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Freshers Job Vacancies

Finding a job is not as simple in the job market today, and even more so as a fresher. A job search is a difficult task even for experienced professionals. Therefore, it is no reason to worry if you find yourself in a fix with your hunt for fresher jobs.

Sometimes, you may find yourself at a dead end when you see situations where companies ask for a bit of experience in fresher jobs. You might wonder – I need a job for experience, but I need experience for a job. This is why it helps to have certain techniques up your sleeve when it comes to your job search.

Here we tackle some of the problems associated with finding fresher jobs, along with some information about where you all you can look for potential opportunities.

Which are the top companies for fresher jobs?

Every now and then, many companies conduct campus hiring events and walk-in drives to hire fresh graduates, and with good packages too.

Some of the top employers where you can explore fresher jobs are:

Is there any experience required for fresher jobs?

While this question seems paradoxical, yet many fresher jobs now require certain experience. So, how do you get experience when you are only a fresh entrant to the industry?


Internships. Yes, internships and traineeships are a great way to get a head start in your professional journey. Most professional courses offer internship opportunities in the final year of coursework. You can voluntarily join one too and get first hand exposure to the real world. Not only do you get to apply your theoretical learning into practice but you also get training under experts and seniors in your field. This also helps you understand what skills you have, and which area of work best suits you, especially if you don’t have a clear direction about a potential career path.

Which are the best job roles for freshers?

As a fresh graduate, you have great chances in terms of your potential for hard work. Companies are always eager to get fresh talent on board, not only for their zeal but also for fresh ideas. Some of the top job roles which seek freshers are listed below.

How to create a fresher resume that works?

As a fresher, you might be at a loss for what to even list on your resume. You don’t have any experience unless you have been interning somewhere. You don’t have any learned technical skills for the job. So, you’re just left with your educational background, right? Wrong. There are actually a number of skills you can put on your resume that recruiters look for when hiring freshers.

Business awareness: Recruiters appreciate it if you are updated on the latest developments in your field of work, whether it is through the internet or better yet, by following the company’s media events. This actually reflects your passion for the field instead of you just making it a statement during the interview.

Communication: This is one quality that recruiters look for across all experience levels and job roles. So, start working on your written, verbal and even non-verbal (such as your body language, your posture, your handshakes, etc.) communication skills from the beginning.

Teamwork: For this, you may want to refer to any team projects you may have done in your college or school where you successfully led a team to project completion. When hiring, the employer also wants someone who can be a good fit for the team and not just for the role.

Problem-solving: This is another quality that is valued in almost every role. Describing situations where you have handled problems from a creative bent of mind is a good way to display your ability to analyse problems and resolve them.

Organisation skills: In the professional industry, managing work requirements in a smooth, organised and productive manner is very important. Discussing how you can prioritise and meet deadlines is important to show your sense of professional awareness and organisational skills.

Confidence: Confidence is always welcome. While nervousness is expected in every interviewee, it is a good sign when you can talk confidently about your domain and the topics discussed in your interview.

Working under pressure: If you are someone who can handle pressure well, it is definitely worth being mentioned on your resume. You may refer to any volunteer work, internship or even a college project where you managed multiple tasks within a strict timeline.

Energy: Last but not the least, freshers are always sought out for the enthusiasm and energetic spirit they bring to the workplace.

How to get a job as a fresher?

As we already know, the rising competition in the job market and lack of experience makes searching for fresher jobs a daunting process. However, with the right internship, polishing existing skill set and a few personality development techniques, you can easily gain an edge over other fresh graduates competing against you.

In terms of your resume, make sure you have only relevant information laid out. Since you don’t have a lot to show at this stage, it can get tempting to add a bit of additional information to make it look enough. But, remember the recruiter hardly gives a few seconds to each resume and trying to make your resume fuller with unnecessary information will only decrease your chances.

Next, work hard for your interview, whether telephonic, video or face-to-face. Each one requires self-confidence in the way you conduct yourself and how you present yourself too. Read up on the company and also about potential interview questions related to the job. The more you prepare the more confidence you have too. In case of telephonic or video interviews, pick a spot that has good network, is clear of disturbances and lets you converse with ease. And for all of them, always be present well before time.

Once you go through each of these tips, you may find that your search for fresher jobs can turn out to be an exciting and learning experience, and not the intimidating process you had in mind. With the right first step into the industry, your dream of a long, gratifying career can become a reality.