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Why is a Good Company Culture Important?

It’s a well-known fact that good employees quit either because of a bad boss or a toxic work culture. That is why getting to know about the work culture of an organisation before joining is always a good strategy.

However, unlike other facets of a company, identifying it’s culture before signing up for it is easier said than done. So how should one go about it? Monster.com offers some tips to help you gauge if the new organisation is somewhere you will enjoy staying for a long time.

Go through employees’ comments online
One of the easiest ways of understanding a company’s culture is to read the reviews posted by former and current employees on job portals/listings. Since these reviews are anonymous, people often share their views without fear of reprisal.

Check with your extended network
Another reliable way of getting to know a company’s work culture is to ask a current or former employee about their experience. You can check in your extended network if someone has worked for the company in question and ask them directly. Not only will this feedback be more legitimate, coming directly from them, but if you reach out through a reference, they will be more open to sharing their views.

Social media platforms
These days, social media platforms also serve as a good source of information about a company and its work culture. Though you may have to dig a little deeper – posts from customers, employees and even from the company management can give you a good idea about what the company values.

Ask the interviewer
Finally, to know more about the company culture, you can ask the interviewer her or his experience of working with the company. In most cases, the interviewer will be forthcoming with this information. Even if they are not, you can still gauge something from it.

Since you will be spending most of your day at work, it is important to gauge the company’s value system and figure out if it is compatible with yours. If it is aligned with what motivates you then delivering positive results will become much easier. If not, then no matter how hard you try, even the simple act of turning up to work every day could become a chore.

As much as these tips may help, you should still rely on your intuition to make the final decision. If you feel there is something that is still not adding up but you can’t put a finger on it, trust your instincts. It’s better to be cautious beforehand than regret after being roped in. If not, go ahead and take the plunge, it might just turn out to be your dream job.

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