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What does a Purchasing manager do?

A job description of purchasing manager is one of the most important parts of hiring a new suitable recruit for the post. A purchase manager job means that they are required in different companies to oversee goods procurement and resell the goods and services. It is an essential job as the purchasing manager is a person who is in charge of all the evaluation processes of the products that are bought and resold. This job is a senior-level job and requires a lot of patience and hard work. The purchasing manager plans and directs the whole purchasing process. They should be good at negotiating and interpersonal skills as it is highly required in this job.

What is a Purchase Manager?

A Purchase manager is commonly referred to as purchasing manager, a purchasing director, or a supply manager who manages a team that handles the procurement of the goods and services for company use or reselling purposes. A Purchasing Manager is responsible for the evaluation of suppliers, negotiating contracts, and reviewing product quality. They buy products either to resell them, or they buy them for some organization. A Purchasing Manager must direct, coordinate, and plan the buying of products to resell them or for some wholesalers or organizations. It is a senior-level position that requires a lot of experience. 

What does a Purchasing manager do?

The purchasing manager career entails planning and directing the whole process of buying goods and services. They have to coordinate the whole process. They are supposed to oversee the whole process of buying and reselling for the organizations and wholesalers and the work of procurement-related occupations. It requires a lot of experience in handling and coordinating the whole process. They are responsible for managing and organizing the products to buy and sell. A Purchase Manager is supposed to review the specifications of the products, negotiate the prices with the sellers or the vendors and choose the best price ranges and suppliers. 

Purchase Manager Job duties include:

The purchasing manager job requires a lot of experience and hard work to do. There are various duties and responsibilities of a purchasing manager. Some of it includes:

  • Designing of purchasing strategies
  • Working well with the suppliers, manufacturers as well as within the departments
  • Good planning and implementation of the purchasing strategies
  • Building and maintaining good relations with the suppliers
  • Maintenance of a database
  • Searching of potential sellers as well as buyers
  • Negotiating the prices from the sellers and vendors
  • Tracking, analyzing, and measuring the expenditures of the company
  • Overseeing the training of the new staff
  • The recruitment and hiring process of the new recruits is also under the purchasing managers
  • Providing support to the upper management
  • Adhering to the rules, regulation, and laws of the company

Job brief for Purchasing manager:

A purchasing manager job is a senior-level job that requires a lot of expertise in the relevant field and demands a lot of hard work. The purchasing manager procurement of the post must include all the responsibilities and duties, including the Salary according to the company and the employer. The job brief also mentions the requirements of the candidates as well as their educational qualifications. It must mention the specific requirements as well. 

Responsibilities of Purchasing manager:

There is a lot of pressure on the purchasing manager as it is a senior-level job. There are a lot of responsibilities that the purchase manager has to fulfill.

  • Developing the inventories strategies
  • Maintaining a good rapport with the clients as well as the sellers and the vendors
  • Reviewing new projects for the company
  • Handling of contracts with the sellers and the vendors
  • Identifying good suppliers based on the qualities, cost and reliability of the goods and services
  • Communicating with marketing and sales teams
  • Implementation of working strategies
  • Analyzing the purchasing processes and delivery systems

Requirements of Purchasing manager:

The educational and other requirements for the purchasing manager job include the following: 

  • Most companies prefer a Master’s degree in the relevant field
  • Prior experience in a similar field is required and preferred for the post
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Exceptional communication skills and social skills
  • Good in building rapport with the clients and sellers
  • Positive and professional conduct is required in the candidate for the post
  • Should possess good leadership qualities
  • Should have good writing and verbal skills
  • Exceptional understanding of the market trends and conditions
  • The candidate should be flexible to work for long hours

Average Salary for a Purchase manager job:

The salary for the purchase manager job in India is from Rs. 2.5 Lakhs to Rs. 18 Lakhs. The average annual salary for the purchase manager job is around Rs. 6.5 Lakhs. The salary for this post differs from one company to another company and from one employer to another. The salary for the purchase manager job also differs from one state to another.

Key skills:

A purchase manager job requires a lot of skills. These skills include:

Why pursue a career as a purchase manager?

Becoming a purchase manager has many benefits and advantages. The purchase manager job serves a lot of benefits such as high income and advancement opportunities. The purchase manager job offers a lot of scope for growth. It provides a lot of experience to the candidate. It is a senior level job and thus provides with a lot of responsibilities and exposure in the management and organization skills. It gives good wages to the candidates and provides additional benefits to the recruit.

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How to become a Purchase manager?

There are certain requirements that are needed to be met to become a purchasing manager. These include getting a bachelor’s degree and work experience as a purchasing agent or a buyer. Some employers require a master’s degree in the related field as well. The purchasing manager activities should include having a degree in the relevant field and work experience in procurement. Some companies require work experience of equal to more than five years as a buyer or a purchasing agent. Some companies and employers require certifications that are available for purchasing managers and others that are employed in a procurement related field. 


A purchase manager job is a hardworking and senior-level job that requires a lot of experience in the marketing field and research fields. The purchasing manager career offers many benefits to the candidate and provides a good salary and additional opportunities. However, it requires a lot of skills, and the candidates are supposed to perform specific duties. Therefore, the job description of a purchasing manager must include all the requirements and the responsibilities of the post. The educational requirements and the work experience required for the job should also be mentioned in the job description. The detailed job description helps to attract suitable candidates for the purchase manager job.

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