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Women Jobs Opening And Vacancy

Working women has now become the pride of our nation and as they have taken a leap of independence the job market has started to welcome them with open arms in India. In past, women been dominated by men at workplaces but in contemporary scenario, they have attained great positions in almost all the major sectors.

The focus on women empowerment, and diversity and inclusion has further helped women in providing equal job opportunities.

If you are looking for online jobs for women, there are certain search terms that you can use to find women centric jobs. Some of the search terms you can use are: housewife jobs, jobs for women, teaching jobs for women, nursing jobs for women, online jobs for women, work from home jobs for women and online house wife jobs among others.

What are the popular skills that women can learn?

  • Marketing Automation Tools
  • Teaching
  • Nursing Education
  • People Management
  • Translation
  • UX Development
  • Software Development
  • BDS
  • Finance
  • Cloud Computing
  • Management Consulting
  • Ms. Excel

These are the few top skills, that are in huge demand in jobs for women.

Which are the popular cities for jobs for women?

Which are the highest paying jobs for women and what education and skills are required to get these jobs?

In today’s scenario, there are various high paying job opportunities for women. Furthermore, these high-achieving careers not only offer better earning, but also provide better job outlook, and a high/growing percentage of women in various fields of advantages, that women exploring careers should consider.So, here’s a list of highest paying jobs for women:

1.) Marketeer: Marketing is a great field for women. Most companies hire women in the specific fields of public relations, branding, social media, email marketing and performance marketing. As all these profiles require attention to detail and women are good in paying attention and utilizing creativity.

a.) Educational Requirement: To attain this position one needs to have an education equivalent to bachelors in communications or masters in business administration in marketing.

b.) Skills Required: For these positions one should attain the skills to use email marketing tools such as clever Tap or Mailchimp, social media tools such as Every Post, Hootsuite, automation tools such as Marketo etc.

2.) Teacher: Teaching is a well-known profession for women. Most schools and colleges prefer women as TGT’s, PGT’s and lecturers. Teaching is a reputed profession and allows a potential candidate to have a perfect work life balance.

a.) Educational Requirement: To start a career as school teacher on may need to do either nursery teacher training or B.Ed. to gain a higher position as school teacher one may pursue M.ED. as well. For being an assistant lecturer and a senior professor, one needs to complete post-graduation, M.Phil., PHD or attain a good rank in NET.

b.) Skills Required: The skills required for this profession are communication, public speaking, student management, teaching skills, analytical skills etc.

3.) Registered Nurse: This profession is dominated by women and most Indian hospital hire women in this domain as this profession requires utter caring and attention. Nurses are needed in diverse healthcare facilities and are demanded to work in a similar fashion with bigger or smaller responsibilities depending upon the size of organization hence it is crucial for potential candidates to work in a professional setting to start a career as registered nurse. 

a.) Education Requirements: To start a career as a registered nurse, one must take any one of these academic educations, which are as follows: Bachelors of Science (Nursing), GNM/ All-purpose Nursing and Midwifery, ANMHW (Auxiliary nurse midwife and health workers), Nursing Diploma.

b.) Skills Required: skills that are required for this position are Cultural awareness, compassion, time management, attention to detail etc. 

3.) Air Hostess: Air hostess is a woman dominated profession. This is a highly paid profession and most women make a successful career in this field.

a.) Educational Requirements: To start a successful career in this field one should pursue a high school diploma and get good grades. For those who could not finish academic education due to certain reasons a GED is also a satisfactory level of education for this profile in aviation industry. 

b.) Skills Required: To make a great career in this field, one should take training form registered institutes and learn skills of hospitality, communication, interpersonal skills, diplomacy and tact. 


4.) Portfolio Manager/ Banker/ investment Banker/ Financial Analyst:  Work profiles in financial domains are of great opportunity for women. Most women in India, are on the reputed potions in financial domains. Banking, Finance, investment banking and financial analysis are some of the highly paid job profiles for women in India.

a.) Educational Requirements: Many organizations hire commerce graduates for the entry level job profiles. However, there are some various top and reputed companies that look forward for a master’s degree or diploma for middle level or top-level profiles. A great experience of minimum 2 to 3 years adds stars to the resume. Better education with great experience leads to the best of the jobs in industry.

b.) Skills Required: The skills required to make a career in this field are cost accounting, financial accounting, portfolio management, investment banking etc.  


5.) Human Resource Officer: Human Resource is great job opportunity for women. This field has a lot of scope and a lot of women candidates are on top positions in this field. This again is one of the high paying profession for women. 

a.) Educational Requirements: To start a career in this field one should take a diploma in people management or diploma in office administration, for higher positions one may opt a bachelors in business administration along with Masters in Business Administration in HR.

b.) Skills Required: The major skills required for this position are people management, administrative management, HRIS, Ms. Excel etc.

Although there are many great opportunities for women in India but these are some of the top job opportunities for women. So, if you being women are looking for jobs, then these are great opportunities to opt for.