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Content Manager Job Description


Content managers are essential to any business, as they create a company’s content strategy and improvise targeted and relevant content to a broader audience online. Therefore, it’s vital for a content manager job to have well-versed knowledge of being a brand voice and often know their way around a blog post.

So to be a brand voice, content managers have duties like making a brand identity and online presence by creating and disseminating multimedia content via online channels.
Now you know they play a crucial role for your company. So how you’ll write an appealing job description that will get you young talents for this important job? This article will tell you all about it.

What is a content manager job?

A content manager’s job inclines to make an online presence of the company via content creation. They make constant efforts to progress in conveying the message. It is the message that informs and attracts customers to your business.

It is an exciting job role, but to get this job, you need a strong knowledge of digital marketing software, tools, and methods while focusing on content and SEO. You should also have management skills to back it up.

What does a Content Manager do?

Content managers mainly contribute to developing and distributing timely, relevant content for audiences. Therefore, the content creation manager understands their company’s business focus and communicates with customers about the business.

You have to be creative, but also it is your focus and responsibility that you manage all the projects the company asks for and your team performance. As a content manager, you also can collaborate across other teams to finish a project whenever necessary.

If you are a fresher, it is not a job for you. Content managers are usually leaders who train freshers to write and publish effective and engaging content. That is why it’s only for those with relevant experience in content creation or marketing communication-related fields.

Content Manager job duties include:

Develop compelling content strategies, focusing on short-term and long-term company goals.

Team up with marketing and design teams to create and publish content with other important factors.

Have consistency in writing creative content.

Read, edit, and review various writers’ posts.
Optimize content as per the SEO requirements.

Use the websites and metrics available to see and improve content visibility over the internet.

Publish content to social media and other online channels to increase visibility.

Develop a content scheduling calendar and organize content as per the dates and events.
Be as updated as you can be with the market and innovate ideas to create customers’ attention.

Job brief for Content Manager

ABC Company is looking for an eligible Content manager to join the company. You should create, manage and publish content to reach beyond heights while fulfilling business goals. You should also ensure that ranges are getting the right audience. The increased reach will raise brand awareness and web traffics, profiting our business.

If you got what it takes, let us give you a chance. It is only for experienced and professional candidates who can show off their unique and creative writing skills. As a part of Content manager requirements, you must show consistency and performance while meeting deadlines.

Responsibilities of Content Manager Job

Audit the published content of the company and optimize whenever necessary.

Research your rivals and find the gaps in your content strategies by comparing them.

Make new and attractive content while being unique to generate web traffic.

Maintain a constant brand identity towards customers by posting content via social media.

Write and manage content creation by a freelancer or fresher content writer.

Analyze content performance by using tools such as Google console, Ahrefs, etc.

Requirements for Content Manager job

Possess experience as a content writer or content manager job.

Have expertise with MS Office and WordPress

Must know all the basics of HTML and web publishing.

Know SEO and measure traffic metrics via tools and software.

Have familiarity with all sorts of social media.

Possess a great and creative writing mindset and skills.

Have a BSc in Marketing, Journalism, or related specialization.

Average Salary for Content Manager job

According to several employees, surveys posted online, India’s estimated average content manager salary is ₹ 600,000 per year or ₹ 308 per hour.

If you are a fresher, your salary will start at around ₹ 500,000 per year, but content managers’ salary hike is much better. You can even earn up to ₹ 11,00,000 per annum if you show effort and performance.

Key Skills

Candidates should have Bachelor’s Degree preferred in journalism or management.

They should know all the advanced strategies and also should have a good understanding of content marketing tactics. These include SEO, digital advertising, and social media advertising.

They should show off their capability of leading and managing content marketing campaigns.

They know how to handle Google Analytics, WordPress, and Adobe Acrobat and possess all relevant knowledge related to them.

They should have excellent writing and communication skills to give consistent output for the content writer job.

The ideal candidate should have at least one year or more experience in the content marketing industry.

Why pursue a career as a content manager?

There are three specific reasons why you should be a content manager, mentioned below:
Content Manager gives a new life to content.
The impressive amount of time you take to write entirely new content intimidates your recruiter. However, content can often be refreshed and rephrased to write relevant content that appeals to your audience and, therefore, the company’s attention.

Content manager increases Search Engine Rankings.

You can’t just write the content; you have to publish them and ensure they are ranked high on search engines.

Google has web crawlers that analyze every website and backlinks and ranks your site accordingly. The headlines and meta descriptions used are the measuring tools in raising your search engine rankings. When you include your strategic keywords, you can further prove their relevance to target your recruiters, which will give you more golden opportunities with a content manager job.

Content creates Conversions.

Content managers know how to use the call to action to increase web traffic for themselves or your company. The call to action helps you attract your customer and tempt them to take action on your website. It can be downloading website content, attending an event, or even contacting the company.

Good salary

It gives you a healthy compensation for your effort to increase the company’s business. In addition, as it is only an experienced level job, you get a consistently high income which further scales up with experience.

How to become a Content Manager?

It would help if you had a Bachelor’s Degree in English, journalism, management, mass communication, etc., for the eligibility criteria of a content manager job.

Content manufacturers always have options for you to avail yourself of certification programs for web content managers. By applying and completing these certifications, you will meet the relevant training needed for passing a skills assessment exam.

It would also help if you were working for workshops and other professional courses to increase your chances of getting a content manager job.

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Content managers play a critical role in delivering the right content at the right time. They are experienced professionals who know how to supervise and improve content visibility. The content manager job is also challenging, where you have to put images and backlinks to increase your website rank.

The Content Manager job gives you a spectrum of responsibilities in different areas of content. You’ll know the thrill of managing so much work on time. Content managers earn a good salary hike for the hard work they put in, as long as you show your creativity and performance.

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