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What does an HR Coordinator do?

An HR coordinator job fulfills the managerial obligations for the human resources department of a business. They support the HR managers concerning the employment, maintenance of the staff records, assisting with the salary processing, and offering all the employees the necessary organizational assistance.

They are in charge of analyzing the training requirements, developing the syllabus for the training, and delivering the training programs. In addition, they administer different employee remuneration programs, like company insurance, permanent disability, retirement funds, and returns sharing. Also, they manage the calendar of the HR Team, like scheduling the meetings, HR events, interviews, etc.

What Is an HR Coordinator?

HR Coordinators represent the human resources department. They are responsible for the facilitation of all the functions and programs for the HR department. The HR Coordinator job includes assisting with the human resource responsibilities at all company sites. It involves administering the health of the employees and the welfare schemes and acts as a link between the staff and the insurers. The HR Coordinator job involves solving all the reimbursement-related issues and guarantees the successful application of the plans and constructive staff members’ associations. The HR Coordinator makes certain that the plans are executed according to the central and state rules and that the strategy requirements are adhered to. In addition, the HR Coordinator job position gives managerial assistance to the human resource job as required, consisting of maintenance of records, files, and HRIS entry.

What does an HR Coordinator do?

An HR Coordinator is responsible for assisting in all-important human resource job functions. The human resource responsibilities include solving the problems raised by present and prospective employees and recruitment, reimbursement and remuneration, employees’ negotiations, and relations.

Job brief for HR Coordinator

A professional HR Coordinator undertakes all the human resource responsibilities. The HR coordinator job involves regularly facilitating all the human resource job functions like maintaining the staff records and helping with the recruitment. They are also responsible for executing tasks with a vision to expand the organization’s talent pipeline and develop sourcing strategies.

The prospective candidate for the HR Coordinator job should be well acquainted with the human resource job‘s work culture and the general managerial tasks. They must work unconventionally and professionally to guarantee the regular functioning of the human resources department. Familiarity in using various HR software/tools will be an added advantage.

Ultimately, the HR coordinators should catalyze the achievement of exclusive goals and results of the human resources department and the business.

Responsibilities of HR Coordinator

  • Administration of the health and welfare schemes, employment, modifications, and terminations. Processing necessary documents through salary and insurers to assure precise record-keeping and accurate withdrawals.
  • Executes the client service operations by responding to the employee requirements and queries.
  • Completion, verification, and documentation of Forms I-9 and maintenance of the records.
  • Submits online investigation requests and assists with new-employee background checks.
  • Resolves reimbursement invoices.
  • Perform auditing of salary, remuneration/other HR agenda and suggest remedial action.
  • Assisting in executing procedures related to terminations.
  • Helps with the preparation of the accomplishment review procedure.
  • Contributes to the employment and interview process. For example, tracking the status of applicants in HRIS and interacting with follow-up emails after the hiring process.
  • Arranges conferences and interviews as per the requests of the HR manager.
  • Makes the needed Xerox copies, sends emails, documents, scans, and executes other office-related duties.
  • Files records into the suitable staff member files.
  • Prepares and assists with correspondence as and when required.
  • Organizes the new-employee documentation.
  • Handles and manages the mail.
  • Carries out all other duties as assigned.

Requirements for HR Coordinator

  • Bachelor’s degree in HR /related field and also relevant experience in the same field.
  • Minimum of two years experience in the HR field.
  • HR coordinator job / human resource job-relevant experience documents/records.
  • Familiarity with human resource responsibilities.
  • Proficiency in MS Office, especially MS Excel/MS PowerPoint.
  • Working knowledge with HR databases/HRIS systems like Virtual Edge.
  • Fluency with ATS software.
  • Skilled with sourcing tools (resume records and online networks).
  • Acquainted with social media hiring.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • The aptitude of handling data and maintaining privacy.
  • Good directorial and time managing ability.
  • CIPD certification
  • BSc/BA in Business Administration and other Human Resource Management certifications.

Average Salary for HR Coordinator (City Based Tables)

HR Coordinator’s salary may vary depending on the pay scale and the number of employees in the particular company. It also depends on the resources and the city where the company is located. For the metropolitan cities with higher connectivity and IT companies, the salary is seen to have a hike than other towns.

City Of IndiaSalary per annum
Kanpur₹ 2,97,228
Lucknow₹ 2,40,000
Surat₹ 2,50,000

Key skills

  • Good spoken and written communication ability.
  • Exceptional customer service and interpersonal skills.
  • Outstanding managerial expertise and detail-oriented.
  • Operational knowledge of the human resource responsibilities, principles, and procedures.
  • Brilliant time managing skills with a verified aptitude to meet closing dates.
  • Talent to perform well in a high-speed and hectic setting.
  • Expert in Microsoft Office Suite/related software.

Why pursue a career as an HR Coordinator?

The major reasons for choosing an HR coordinator job are the potentiality to inspire immeasurable aspects of the company, aid the development of its staff, and influence strategic corporate decisions. Human resource job professionals get high salary packages with many benefits. The human resources department professionals can impact the hired employees of the company positively.  Apart from carrying out their responsibilities, they give opportunities to the individuals seeking jobs in their fields of interest.

 How to become an HR Coordinator?  

Organizations expect the HR coordinators aspirants to have a bachelor’s degree in human resources, business administration, finance, and business management. HR coordinator job may also require master’s degrees in business administration/HR management.The human resources department is a highly driven field. It is a very important division in all organizations. Human resource job offers a lot of opportunities in every corporate sector. It is a challenging field and core of a successful business. It involves the execution of major business modifications. HR coordinator job professionals coordinate with the seniors in administration regularly to manage the smooth running of the business. The human resources coordinator plays a major role in the human resources department. They support and coordinate with all the tasks of the human resources department. They streamline the existing human resource responsibilities; ensure the smooth running of all human resources operations, and assist the employees and new joiners with their challenges. Flexibility and good interpersonal skills are added advantages to an HR Coordinator job. HR coordinators report to the HR manager, and their job mainly involves improvement of the HR policies, systems, and methods and suggesting changes to the human resources department. 

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