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UI UX Designer Job Description

UI or User Interface encompasses the visuals or the graphics of an application. Designing these aspects of the layout is the task of those who apply for a UI UX designer job, rather, only a user interface designer, since the terms UI and UX, although used interchangeably, are not quite the same. 

The buttons clicked on, the text perused through, the images viewed, the sliders scrolled up or down, the blank areas where text ought to be entered, all these are the key features of the user interface, as these are aspects interacted with by a user. The look of the screen, the transitions, the animations are all part of the user interface. 

Introduction to UX design

UX or User Experience is the determination of whether an application is user-friendly or challenging to work with. User Experience designers are in charge of comprehending how the app interacts with the user. The task is termed ‘user experience’ precisely because the operator tries to understand the ‘feel of the app, whether it seems scientific or random, whether it seems confusing or flawlessly simple. Since everything depends on the user’s experience regarding the application, the task is rightfully coined ‘user experience.’ A UI UX designer job includes both the look of the application and the smooth functioning despite UI and UX being different. Creating interface design is one thing while ensuring its runs without glitches is another story altogether. 

What does a User Interface designer do?

A User Interface designer creates all graphical aspects of an application down to the micro-level, such as the intricate visuals on the screen, the changes as the screen transits from one look to the next, the various animations that make the app more attractive. They select the fonts for the text of the user interface, the shapes, sizes of the buttons, the colors of the images and writings, the line widths, etc. As for graphics designers, user interface designers are concerned with nothing but the style and the beauty, in other words, aesthetics alone. They try to ensure that the application feels like its personality with its visually striking look and thematic purposefulness. 

What does a User Experience designer do?

User Experience designers must possess a solid comprehension at a holistic level about how users choose to ‘speak’ to the apps on their smartphones. Unlike User Interface designers, User Experience designers are solely engaged in the operation of the application, whether it is smooth or clunky, whether users will like it or not. Although the user’s experience with regards to the app in question is their chief concern, the functions must not seem overly complex. That is why a User Experience designer must work in close liaison with a User Interface designer. Therefore, the task, on the whole, is known as a UI UX designer job.

UI UX designer job duties include:

  • Designing an interface such as an app or a website, beautifying it for the user
  • Implementing the elements required for a user to interact with the interface as flawlessly as possible 
  • Having a sound knowledge of all the principles, theories, and practices of User Interface and User Experience 
  • Spreading this knowledge across all the platforms of the company 
  • Working together with the marketing department for the best application designs.

Job brief for UX/UI designers

A company recruiter for a UI UX designer job seeks personnel who can transform their software into user-friendly products for their clientele. A dynamic individual who will be responsible for designing elements of their digital aspects, ensuring that their clients’ experiences are chiseled for their functionality, usefulness, and great graphical attractiveness. A potential candidate is expected to provide solutions should any issues in UI or UX arise with an exceptional prowess in mitigation and be knowledgeable in the current trends and latest discoveries in UI- and UX-related technology.

Responsibilities of a UI UX designer

Several responsibilities are attached to a UI UX designer job. Some of these responsibilities are as follows:

  • Having a thorough understanding of the company-specific design spectrum, the company’s assets, and the needs of their clientele 
  • Conceptualizing a rough User Interface prototype design for the company 
  • Thinking of User Experience strategies, making use of storyboards, sitemaps, wireframes, and flow diagrams
  • Performing test runs on aspects of User Interface such as page layout designs, links, banner designs, and ‘Call to action’ button designs
  • Extensive knowledge of typography and its principles
  • Designing visuals for tabs, menus, and widgets
  • Creating buttons that help in navigating through pages in an application
  • Working in liaison with the managerial team and the engineering department for the generation of the best of the company’s products
  • Draw sketches and drafts and present them before the other members of the unit and also the prime stakeholders of the company for their approval
  • Make adjustments aligning with the feedback garnered from clients
  • Troubleshoot with swiftness.

Requirements for a UI UX designer

A UI UX designer job requires one to adhere to a few eligibility criteria. Some of these requirements are as follows:

  • At least 2 years of work experience as a web designer or a similar position
  • An Honours graduate in computer science or multimedia
  • Can present a portfolio consisting of older projects related to User Interface or User Experience design
  • Can work with wireframe-related tools such as Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, InVision, HTML, Design Systems, Android
  • A team-worker as well as an individual worker
  • Excellent knowledge of Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
  • Is capable of multitasking, in possession of skills related to effective time management.

The average salary for UI UX designer

Here is a city-wise table that displays the differences in the average salaries of those in the UI UX designer job:

City Average salary
DelhiRs. 602937
KolkataRs. 626402
MumbaiRs. 616492
BangaloreRs. 900000
ChennaiRs. 401958

Key Skills

The key skills sought after in a person working in a UI UX designer job are as follows:

  • A thorough study of the principles of User Experience
  • Highly skilled in communication to be able to collaborate with others during the designing process
  • Must have a great deal of experience with handling wireframing tools and creating prototypes
  • Must be an excellent coder in order to fix glitches 
  • Must be good at writing as applications are always full of text
  • The human brain thrives primarily on ‘sight’; therefore a designer must be fairly good at visual learning
  • Conducting research on the issues and problems faced by users and creating applications, troubleshoot accordingly
  • Having a sound comprehension of the realm of ‘interaction design’ means understanding what a user expects, rather, prefers, in an app.

Why pursue a career in UI UX designing?

A UI UX designer job is currently among the top five professions as surveyed by LinkedIn. In this job, there is plenty of room for rising in the ranks. One can even get elevated to the position of director of a company. One need not be an expert in computer programming to work in this profession. A knack for designing and originality is all that matters, and an experience working with digital designing tools.

Furthermore, this occupation has immense diversity, and people from various disciplines are free to apply for this job. The salary is very high, and there is great satisfaction in creation and designing. Companies such as Amazon, Microsoft are currently seeking designers well-versed in User Interface and User Experience.

How to become a UI UX designer

One ought to familiarize themselves with tools such as Sketch, Figma, Balsamiq, Adobe, Invision, RedPen. Having a good eye for detail is necessary while scrolling through a website from the viewpoint of a graphic web/app designer. One must start by creating a rich portfolio to submit before a company’s recruiter. This can be done by going through other people’s work and using them as mentors and lesson-givers.

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