacturers and business investigators make up most of the investors. And the public relations officer’s job is to keep up and sustain the affirmative image of the firm in their eyes. In addition, they are expected to support direct communication with the community and shareholders.  

Responsibilities of Public Relations Officer

  • The Public Relations Officer must be able to communicate hope and affirmation to the consumers.
  • Clients and visitors are more impressed with the sympathetic attitude and attention of the Public Relations Officer than with any other aspects.
  • They need to precisely communicate the organization’s policy and philosophy to the outer world.
  • Have open interaction with the company as a whole to develop new promotional marketing material.
  • Resolving the collective tension and helping easy decision-taking.
  • Achieving the targets by influencing the addresses.
  • Organizing and setting up promotional, and profile-raising events.
  • Analysis of media arrangements and avenue coverage.
  • Producing brochures, and journals in favour of the enterprise’s marketing skills.
  • Reaching out for higher consumer influence.
  • Credentials that could help participate in marketing strategies.
  • Publishing the accomplishments and goodwill public information in favour of the organization.
  • Emphasizing the survey design, implantation of the computer graphics, and visual communication for the welfare of the company.

Requirements for Public Relations Officer

  • Bachelor’s degree in management, business, journalism, or marketing.
  • Prior experience in the media or public relations sector.
  • Knowledge in PR management and broadcasting divisions.
  • Modest familiarity with working on Microsoft Excel, MS Word, and MS PowerPoint.
  • Experience in presenting the evaluated information in front of an audience.
  • 1 to 1.5 years in the field of PR.
  • Background in researching, writing, and revising publications.
  • If possible, practice in photo and video editing can act as a bonus.
  • B.Sc. or B.A. or Masters in the same courses as higher education.
  • Average Salary for Public Relations Officer (City Based Tables)
  • Public Relations Officer’s salary may vary depending on the pay scale and the number of employees in the particular sector. It also varies on the resources and the municipality where the company is situated. For the metropolitan cities with higher connectivity and IT companies, the salary is seen to have an upturn than other towns.

City Of IndiaSalary
Delhi₹ 620,000
Mumbai₹ 687,928
Bangalore₹ 643,746
Hyderabad₹ 589,670
Chennai₹ 547,897
Lucknow₹ 376,834
Kochi₹ 207,000
Nagpur₹ 285,900
Pune₹ 311,004
Ahmedabad₹ 325,000
Gurgaon₹ 363,730
Pondicherry₹ 250,000
Kolkata₹ 553,987
Jaipur₹ 363,600
Kota₹ 365,420
Surat₹ 499,959
Bhubaneswar₹ 428,900
Kozhikode₹ 380,966
Mangalore₹ 239,622
Chandigarh₹ 234,520
Hubli₹ 280,000
Dehradun₹ 256,870
Indore₹ 300,000
Vishakhapatnam₹ 225,000
Kanpur₹ 321,743

Key Skills

  • Analytical thinking and understanding of labour relations.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.
  • Confident public speaking qualities.
  • Calm and collected nature.
  • Great interpersonal skills.
  • Competence in strategy and decision making.
  • Diverse knowledge and adaptability to the cultural and linguistic differences of orders.
  • Vast information and comfortable usage of computers.
  • Planning of schemes and proposals for advertising presentations.

Why pursue a career as a Public Relations Officer?

Public Relations Officers are the company’s source of keeping the network alive. They help release statements on the newest developments occurring in the organization. In addition, with the help of their great contacts due to publicity online and offline, they can help sponsor and boost the expansion of the business.
With digitalization and the materialization of all the marketing, a public relations officer’s job is to be more aware of how to make the best use of social media to advance the business. Therefore, the scope for getting hired as a public relations officer will increase in the following years.

How to become a Public Relations Officer?

Practical knowledge on achieving innovative ways to involve the public and media is learnt in this field. By getting a good certification from a reputed university for completing mass media, journalism, and business administration is a great foundation to kick start the occupation. Furthermore, coursework in creative writing, business, social science, and marketing can effectively act as an extra point or advantage while recruiting you for the said job. Public Relations Officer is the starter job on entering the field of public relations sector. On advancing in the same area can lead you to attain any of the following posts, namely public health manager, social media manager, chief communication officer or CCO, public affairs executive, accounts manager.

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