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Marketing Officer Job Description and Salary

For any business, marketing is an aspect that is at its core. Without this, businesses cannot flourish. Additionally, poor marketing strategies can only be detrimental to the smooth running of a company or business. Therefore, a competent person must be employed to lead the marketing department. This individual is known as the marketing officer. A marketing officer job is highly essential for a business personnel, because they are the one who operates the marketing aspects and ensures that income is generated in accordance with the line of business of the company.

What is a chief marketing officer?

A chief marketing officer is a high-ranking executive in a corporation who is in charge of chalking out marketing strategies that aid in adding to the income generated by sales. They plan out extensive blueprints that help in the growth of the business by organizing campaigns and promotions. The company gains a competitive edge over the others due to the tutelage of the marketing officer who works directly under the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. They help catch the public eye and must be outstanding leaders who realize the importance of teamwork. One of the key criteria of a marketing officer’s job is that the candidate has to be efficient enough to raise the profile of the business they will work for.

What does a marketing officer do?

A marketing officer makes sure his devised strategies come to fruition, thereby strengthening the position of the company, by allowing it to successfully enter a cutthroat contest with other businesses with a solid chance at coming out as a winner. Income is the primary factor of any business, hence, income must not be allowed to diminish in any way. The description of a marketing officer job narrates exactly that. A marketing officer must be enthusiastic enough to raise morale, always add input to marketing strategies to pull off highly paying deals. Therefore, passion and ambition are the two vital qualities a company looks for while hiring a chief marketing officer. 

Marketing officer job duties include:

  • Promotion and publicity 
  • Planning campaigns for highlighting the company and its plus points
  • Organizing fund-raisers and other promotional events like exhibitions and dinners
  • Being present at events as the main representative of the business, in other words, acting as the voice of the company
  • Having a good grasp of how economic trends tend to fluctuate and strategizing according to such probabilities
  • Understanding how to best appeal to their specific buyers
  • Writing articles to present before an audience that will aid in marketing and promotion
  • Creating webpages for the business/company and upgrading it on a daily basis
  • Being in constant contact with the Customer Relationship squad of the company
  • Being in touch with designers and website builders for advertising purposes
  • Maintaining a good relationship with the media and the press
  • Writing reports for the perusal by the Chief Executive Officer of the company
  • Devising back-up plans in case something is amiss
  • Recruiting a marketing coordinator

Job Brief for Marketing Officers

In a marketing officer job description, recruiters look for enthusiasts with prior experience in marketing who are capable of planning on the fly, reliable enough to monitor a company’s strategies on marketing campaigns and give their own valuable input. Businesses look for someone who will meet every single goal formulated by the managing department. Since the job of a marketing officer is to raise the profile of a company, he or she must carry out tasks in order to introduce the company to the world as a business to be reckoned with.

Marketing Officer Responsibilities

The responsibilities as mentioned in the simulations of a marketing officer job are as follows:

  • Be highly instrumental in the imposing and the execution of marketing strategies to help enlarge a business
  • Working in close liaison with the management unit of the company to ensure the best outcomes
  • Seek to streamline the public’s awareness with regards to the brand of the company to make sure that the business deals bring in large capital for expansion purposes
  • Posting regularly on social media and creating blogs for advertising
  • Keeping in touch with investors and stakeholders for the betterment of relations to bring in more vendors and customers
  • Keeping the company afloat by maintaining good public and customer relations
  • Working with the auditors to formulate a yearly budget
  • Cutting down an excess of expenses 
  • Distribution of written marketing content on public boards, both online and offline
  • Working on research, looking into marketing trends for expansion overseas
  • Taking a few risks and venturing out into new realms.

Requirements for Marketing Officer

A marketing officer job requires one to possess:

  • Prior experience of at least three to five years
  • Knowledge about business and management
  • Knowledge about marketing rise and fall
  • Fundamental knowledge with respect to economics
  • Knowledge about promotional strategies in marketing
  • Statistical knowledge and analysis methods with regards to data
  • Handling MS Word and Excel
  • Relationship, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to organize company-related events
  • Ability to work on several projects simultaneously
  • Capability to become a brilliant leader
  • Teamwork attitude
  • An Honours graduate in business management or a Masters

Average Salary for Marketing Officers

As stipulated in brochures of marketing officer job offers, a city-wise salary list is given below:

CityAverage salary of a marketing officer
MumbaiRs. 325000
PuneRs. 300000
KolkataRs. 302225
ChennaiRs. 300000
AhmedabadRs. 365000

Key Skills

The basic skills a marketing officer job mentions in its eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Ability to write content in order to advertise and promote a business/company
  • Ability to distribute work in a group and make sure each of them are handled as effectively as possible
  • Managing a large team
  • Ability to form useful connections between business shareholders and investors, buyers, suppliers
  • Ability to act as a lucid and clear spokesperson whilst representing an organization.

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Why pursue a career choosing a marketing officer job?

A marketing officer job has quite the number of benefits, the primary one being the high level of salary depending on how much fame you can attach to the particular company you are employed by. Based on the income of the business, a marketing officer can earn shares and commissions. This job allows one to rise in ranks. If a marketing officer works exceptionally well, he or she may even rise to the position of director. The spectrum of variety is rather oscillatory. A marketing officer may attend dinners as well as write promotional materials in blogs. They may organize fund-raisers as well as engage in public speaking. A marketing officer job is never boring. One gets to talk to a lot of different people, one gets to build an image for themselves.

How to become a marketing officer? One can opt for the commerce stream in their 11th and 12th classes as the first stepping stone to land a marketing officer job. After the school-level education, they can move on to acquiring an Honors degree in Bachelor in Business Management. A graduate of Bachelor of Business Administration is also acceptable. A Bachelor of Commerce degree, albeit slightly broad, is also a suitable course to pursue. Following which, one can select whether to follow a Master’s degree in Business Administration or a Diploma course in Business Management.

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