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Administration Job Description

Administrative roles are a core functioning component for every organisation. It is only possible to maintain the productivity of an organisation over long periods by administering the actions of various teams. Administrative roles vary in degrees of responsibility, ranging from administrative assistants to administrative specialists.

People in administrative roles work closely with different departments to ensure that work progresses smoothly and coordinate office activities. It is their responsibility that the office can support the work without any hurdles.

Administration roles require strong organisational skills and the ability to multitask as they oversee the management of the whole office and its departments. They also coordinate activities with parties external to the organisation. 

An ideal administration job description must clearly mention these required features along with the proposed Administration Marketing salary for an efficient hiring process.

Administration Responsibilities

  • Office Management- Office management is essential to an administrator’s duties. Ensuring that the office is organised, all the amenities are properly functioning, and the equipment is in working order forms part of the day-to-day activities of an administrator. Administrators ensure that the other personnel in the office can do their duties efficiently.
  • Communication- To maintain communication between the employees across the entire office space is among the major administration responsibilities. Inbound and outbound communications pass through the administrators. Communication between various teams in the organisation also passes through the administrators, who also coordinate with various suppliers for the infrastructural facilities of the office.
  • Coordination- Administrators coordinate the functions of various teams to ensure collective productivity. They also ensure that the teams know each other’s roles in a project, ensure deadlines, manage calendars, etc. Administrators also handle travel-related responsibilities for their employees for on-ground projects, meetings, etc. Maintaining coordination between the different aspects of an organisation is a skill needed along with administration qualifications.
  • Administrative Support- Administrators also provide support in various tasks around the office and are the ones that employees turn to in case of grievances and requests. They also ensure that an adequate workforce is always available for the projects currently being undertaken.
  • Documentation and Recordkeeping- Administrators maintain the necessary records and documents the organisation needs, which is a must-have feature in an administration job description. Employee information, project details, etc., are maintained by the administrators. They also maintain records of all the transactions done on behalf of the business.
  • Inventory management- Administrative personnel ensure that office supplies are always available. Administrators in organisations selling products ensure the production process runs smoothly and the inventory is at the required levels.
  • Compliance and Legal responsibilities- It is among the administration’s required skills to be able to ensure that the organisation meets the policies laid out by the governing bodies in issues such as wages, productive hours, etc. They also oversee the legal responsibilities of their organisation.

Administration Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s in business or management is preferred for office administration roles.
  • Proven experience in administrative roles is a plus.
  • Great organisational and management skills.
  • Good sense of responsibility and ability to oversee other personnel and understand their grievances.
  • Ability to handle data and maintain integrity and confidentiality of such data.
  •  Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  •  Proficiency in using enterprise software such as MS Office.

Administration Required Skills

  • Ability to oversee the functioning of various departments at once; Great multitasking skills.
  • Working knowledge of administrative and human resource principles.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt to changing situations and problems.
  •  Professional outlook and ability to understand problems and communicate them to employees with a friendly yet professional demeanour.

Conclusion on Administration Job Responsibilities

The specific skill set that any organisation is looking for differs greatly. Still, the above skills and abilities should add value to you as a candidate for an administration-oriented role. Candidates looking to secure a job in this field should be able to handle high degrees of responsibility,  be reliable in maintaining the organisation’s productivity through their support, and meet the criteria in the Administration job description.

Candidates seeking administrative roles should equip themselves with organisational skills and develop their ability to multitask. Administrative roles have a high potential for growth as bigger and bigger organisations require more and more of their responsibilities to be taken care of. Administrative specialists, system administrators, etc., are some high-profile administration roles.

FAQs on Administration Job Role

Q1. What Are the Qualifications Required to Be an Administration Professional?

Generally, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business or management is preferred. However, practical experience and certifications demonstrating that you possess the relevant skills can also help you enter this field, as it is mostly ability oriented and does not depend solely on degrees.

Q2. Is There a Potential for Growth in Administrative Roles?

There is scope for significant growth opportunities in administrative roles. Larger organisations have a lot of departments and responsibilities, and they are constantly looking for supervisors and administrators to take on these responsibilities. As the corporations also expand geographically, area administrators and project administrators are required. Such high-profile roles are very well respected and highly paid as well.

Q3. What Are the Responsibilities of an Administration Professional?

Administration professionals are required to handle an organisation’s organisational and supporting roles. Their responsibilities include-

  • Office Management
  • Communications Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Organisational Support

Q4. How Can I Gain Experience in Administration?

Experience in administering projects, events, internships in this field, etc., can all give you the required experience for administration roles. Certifications in project management, organisational efficiency, etc., can also give you the skills needed for administration roles.

Q5. Is Customer Service an Important Skill for Administrator Roles?

Administration roles require some degree of proficiency in customer service. Administrators need to deal with all personnel in the organisation, and the discrepancies within the organisation also end up with the administrators to resolve. As such, they must possess the skills to deal with people professionally and politely.

Q6. What Are the Key Skills Involved in an Administrator Role?

The key skills required in an administrative role are-

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