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4 Passive job search tips you did not know about

Are not excited about your job? Do you hate it? Do you want to change jobs but cannot seem to bring yourself going through the tedious job search process? Help is at hand! The brand new Monster Mobile app provides a customised job search experience, which will keep you constantly updated with industry insights, company news and job openings. Companies are actively seeking out talented and experienced candidates even when there is no indication of a job switch intention on the other side. You need to stay on the radar. 

Monster Mobile app never lets you miss out on an opportunity which is best for you! Being “actively” passive in your job search ensures that you are well equipped for such a transition.

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Check out some of our valuable passive job search tips.

  • Get Smart: Forgo today’s communication clutter. No one has the time to dig through pages of irrelevant data to land a good opportunity.  Especially when you are seeking passively. The app allows seekers to assign themselves an Avatar which represents their current career status. It personalizes the job search experience, bringing you only the most relevant jobs postings,  search results, amongst others. This is great news for passive job seekers as you get relevant alerts even when you are not actively hunting for a job. 

  • Be Aware: To identify good opportunities, you need to constantly stay in touch with industry information; be it hiring trends, salary information and/or available openings. As a passive job seeker, you will need to remain updated on such important insights to make the right decisions. Monster Mobile app seamlessly integrates with Monster’s Professional Networking for Jobs so you can follow recruiters and/or companies you like. The app then provides you real-time updates of company news, job openings – so you are always mindful of any new opportunities!

  • Be Connected: Connections matter. So stay in touch with professional contacts to keep the best prospects at hand. Monster’s Professional Networking for Jobs allows you to connect with companies and recruiters in Monster database and network with your peers, mentors, alumni and also import external contacts to your professional network. The app will make sure you are always just one message away from them!

  • Be Relevant: Keeping your CV and profile updated is extremely important on the mobile platform. The Activity Meter picks up your usage statistics; such as profile completeness, activity within the network (recommendations, endorsements etc.); activity with other users, job search history. Based on your activity, relevant information is delivered to you. The Activity Meter will keep you active in your profile, thus keeping you engaged with the best prospects!

Changing jobs is a major career move which must become a seamless part of your career path itself. So be ‘Active’ with Monster Mobile app and Monster Professional Networking for jobs even when you are not looking for an immediate job change. You never know when you meet your ideal job!

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