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Why pursue a career as a sales associate?

A retail sales associate provides valuable guidance to customers, thereby helping them choose the right product with an optimized price attached to it. If a buyer is new to the store or is unsure of what to get, the sales associate job entitles them to help the customer during while they browse through the store. The sales associate also informs a customer about the latest goods brought into the store, their price, and the discounts handed out. With their help, a buyer can be satisfied with their purchases.

What is a sales associate?

A sales associate job requires one to work in close liaison with buyers ensuring that their requirements are met. They give advice, offer recommendations and answer all queries regarding products sold by the store. They are also responsible for troubleshooting and solving issues raised by potential customers.

What does a sales associate do?

As mentioned in a sales associate job brochure, a person in that particular profession has many tasks to carry out, some of the primary ones being:

  • Determining the requirements, necessities, demands, and desires of a customer
  • Replying to any query a customer may pose regarding a product
  • Solving problems regarding product-related issues, such as cost, quality, type, quantity
  • Make sure that a buyer is satisfied with their purchase
  • Recounting each feature present in the product to help a customer to pick out goods properly
  • Upholding the standard of the store, mall they work for
  • Maintaining the status and image of the store, not besmirching its name with the harrowing complaints of customers
  • Bringing in high profit for the company or brand
  • Impeccable service worthy of praise by a customer and also the manager
  • Meeting every aim set by the standards of the shop.

Sales associate duties include:

  • Ensuring the highest amount of profit and sales
  • Providing the greatest level of service to each customer
  • Keeping the sales going
  • Solving any problem iterated by a customer regarding the goods of the store
  • Providing solid, good recommendations to every customer
  • Lending an ear to the needs and necessities of every customer and proffering advice
  • Maintaining cleanliness in their own particular workspace
  • Organizing the products, keeping goods well-stocked before the opening of the store
  • Being amiable with customers
  • Offering crisp remarks as and when required to ensure decent service to buyers
  • Being well-versed in the latest market trends and knowing about various goods.

Job brief for sales associate

A recruiter for a sales associate job seeks an energetic, cheerful, and enthusiastic person capable of closing deals with alacrity. They need to work under the supervision of retailers who own jewellery stores, sporting equipment stores, frozen food stores, and a long line of clothing businesses. Therefore, ensuring maximum profit is the foremost goal of a sales associate. Building up a pleasant and amicable relationship with regular customers is of vital importance. Aiding in refund procedures and processes involved in returning goods are also essential aspects of their job description. A candidate who is well-mannered and can clear all doubts of a customer concerning various products is sought after by a recruiter for this particular occupation.

Responsibilities of a sales associate

The responsibilities that come with a sales associate job are as follows:

  • Be persuasive enough to garner more sales
  • Flawless service using a seamless sales pitch that does not border on whining
  • Making sure that a buyer is happy with the goods they now own
  • Greeting customers with a smile upon their entry into the story
  • Answering any questions a customer might have regarding prices, discounts, quality, quantity, and variety
  • Assisting a buyer 
  • Displaying as many products as per the demands of a customer
  • Sympathizing with the requirements of a customer
  • Adhering to the aims of the business, following the goals set by the company or the brand weekly, monthly and yearly
  • Make sure that their set workspaces are neat, organized, and presentable
  • Keeping workspaces well-stocked, fit for a neat array
  • Reaching out to customers in a departmental store as actively as possible to increase sales
  • Providing information on goods
  • In case a purchase fails, then other options ought to be open for discussion and negotiation
  • Working with the managers and offering opinions on how to improve profit, quality, variety
  • Proffer suggestions, be it to buyers or superiors
  • Be involved in cross-selling
  • Prepare invoices and bills
  • Arrange for refunds and return of damaged goods
  • Maintaining a good relationship with fellow workers to enhance the quality of service
  • Planning events to increase marketing deals
  • Aligning with the inventory of the business and the balance sheets of the company
  • Forming a trustworthy relationship with regular, former as well as new customers.

Requirements for sales associate

For a sales associate job, there are certain eligibility criteria that ought to be met. Some of these are as follows:

  • At least a year of experience in a field akin to a sales associate, such as a sales representative
  • Good spoken English abilities
  • Proficiency, in addition, that is, in the fundamentals of mathematics
  • A solid comprehension of marketing skills and the practices of serving customers
  • A fundamental understanding of the usual demands of customers
  • Comprehension of the dynamics and trends of the current market
  • A bringer of great profit
  • Good at billing, credit, and debit card transactions
  • Knowledge of the balance sheets, audit books, ledgers, and inventories of the company
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities
  • A cheery attitude that makes a customer feel at ease
  • Patience to deal with difficult customers
  • The capability of solving issues raised by buyers
  • Skilled at working under great pressure during times of festivities
  • Flexible with working hours
  • A pass-out of class 12
  • A graduate of marketing administration; a degree that is preferred.

Average salary of a sales associate

This table gives a rough outline of the city-wise pay-scale offered to one in a sales associate job:

City Average salary
KolkataRs. 20142
DelhiRs. 24427
MumbaiRs. 21672
ChennaiRs. 299717
AhmedabadRs. 17309

Key Skills

The personalities and mannerisms welcomed in a sales associate job are as follows:

  • Eagerness to aid a customer
  • Enthusiastic enough to display all the products before a customer
  • Have the patience to engage in conversation with irritable and rude customers
  • Must be capable of performing several tasks simultaneously
  • Being good at reading people to gain an understanding of their general disposition and what they want
  • Must be someone easy to get along with
  • Must be capable of adapting to unpleasant situations

Why pursue a career as a sales associate?

A sales associate job has quite many benefits. Those who are creative, confident, and independent take up the role of a salesperson. The salary is decent, and if one is happy-go-lucky, then the pay scale would not bother them in the least. Since salary depends on the number of goods that are sold, there is room for growth. Furthermore, those with a friendly disposition find enjoyment in talking to a lot of people. 

Additionally, a sales associate job lies at the core of any business. Therefore, one can make a mark for themselves in the company. Those who are in this profession to gain some work experience before switching occupations can go through a hands-on developmental process. Also, this job does not have any steep eligibility criteria that must be overcome and thus can be obtained quite easily.

How to become a sales associate?

In a sales associate job, a bachelor’s degree may be required. A graduate in management, be it in business or sales, is likely to be recruited. Candidates with a diploma or certificate course in marketing or sales are also hired. These degrees are not a ‘must,’ but they help a potential sales associate understand strategies in marketing far better.

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