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HR Manager Job Description

What is an HR Manager?

An HR manager job requires one to get involved with the daily working of the HR department. Their administrative role involves them taking the primary responsibility of managing the team in their department in its entirety. The job of an HR manager requires them to solve or oversee the matters related to the organization’s staff. You can also call them the go-to person within the organization who comes in aid of the various employees and their subjects, grievances, etc. 

What does an HR Manager do?

All the organizations want to attract people and motivate them. They also want to retain qualified employees and get them well-suited jobs to make sure the organisation’s working is seamless. Human resources managers have a goal and accomplish it by directing all the administrative functions of the department of human resources. 

They have to see to it as the person in the HR manager job that all the employee relations are secured, and the organization abides by all the recent laws. They also conduct training, employee development programmes, etc., which helps the employees to grow. They are the supervisors or their department and have to ensure that all the tasks are done at accurate times. 

One of the responsibilities of HR managers is to consult with the top executives of the company regarding the strategies, plannings, and talent acquisition and management within the company. It is in their hands to identify ways to maximize the organization’s employee value and ensure that all the resources ar4 used to their maximum efficiency. 

For instance, they may have to assess a worker’s productivity and make relevant recommendations to help them upgrade and be of great help to the organization in the near future. 

HR Manager job duties include:

  • Some qualities of HR Manager involve them to develop and implement many HR strategies. 
  • They have to get the initiatives of a company aligned with the entire business strategies of the company.
  • An HR manager job requirement is also to bridge the gap between a management’s and the employees’ relations by addressing their many grievances, demands, or any other issues. 
  • They have to oversee the recruitment and selection process in a company as well, to ensure smooth working of the whole organization.
  • Compensations along with benefit packages go through an HR department. So, it is also a given that an HR manager job requires some budgeting skills. 
  • HR manager skills include one to have empathetic skills. Why? This is because they have to deal with a lot of people who come to them for various grievances, discussions, issues, etc. 

Job brief for HR Manager 

An HR manager job is to get things done smoothly within an organization. A team player who can get the employees to develop their skillset and keep the organisation’s goals in mind simultaneously. They must be empathetic and try to solve all the issues and grievances that come their way. 

Responsibilities of HR Manager 

An HR manager job requires one to not only be the go-to person for all the other staff members but also undertake the following responsibilities:

  • Manage recruitment within the company
  • Take care of employee relations
  • Train the employees within the organisation
  • Keep a check on performance management of various personnel within the organization.
  • Administer completion of work by employees
  • Regularly report to the HR Executives, who are their seniors
  • Ensure that the performance of the employees, as well as a few other procedures within the company, are effective.
  • It is also under their jurisdiction to ensure that the employees are following all the company policies and programs.
  • They have to review various employment laws and ensure that their company is in compliance with them all.
  • Be vigilant in terms of staff complaints and investigate them. They also have to address and coordinate several employee requests.
  • They need to review numerous benefit plans and ensure that all the employees have the option of signing up for them.

Requirements for HR Manager 

The requirements to land an HR manager job are generally less strict than a few others, like an HR executive. 

  • In order to become an HR manager, one must have a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Human Resources. You can also go for a degree in a related subject. That will suffice.
  • It is also preferred if a person has some experience in the field or in a related field. 

Average Salary for HR Manager  

City Minimum SalaryMaximum SalaryAverage Annual Salary
Mumbai₹ 3.4 LPA ₹ 19.2 LPA₹ 8.0 LPA
New Delhi₹ 3 LPA ₹ 16.2 LPA₹ 6.5 LPA
Bangalore₹ 3.4 LPA₹ 21.2 LPA₹ 8.5 LPA
Pune₹ 2 LPA₹ 19.9 LPA₹ 7.3 LPA

These are the salaries of some of the major cities in India. You might find a difference or two in these when it comes to other cities with high or low cost for living. 

Key Skills For HR Manager Job

There are various HR Manager job skills that one must have in order to land a job in the field as well as be good at it:

  • Communication is one of the most important HR manager skills as most of their work is with other individuals in a company.
  • An HR manager’s job entails a lot of tasks. This means they need to have some organizational skills and be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • An HR manager has to make a number of decisions on a daily basis. This means that they need to have relevant decision-making skills, especially when it comes to recruitment processes. 
  • Employee development and training programmes are all run because of an HR manager. So, it is a given that their HR manager skills include ensuring that the employees get the proper treatment within the organisation and some room to learn more. 

Why pursue a career as an HR Manager?

When it comes to having an HR manager job, one has a lot of influence all over the organisation, including their most important resources – Humans. They can help in the development of the employees keeping in mind the various needs and requirements of the organization as well. If you think that they have various HR manager skills and abilities, you should definitely pursue a career in the field.

You must have it in you to influence the very culture and form a good one for your fellow employees. They really have to be able to make a significant difference within the organization, which makes them an integral part of an organisation. 

How to become an HR Manager?

The best way to become an HR manager is to get a degree in Human Resource management. People can also go for a degree in a related field.
To land an HR manager job, there are also options to get relevant experience along with a degree. This can increase your chances to get the job or at least be considered for it.

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