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BPO Job Vacancies

Business process outsourcing or BPO is a booming industry in India. If you happen to be looking for some work experience early on, BPO jobs allow you to enter the professional domain even with a high school degree. That is why, it is a commonly opted profession among youngsters who need financial support in order to pursue higher studies later.

If you do happen to be looking for BPO jobs as a fresher, you may not be directly involved in the actual business processes of the company. There are number of different roles that newcomers can access – customer support being one. Since BPO jobs often serve customers from other countries, work happens across various time zones and shifts. This is also another reason why youngsters have better chances with the flexible work time requirements of BPO jobs.

✅ What is a BPO Job?

So, before we get on to the specifics of BPO jobs, let’s first understand what BPO really means.

Business process outsourcing is primarily a business practice where a company hires an external company to perform functions for its own business to thrive. These functions could be for back office operations (such as accounting, IT services, human resources, quality assurance and payment processing) or front office operations (such as customer relation services, marketing and sales).

Since BPO jobs are carried out across locations within and outside borders, they are categorised according to their location into the following types:

  • Offshore outsourcing: When a company hires an overseas company to outsource its business functions.
  • Onshore outsourcing: When a company hires a domestic company to outsource its business functions.
  • Nearshore outsourcing: When a company hires an external company from its neighboring countries for its business. 

While these were BPO jobs based on location, there is another categorisation of BPO jobs based on the services they provide. These are:

  • Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO): This type of outsourcing service is provided along with knowledge expertise around the subject.
  • Legal process outsourcing (LPO): This type of outsourcing service is actually a type of KPO that provides expertise in legal services. These services can range from drafting legal documents to offering legal advice.
  • Research process outsourcing (RPO): Also, a type of KPO, that involves research and analysis services.

✅ What is the difference between a call centre job and a BPO job?

A call centre job can be termed as a subset of a BPO job. A BPO organisation may be handling various processes, which may include non-calling processes such as accounting, payroll, quality control…etc. A call center job is that part of BPO, which handles telephone calls. For example, a call centre job may involve calling customers or receiving customer complaints coming in over the telephone.

✅ What are some of the top industries that seek BPO services?

Since BPO jobs are crucial gap-fillers in facilitating core functions within companies, various industries outsource services through them. Some of these are organisations involved in information technology, healthcare, biotech companies, pharmaceuticals, energy, business services, retail and e-commerce, telecom, automotive, utility companies, banking and investment firms, supply chain, capacity solutions, asset management, and marketing agencies, among many others.

Across these sectors, BPO jobs are offered in quite a few areas. These areas could range from customer interaction and service, to IT operations and human resource services and so on.

✅ Is BPO only about Call Center Jobs?

Contrary to popular belief, BPOs are not just about call center jobs.

It is a misconception that BPO jobs only comprise working as call centre agents, especially since you can get in right after school or college. But that is not the case.

BPO jobs consist of a range of services that optimise the performance of their clients. These could be related to data entry, processing, department outsourcing, technical support and customer support. Due to high demand for outsourced services by countries such as United States and United Kingdom, India and other developing countries have immense scope for BPO jobs.

If you plan to start early on in your profession or need a part-time job to sustain your initial years financially, BPO jobs are perfect. You may start as a customer support agent if you do not have any experience in the technical field. And if you do have some kind of technical exposure, you may work as a technical support executive or a process executive.

✅ Is BPO a good career option?

Since the starting salaries in BPO jobs are decent, it is a good option to fund your livelihood. Additionally, most BPO companies provide free transport and discounted food facilities, further making BPO as an attractive career for beginners. Over time, you could benefit from the various workshop and training sessions that they offer and move up to higher, more qualified positions within the company. Many professionals pursue higher studies while working BPO jobs to ultimately join the roles they seek.

✅ What are various jobs in BPO sector?

From operations management, content management, research and analytics, legal services to training and consultancy, you have a diverse range of choices in BPO jobs. Moving up the ladder is comparatively faster in a BPO as compared to other sectors. Therefore, performance matters a lot especially when it comes to appraisals and promotions.

Some BPO jobs are even available in flexible options today due to the digital nature of work. It not only benefits the employee but also saves the employee on employee expenditure. Additionally, countries like India have a lower labour cost as compared to others, making the demand higher in this sector here. High demand and options with less qualifications means more available candidates. This makes BPO jobs a highly-popular choice among the wide spectrum of job seekers, across various tiers of cities.

✅ How to apply for a BPO job?

By now you know that getting into BPO jobs is not that difficult if you are only starting in your career. However, you still need to understand the basic rules of applying for jobs. And, if you are looking for higher positions, even more so.

Start by working on your resume. Even if you do not have any prior experience or qualifications, you could still create a decent resume. You could always refer to your coursework and projects from school or college that reflect your skills as a fast learner, your ability to manage projects or lead a team. Having good communication skills are also a great asset to showcase on your resume, since it is valued in almost every job profile. You could look up online for which keywords to use for which position so as to maximise your chances of getting selected for the interview round.

Whether you are trying for entry-level BPO jobs or qualified ones, the interview round needs equal preparation. Work on your body language – right from how you greet the interviewer, how you shake hands to how you bid farewell and exit the room. If you happen to be an introverted personality, practicing your interview a few times ahead is a good idea. Make sure you reach on time, are well-groomed and in the right attire.

These details, though seemingly minute, reflect on your personal conduct and could make or break your first impression. Make the most of your resources to optimise your job hunt and find yourself the right BPO job.