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How to Create an Internship Report: Detailed Tips and Examples

An internship provides recent graduates with an amazing opportunity. The opportunity is to gain practical experience in their chosen field.

Moreover, it allows individuals to apply knowledge learned in the classroom. And it also helps develop new skills and begin building a professional network.

In conclusion, the interns are often required to submit an internship report. This report summarizes their key activities. It also says the most significant learning outcomes from the experience. 

These days internship experience is a must for every aspirant. Internship reports give hosts valuable feedback. And it does so while allowing interns to document their accomplishments and growth.

This guide covers fundamentals for writing reports. These reports showcase an intern’s capabilities. It captures the scope of the internship engagement.

What is an Internship Report?

An internship report is a written account of your internship experience. Moreover, it highlights your responsibilities, activities, accomplishments, and skills developed during the internship. The purpose of an internship report is to:

  • Document your internship activities for your department and professor
  • Reflect on the skills and knowledge you have gained
  • Provide examples. And give the evidence of the tasks completed
  • Assess the experience. Check how it relates to your field of study
  • Make suggestions for improving the future intern roles

Components of Your Internship Report

Your internship report should contain the following key sections:

Executive summary for internship report

The executive summary for internship report overviews the key details. It also overviews the internship report highlights.

Remember to keep it short at about half a page. Only include the essential information. These can be like your position title, company name, internship duration, and accomplishments.

Internship report sample

An executive summary highlights these key details:

  • Position Title: Marketing Intern
  • Company: ABC Marketing Agency
  • Duration: 3 months (June – August 2023)
  • Main Activities: 
  1. Performed competitive analysis on 5 rival companies 
  2. Optimized 2 campaign landing pages
  3. Wrote 12 social media posts per week.

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Position Description

Provide details on the main focus and responsibilities of your internship position. Outline the day-to-day tasks and projects you worked on. If you have a job description on the internship introduction, include it in this section.

Internship report sample

I am a Marketing Intern at ABC Marketing Agency. My core responsibilities are assisting the marketing Team with daily tasks. These tasks can be:

  • Monitor the social media platforms. Check the engagement with audiences.
  • Conduct the market research on competitors.
  • Optimize the landing pages and blogs. Use the HTML, CSS & Google Analytics.
  • Brainstorm the creative campaign ideas for products.
  • Develop marketing presentations by using PowerPoint.

Projects Undertaken

Elaborate on 2-3 significant projects you contributed. Describe the aims, processes, and outcomes. Use examples of reports and plans that you helped develop.

Internship report sample

I oversaw a summer email marketing campaign for ABC’s new product. It was my main internship responsibility. Among my contributions were:

  • To develop the campaign’s messaging, a poll is there. And 15 target customers will interview.
  • There were five email templates created. And they were there for the four-week marketing plan.
  • I created an email content calendar using the stages of the buyer journey
  • MailChimp conducted the campaign. It should yield a 21% open rate and 9% CTR.

Time Log Tables

Create tables and charts. These should showcase the hours you have worked. It should also show what tasks you did. This provides helpful data on how you invested your time.

Internship report sample

[Insert pie chart. It helps to show the percentage of time spent on key tasks. For example, it can be 35% Social Media Management. And it can be 15% Ad Campaign Support]

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Key Learnings & Takeaways

List some of the most significant abilities and insights you acquired. These could have to do with employing tools. But, these tools should be for a certain industry.

Internship report sample

My 5 biggest learnings on internship final report sample were:

  1. How to use Facebook and Instagram advertising tools to optimize conversions.
  2. Steps to create buyer persona profiles. It is based on real data.
  3. Email marketing techniques that engage the subscribers.
  4. What makes a good landing page that converts site visitors.
  5. The importance of A/B testing digital campaigns.

Work Samples

Insert 2-3 examples of work you completed during the internship. This adds vital evidence and brings the report to life. The types of work samples can be anything. It can be anything from process documents to presentations.

General Assessment

Provide a personal evaluation of your internship experience. It should focus on what you have accomplished. And it has to be in relation to your academic studies and career ambitions. Make sure you assess specific skills that you have gained.

Internship report sample

I was doing a 3 month internship at ABC company. There I gained valuable hands-on experience in digital marketing during my time. And now, I am ready to pursue a social media and email marketing career.

The experience helped what I learned in my university advertising courses. It also allowed me to apply critical concepts. These concepts could be like developing buyer personas.

It can also be the performing of A/B tests. Additionally, I built key skills in creating engaging social content. And for that, I have used the analytics tools.

My core competencies developed include:

  • Creative Strategizing: Ideating innovative campaigns
  • Technical Skill: Using platforms like MailChimp, Hootsuite
  • Critical Thinking: Analyzing performance data to optimize future campaigns
  • Project Management: Leading summer email campaign from concept to execution


Provide three or more ideas for improving the intern position. And it will also help to prepare for the next round of interns.

These focus on topics like workload distribution and technology utilized. Always remember, positive criticism is a must!

Internship report sample

Here are my 3 recommendations for enhancing future ABC Agency intern roles:

  • Introduce the different department heads in a more comprehensive  session. It would be helpful to understand the leadership structure at an early stage.
  • Make a skills development checklist. This checklist includes the fundamentals of social media. There should also be digital advertising for interns. This will assist interns in identifying important growth areas.
  • Set up frequent one-on-one meetings. The notion would be to discuss projects. It should also resolve any early obstacles between department team leaders and interns. The only one-on-ones I had were the opening and closing. It may have provided more flow.

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Sample Internship Report 

It is important to provide a model of an internship report format. It should also include the structure and a sample report. And it has to there by a previous intern.

This gives the details of an 8-week graphic design internship experience. The experience is at XYZ Design Agency from June-August 2022. It will illustrate practical examples of the following components:

  • Company Profile
  • Executive Summary
  • Position Description
  • Key Projects
  • Time Log
  • Work Samples
  • Skills Developed
  • Internship Assessment
  • Recommendations

Company Profile

Based in Ohio, XYZ Design Agency is a graphic design firm. It specializes in packaging and branding. They have been in business for more than 20 years. Their 16-person creative team are spread across. They will be across three teams.

[Insert one or two paragraphs. You should give extra information on the company. Additionally, provide a scan of a few report pages. In there, make sure to highlight elements. These elements can be executive summary, recommendations, and others.]

This internship sample report shows how the main ideas in this article can get organized. You can learn from the practical examples. These examples are there by past interns.

Formatting and Style Tips

Here are some key formatting and style tips. They are there for enhancing the quality and readability of your internship report:

Formal Tone

  • Maintain a formal and professional tone throughout. Avoid casual language, personal pronouns, or contractions.

Section Headings

  • Include clear and descriptive heading titles introducing each section. 

Visual Appeal

  • Boost aesthetic appeal and design with the insertion of visual elements
  • Images – Include photos. Scan project illustrations and graphics.
  • Tables/Charts – Insert data in easy-to-read table/graph formats 
  • Logos – Show company logos on the cover page or headers.

Page Numbering

  • Insert page numbers at the bottom. That way, the reader can follow the report structure.

Title Page

  • Start with a title page. In there, list the student’s name and company details. You should also add the submission date.

Formatting Consistency

  • Stick to consistent formatting for fonts and paragraph styles across all sections.


  • Reference any external sources or appended documents using APA/MLA citing conventions.

Following these best practices will make sure your document looks polished. It will also make sure that they are engaging. And it will be easy to navigate for the reader.


Creating an informative, well-structured internship report is crucial for documenting. It is vital for leveraging your internship experience.

You can produce an engaging report. And you may do so by accounting for the suggested components.

It would be ideal to also follow the formatting best practices. You should also  check the internship feedback. 

Be sure to divide enough time for the writing process. It should include the all-important reflection stages.

An internship project report fulfills an academic assessment piece. It also provides an invaluable professional portfolio addition. We hope that you have understood how to prepare internship report.

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FAQs on Internship Report 

Q1. What is an internship report?

Ans: An internship report is a document summarizing your internship experience.

It details your accomplishments and knowledge gained. Additionally, it includes the projects worked on. Also, the assessment of the experience is there too.

Q2. Can I view an internship report sample for reference before creating my own?

Ans: Yes, referring to an internship final report sample can help guide you. It will be beneficial especially when structuring and formatting your own report.

Q3. How should I conclude my internship report?

Ans: Your conclusion should summarize key learnings.

It should also assess competencies gained. But, they should be relevant to your career goals. Additionally, it should provide recommendations to enhance the future intern role.

Q4. What is the standard internship report format?

Ans: An internship report format generally contains sections like an executive summary.

It may also include position description and others.

Maintain formal formatting with consistent fonts, headings, and page numbers.

Q5. What should I include in my report’s executive summary?

Ans: Summarize essential details in half a page. These can be your position title and company name. Additionally, it can be the internship duration and accomplishments.

Q6. Should I detail the projects I worked on?

Ans: Yes, dedicate a report section to outlining 2-3 major projects. It can be your contributions and examples of work products developed.

Q7. What steps should I take to prepare an internship report?


i. Gather relevant files/work samples

ii. Create necessary tables/charts of data 

iii. Draft core report content 

iv. Reflect on experience

v. Complete formal formatting.

Q8. What writing tips should I follow when developing an internship report?


i. Maintain formal tone 

ii. Use clear section headings 

iii. Insert images/charts for visual appeal 

iv. Apply consistent formatting and style 

v. Reference appended documents.

Q9. Where can I access sample internship final reports to guide my writing?

Ans: Many academic departments provide former students’ internship reports. 

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