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What does an HR Admin officer do?

A critical pillar of any business administration is the Human Resource department. This department consists of several job positions, including HR admin officer, HR generalist, HRBP, etc. The human resources administrator is responsible for efficient management of the administrative levels in the HR department.

The duty and job responsibility that an HR officer carries out is different depending on the company policies. However, the summary of the job is the same. In this article, you can find out everything about the job and why you should secure this position for yourself.

What is an HR Admin Officer?

HR administrators are responsible for management and administrative tasks in the company. They will be contacted first for all HR-related matters or to deal with various clients and business parties. In addition, the HR admins keep track of employees, check and maintain documents, and ensure employees receive adequate support.

Human Resources Administrator must carry out the corporate responsibilities, such as management and administrative areas of a company. It is an entry-level job position, such as the HR admins are liable to report to HR Analysts, Middle to Top-level managers, or directors. So, HR Administrators serve as the first point of contact regarding every HR-related matter and deal with internal and external parties.

What does an HR Admin officer do?

HR admins must have to master both theoretical and practical areas of administration. Knowing many employment laws and making sure the HR department abides by these laws is the critical role of their job. Other than this, Some companies will ask you to help execute many essential tasks at various seasons, including helping with travel arrangements.

The primary HR Admin responsibilities include solving employee queries and documentations. In addition, they are the ones who convey starter packs, job benefits of a position, contractual details, and paperwork for recruitment. 

HR Admin Officer job duties include:

  • Provide timely and adequate assistance for HR executives.
  • Edit, update or change the employee records and their relevant paperwork.
  • Timely maintenance of HR Databases while adding additional relevant information, including sick leaves, paid leaves, days off, vacations, etc.
  • Provide a regular update on Payroll Information of employees.
  • Ensure timely updates of HR policies and procedures alongside their documentations.
  • Tend to employees’ questions and provide the best solutions.
  • Check regular calendar activities and update or change them when necessary.
  • Create attractive job ads and help the recruiters to process the resumes of candidates from job portals.
  • Timely reports of Administrative Management
  • Maintain and organize new employee orientation, training, and documentation.

Job brief for HR Admin Officer

The companies need an HR Admin Officer to execute the regular activities of the Human Resources department.

The HR Officer has to carry out these mandatory responsibilities, such as employee information processing, company policy checking, updating, and managing new candidates. Therefore, you must see that all HR operations should run smoothly.

For effective execution of mentioned responsibilities above, you need to have a mastery of organizational skills and knowledge of how the HR department functions.

Responsibilities of HR Admin Officer

  • Ensure timely maintenance of the various employee information, such as job contracts and PTO requests.
  • Keep track of Internal database management of employees, alongside new recruitment information.
  • Create and publish the company guidelines and provide FAQ documents.
  • Maintain bank account information of employees and salary processing.
  • Edit and create new job advertisements in several job portals and websites.
  • Contact potential candidates to hire and schedule an interview with them. 
  • Create detailed reports and presentations on HR-related metrics, such as the total number of new recruitments in various departments.
  • Supply and Facilitate training materials to new employees.
  • Convey the job benefits and answer employee questions regarding job benefits, leaves, monthly and yearly CTC, etc.
  • Maintain events such as yearly travels, team building, etc.
  • Manage the internal records, such as employee absences, turnover rate, leaves, salary reductions, etc. 
  • Make sure the company abides by legal restrictions and rules and update them if necessary.

Requirements for HR Admin Officer

  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree in Human resources. Or it must be a bachelor’s degree in business management or related specialization.
  • Prior job experience, preferably a minimum of a year in an HR position or a managerial role related.
  • Problem-solving is mandatory to solve complex issues arising from time to time.
  • Must know CRM Tools and HR Software, as well as Proficiency in handling computer applications.
  • Must carry out every task in a professional demeanor and set guidelines.
  • Communication skills must be excellent and practical, consisting of both written and oral communication.
  • Familiarity in the hiring and termination policies of companies will be preferred.
  • Must have A solid track record for a non fresher in a managerial role.
  • Must be able to travel for training and similar job-related activities. 
  • Possess a solid theoretical and practical knowledge of insurance offers, payroll information l, and labor laws in the country.

Average Salary of HR Admin Officer

The salary for this job position is reasonably decent, and it can grow even more. However, it depends on the organization and experience you carry in a similar field before applying to a company. 

The average human resources administrator salary is about  ₹7,50,000 gross amount. After an in-depth analysis, it is equivalent to an hourly rate of compensation of approx. ₹360. In addition, there are monthly and yearly bonuses of around ₹18,000. 

The Salary estimations mentioned above are taken from employees and employers through India by online and offline surveys. Note that a fresher recruited as human resources administrator, who has 0-3 years of experience, earns about 4 to 5 lakhs per annum. On the other hand, a senior-level HR admin officer can earn 10 lakhs per annum or even more.

Skills required for an HR officer

Aside from educational background, these skills mentioned below will ensure your candidature as an HR Admin Officer:

  • Practical, managerial, and administrative skills.
  • Experience and Proficiency in handling Office Apps, such as MS. Word and Excel.
  • Must maintain confidentiality when needed. 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to communicate with superiors and customers and to problem-solve to solve employee queries. 
  • Solid written and oral communication abilities.
  • Must possess the willingness and ability to learn fast and efficiently.
  • It is essential to have the willingness to work under pressure and retain performance levels consistently.
  • Possesses a Tactical mindset for committing to work with punctuality.
  • Accountability in performance. Employees should give output with as much accuracy as possible with available resources. 

Why pursue a career as an HR Admin Officer?

The HR Department is for those that seek talents that best suit the company’s interests in various job positions. They use their training and scouting techniques to find the best-suited professionals. And the methods to find these candidates vary as per the time of the year and number of vacancies. It also depends on the demographics and business types. But an HR Officer always ensures the best talents get the best opportunity to be successful in life. 

What are the benefits of an HR Job?

A significant benefit of being in the Human Resource Department is that every small, medium, or big company is likely to have a human resource department. The companies are increasing, so is increasing the demand of HR Officer to ensure the employee acquisition and employee relations remain constant. As a result, there is never a lack of employees for day-to-day operations. In addition, a good HR department provides a healthy work environment.  

Now that you know how vital an HR department is to a company let’s find out some key reasons you should choose this career. 

  • Above-average salaries: Just like how vital the HR department strives to benefit a company, the company will ensure a skilled HR officer is pleased with good salary packages and monthly incentives.
  • A secure job for the future: With technology advancing, much automated software has reduced the human workforce in the companies. However, the HR department is not behind. There are many HR Software available to purchase and ease the management process.

However, tools and software can only go so far as not using intellect and intuition to assess a candidate before hiring. That is why the demand for HR professionals will not reduce.

  • Helping with the development of other employees: HR Officer is best suited to train the newcomers and existing employees. We have the internet and reviewing tools to judge how a candidate excels in specific parameters. So this allows the HR Admin officer to focus on other important matters, such as designing initiatives to improve employee performance.
  • Satisfactions from Achievements : We want to achieve any jobs we take by finishing the assigned task with the best outputs. But, unfortunately, it is not always the salary that ensures the happy faces of the employees. 

The thrill of taking an innovative and unique approach to tackle issues and solve them brings pleasure to HR professionals. A professional HR Officer can not only enhance the job satisfaction of colleagues but themselves as well.

HR Admin Officer is a career option for those who like job security and job satisfaction. If you are one of those who want to go out there and make new connections with people and help with their developments as well as your own, then HR is the best career option you can have.

How to become an HR Admin Officer?

The HR officer job position is dependent on various factors such as the locality, business type, and organization. For example, a smaller organization especially demands the HR officer more than a larger organization does.

It is because a smaller organization does not have limited job responsibility for an entry-level HR Officer. You may even get the opportunity to work as an HR generalist or even as a senior HR specialist.

You won’t face this challenge in larger companies because their HR department is appropriately categorized into different Human Resource sections, for example, payroll, leaves, benefits, job performance monitoring. 

It is difficult to secure an HR officer job in larger organizations if you are inexperienced in this industry. A smaller or starter company will only require you to have an HR degree in Bachelor or masters. You’ll have a greater chance for a larger organization if you get a certification in a particular section of an HR department.

A good resume that showcases your talents and skills will ensure your selection into the company. In addition, job portals have given you a video introduction feature to highlight yourself as well.

Make sure to stay on your toes and give your best in all the job interviews. The passion and energy you show to recruiters will influence your selection process immensely. 


The HR department is growing despite the tough times we have fought. An HR Admin Officer job is a great entry-level position if you want to build a better career in the Human Resource department. Make sure that you have excellent interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and HR knowledge in your pocket to be selected in your desired companies.HR Admin Officer will be a secure job position for a long time ahead. In addition, the salary and job benefits it has will enhance your job satisfaction. If you love a healthy work-life balance and attractive salaries, you will be satisfied for a long time ahead.

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