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Machine Operator Job Description


The Machine Operator undertakes regular tasks to ensure operational efficiency, like setting up, operating, monitor, troubleshoot, and performing preventive maintenance on all the machinery in an organization. In addition, the Machine Operator’s job employees will also inspect parts to specifications and make adjustments or make small or large adjustments to ensure quality specifications.

If you want to highlight your professional resume, this job description will guide you to reach your goal. In addition, you can utilize this machine operator job description to know what you need to write on your resume. It is a fascinating and technical career, and you will know what else you need to register in your resume to be a part of the best companies.

What is a Machine Operator job?

Machine operators’ primary work concerns heavy machinery. They are responsible for the proper installation of the types of equipment. They also play a pivotal role in ensuring regular maintenance by performing tests and repairs periodically. You can find more about machine operator responsibilities and related job positions by searching for machinists or tool and die makers.

You need to have great self-motivation and work in a team of those who aptitude for computers and mechanics.

What does a machine operator job do?

 Machine operators are, in other terms, laborers that use heavy machinery to complete manufacturing, disassembling, and other day-to-day tasks. You can also call them machinists, who also hold proficiency in one specific machine or type of machinery.

You’ll get the types of machine operator jobs on many websites based on machinery and equipment located on the job site. The categories are like these;

  • Dig and plan machine operators
  • Molding and Injection machine operators
  • Boring and drilling machine operators
  • Roll machine operators
  • Package machine operators
  • Moving or vehicle machine operators
  • Construction or structure machine operators 

Machine Operator job duties include:

  • Regular observation of the machine for proper production of goods and inspect these goods upon completion
  • Ensure all the parts of the machine are working correctly. For example, you can use micrometers and rulers to ensure that the device you check meets all design parameters of blueprints. 
  • If there are errors, ensure a minimum recovery measurement on the machines, such as sharpening tools and contacting an industrial mechanic. These can be used for large equipment as well.
  • Compliance with all company rules and regulations in place at the company
  • They perform the activities necessary before operation on machines or tools to ensure appropriate startup and operation output.

Job brief for a Machine operator

ABC company is looking for Machine operators who can implement, maintain, and operate machinery. In addition, the employee needs to have a strong understanding of the machines as part of the machine operator’s job responsibility.

Machine operators’ work environment can be either mechanical or computer-operated. You have to show a keen interest in technology and can properly utilize tools and machinery. An issue with machinery can occur anytime, and, as a machine operator, you should be able to manage situations and figure out solutions.

If you want to apply for this position, you should be detail-oriented and willing to learn. Machine operator work is about following instructions, working in a team, and following safety regulations.

Responsibilities of a Machine Operator Job

  • Help with installation, maintenance, and repair of machinery.
  • Manage and operate tools to facilitate the manufacturing process.
  • Perform checks to ensure the working condition of machines and solve problems.
  • Coordinate with others to see if the equipment is in proper working order.
  • Obey the safety rules and regulations while working with machines.

Requirements for Machine Operator job

  • Must have passed 12+4 years of education.
  • Have prior experience in machine handling.
  • Must have an excellent aptitude for subjects like math, problem-solving and operational calculations.
  • Must show expertise with hand tools.

Average Salary for Machine Operator job

Machine operators are usually inclined to have full-time jobs. That is because machines take part for an extended period. You may even need to operate devices in the evenings, overnight, or on weekends. 

As estimated by employee surveys, the national machine operator salary is an average of ₹15,210 per month in India. However, it can go up if you get a promotion or have experience beforehand.

Key Skills

The machine operator job is, at first glance, about the experience in machinery. You are to lift to 50 lbs, for example. They should hold a strong base in math and analytical skills. This knowledge will strengthen their ability to read and understand complex instructions and educate them on how schematics work.

They should be very attentive and have to show their problem-solving skills. Because this skill will undoubtedly ensure machinery is set up and is operating correctly.

When a machine or tool is not working correctly, machine operator job employees must detect and perform basic troubleshooting steps. The problem and resolving the issue on time will give them promotion, reputation, and salary hikes for being a good performer. It’s best if they have specific mechanical and technical skills. If you work based on a computer-centric environment, you will require knowledge of CAD/CAM technology.

Why pursue a career as a Machine Operator job?

 If you are considering a machine operator job and looking to advance your career, you can complete the training programs. What awaits you as part of a Machine Operator job include:

Professional Certification

Most heavy machinery-based schools offer education and training programs that will let you earn certification. It can be from one of more nationally prominent professional associations.


 Many employers will hire operators who got both a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience. If you got these both, the employers would do what they can to retain your position in the company, for example, increase salary per year.

Pay and Benefits

If you have a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree in operations or types of machinery, companies will appreciate you in many companies with increased demand for you.

In some cases, the competition between several employers will often result in a wide range of employee benefits such as:

  • Health care, and several other medications coverage;
  • health and other life insurance benefits;
  • Paid leaves annually;
  • Plans of retirement etc.

How to become a machine operator?

 Machine operators must undergo a specific set of steps to install and manage the machines in busy manufacturing environments.

These skills are:


Machine operators should at least have a high school diploma or GED certificate. This certificate is sufficient for many jobs in this field, and you can get more education and certification with a related degree.


You would receive the on-job training for letting you have better knowledge on implementation of machines. Therefore, recruits must be familiar with the production lines with proper training.

Aside from these, online certifications available on machines can help you score a better job opportunity.


The machine operator job is a highly technical role where you need to perform routine checks of machines and ensure they give maximum output. In addition, you are in charge of the plant’s functional area, which means you are the backbone of production outputs that will increase the company’s productivity and profitability.
This job will give you a good salary package with experience and many machine operator job opportunities after the relevant experience. Therefore, it’s best to aim for a diploma first, get online certifications to strengthen chances of being recruited as a machine operator, and then apply for this job once you have the required job experience in this or related field.

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