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50 Self-Appraisal Comments for Your Performance Appraisal

Let’s be honest: performance review is something that makes the majority of people nervous. This is particularly true when it comes to self-evaluation. While it is amazing to boast about your achievements and milestones, deciding on what you need to say and what things you need to avoid can be very tricky. 

The self-appraisal comments should be a perfect blend of humility and self-confidence. You are required to highlight the strength without coming off as overly confident. To ace that evaluation, in this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know regarding self-appraisal comments by employees.

Communication Comments

Following are some of the biggest communication skills-appraisal comments :

  • I perfectly communicate complex ideas in a clearer and easier-to-understand manner, ensuring everybody is on the same page.
  • I initiated a good habit of listening to group members’ perspectives which provides an environment where everybody feels heard.
  • I use various communication channels to make sure that information reaches all group members promptly.
  • I address conflicts through open and respectful discussions, vitally maintaining a strong work atmosphere.
  • I proceed to deliver interactive presentations as a successful means of sharing ideas and information with diverse audiences.

Job Performance Comments

Understanding a self-appraisal sample is the first step towards customizing your own. Here are some of the job performance comments you need to know:

  • I highly respect my role and find pleasure and value in it.
  • Often, I take up projects that extend beyond my roles and responsibilities on the job.
  • It brings me massive satisfaction to share that I have surpassed my working goals.
  • I foster a group-oriented work environment by the inclusion of every group member.
  • I have successfully reduced the bounce rate on our website.
  • I am sure to tackle new, challenging projects.
  • I ensure I am there for the discussions and approachable if my teammates need my assistance.
  • I perfectly manage my group and conduct certain exercises to strengthen the team.

Customer Experience Comments

Following are some of the customer-focus appraisal comments that you may use or customize for customer experience comments:

  • I effectively tackle customer concerns and questions.
  • I utilize the ‘listen first, suggest later’ method to better understand our customer’s pain points.
  • I go way beyond to assist the customers in getting the information or solution they’re looking for. 
  • X% consumers have given me a maximum customer satisfaction survey rating. 
  • I consistently strive hard to enhance our customers’ experiences.
  • I try to understand our customers’ perspectives and come up with solutions that suit their needs.

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Innovation and Creativity Comments

Self-appraisal comments by employees need to be customized as per the role. Following are some of the creative and innovative comments that you need to know:

  • On a regular basis, I brainstorm innovative ideas for features of a product. It is something that contributes to innovative and creative ideas for product development.
  • My out-of-the-box method of problem-solving in coding has led to the development of novel algorithms.
  • Often, I seek creative solutions to technical challenges, fostering an ecosystem of innovation within our tech squad.
  • I take advantage of creative thinking to discover new innovations and improve our software solutions.
  • I’m adept at innovative thinking and allowing creative solutions that enhance the user experience of our tech products.

Reliability Comments

While we have already shared employee self-evaluation comments for many circumstances, here are some of the options you may go with for reliability comments:

  • I do not proceed to commit more than I can tackle at work. And I strictly follow through on whatever I have committed to others.
  • I have successfully met all my massive deadlines with astonishing results.
  • I strongly prioritize my work and concentrate on the vital tasks first.
  • I check on my group’s and customers’ requirements and plan the schedule accordingly.
  • I’m very punctual and stay active during working hours.
  • I seek guidance whenever required to address problems.
  • I maintain prompt communication involving customers and colleagues.

Performance Improvement Comments

Here are some of the self-appraisal examples you may use for performance improvement comments:

  • My goal is to strengthen my interpersonal traits and tranquillize circumstances that propagate discord between my teammates and me.
  • I understand how often I depend on the attempts of the group. To enhance that, I am working on making sure that I am capable of delivering more and adding my efforts to those of my group.
  • I acknowledge the significance of communication in leading a group and consistently work on avoiding any situations of miscommunication within the group or outside of it. I am working to enhance my follow-up activities to increase my sales performance.
  • My self-realization has granted me the chance to understand that I may utilize feedback as motivation to accomplish goals perfectly.
  • I understand that I may develop my customer service traits. I plan to join a workshop to assist me in strengthening these traits.
  • I tend to figure out things on my own, and I work hard to be comfortable with people who assist me in getting the job done efficiently.
  • Even though I communicate with small teams with brevity and clarity, I generally do not get my ideas across when presenting information to a massive group. I plan on taking a public speaking course to assist me in growing in this area.
  • My aim is to strengthen my interpersonal skills and tranquilize situations that propagate discord between my colleagues and me.
  • I wish to develop a personal communication strategy to promote an open and honest work ecosystem for my group members.
  • Often, I struggle to manage multiple deadlines at the same time. I persistently work on keeping things in order by perfectly managing my time and priorities.
  • I acknowledge my inclination for written communication but remain committed to enhancing and concentrating more on verbal communication at the same time.
  • I am inclined to be guided by what works perfectly for me, but I also plan to use new and distinct measures.
  • I am comfortable sharing ideas with folks who are close to me, but I would like to extend these ideas to the whole group.

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How to Write a Self-Appraisal

Whether you love it or hate it, we are always on the receiving end of some judgment. And sometimes, we do not strongly agree with the judgment or evaluation that is passed on to us. This is where self-development appraisal comments or self-evaluation come into play. 

Whether it is communication comments for appraisal or any other self-appraisal comments, the key here is customization. In order to write a self-appraisal note perfectly, you must consider highlighting the strengths and accomplishments of the organization’s targets. Additionally, you may mention the areas that need to be improved. Here are some of the tips that can help you write down self-appraisal comments:

1. Be honest and introspective in your self-assessment

Self-appraisal comments are something that helps you to identify your strengths and the places in which you may improve. It is something that makes personal growth easier for you. Therefore, it is a must that you stay honest in your self-assessment.

Taking part in your assessment implies that you are more responsible for your growth and development. Proceed to go with the honest appraisal on the aspects you believe you have excelled and if there are any aspects where you believe there is a requirement for improvement, make sure to mention that as well.

2. Use specific examples and data to support your comments

To enhance self-appraisal comments, you are required to showcase your achievements by utilizing facts and figures. If this is the first time you are going with self-evaluation for your organization, you might not have any pre-existing data with yourself. In this case, proceed to highlight the education and learning as a fresher within your organization. 

3. Focus on your strengths and achievements, but also acknowledge areas for improvement

While it is understandable to speak about your achievements and strengths in self appraisal comments, it is vitally crucial to mention any kind of areas of improvement. It is something that assists you in formulating a list of skills, exposure, and knowledge you require to prosper in the organization and field.  

4. Align your self-appraisal with your organization’s goals and values

With a platform for self-appraisal comments you may demonstrate how your accomplishments that you have achieved have helped the organization’s goals. It would help your manager evaluate your contributions and accomplishments to achieving your group’s goals over the past year. 

5. Use a professional and objective tone throughout your self-appraisal

Tonality is important for every kind of communication, and it is vitally important for self-appraisal comments. You need to make sure you are maintaining positive and respectful language throughout the communication. When conversing about an obstacle or challenge, you may go ahead and add details on how you overcame the challenges.

6. Proofread and edit your self-appraisal for clarity and conciseness

When it comes to self-appraisal comments, proofreading is a must! You need to proofread it twice and ensure there are no errors or typos in the communication.

7. Seek feedback from colleagues and supervisors to gain additional perspectives

The best thing about self-appraisal comments is that if you are not sure what you can write about them, you may always go ahead and ask for a second opinion from your colleagues. 


To sum it up, self-appraisal comments are key to a greater performance review. If it is your first time writing self-appraisal comments for yourself, we are sure the tips mentioned above and the many examples we have shown will ensure you do not make any mistakes.

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FAQs on Self-Appraisal Comments

Q1: Is it okay to ask if there are any requirements for me in a self-appraisal?

Ans: Yes, you may certainly ask for any requirements, such as a certification or getting a few more training sessions.

Q2: What is the purpose of self-appraisals?

Ans: Whether you love it or hate it, we are always on the receiving end of some judgment. And sometimes, we do not strongly agree with the judgment or evaluation passed on to us. This is where self-evaluation comes into play. 

Q3: What is the biggest thing to be mindful of when self-appraising?

Ans: You need to maintain a positive and professional tone throughout the self-appraisal process.

Q4: Can I use self-appraisal samples?

Ans: While it is perfectly okay to use the samples of self-appraisal comments, you need to customize them.

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