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Here’s A Handpicked Collection of Top 10 Articles

top 10 articles of 2018

All these years, we shared practical advice, handy tips, useful recommendations, best practices, uncompromising facts and busted myths to help job seekers Find Better, and faster, at Monster.

These articles, among others, shared tips and tricks to help you find the dream job, balance work and life better, and stay happy at work. 

So here’s the list of the top 10 articles that we think you should read:

  • 5 Tips to Find Better Jobs on Monster
    Looking for a change in the new year but struggling to find the right job? Read the article to find out 5 handy tips that could make your job search fruitful.
  • How to Stay Happy at Work
    Work should be much more than just a paycheck, especially since you spend a better part of your day at your workstation. But how many of us actually look forward to going to office or not have Monday blues? However, what if we told you there is a way to be happy at work? Interested? Read it here to know how.
  • How can IT professionals future-proof their careers in the era of AI?
    Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, bringing about changes we are still trying to understand. AI is one such development that is weighing heavily on the minds of the current workforce. But does it have to be a cause of concern? This blog explores how IT professionals can co-exist with AI. Read more
  • 5 things you can do to stop being overwhelmed at work
    Does thinking about work induce stress and fatigue? Is there too much on your plate and is bringing you down? Fear not. You don’t have to change your job to improve your situation. You can beat the blues and manage work better. 
  • Recession free professions
    Wondering what jobs endure in the business world come rain or sunshine, find out here.
  • How to answer 10 most common interview questions
    Want to know what are the questions that almost every interviewer asks? And more importantly what should be your answer? Click here to know more.
  • How to write an impressive resume!
    Your resume can be your one chance to make an impression on a recruiter who is probably deluged with million applicants. However, how do you stand out from the crowd? We share some tips to make that lasting impression through your resume. Read more.
  • Think your performance review was unfair? Here’s what you should do
    It stings to get a bad performance review at work but reacting emotionally may not be the best way forward. Read the blog to know what steps you can take when you get a bad rating from your boss.  Read more
  • The Negotiation Dance
    Negotiating your salary can be tricky. It is akin to a dance where both you and your prospective employer match step for step. Balance, grace and sense of rhythm are all crucial for you to come out on top. Find out here what it takes to ace this dance. Read more
  • Find the sweet spot between your passion and job
    Confused about choosing between your passion and your job? What if you could combine both. Surprised? This blog tells you how to find that sweet spot between your passion and work. Read more


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