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How to Write a Request Letter: Tips, Template and Samples

A request letter is a formal letter written to ask for something specific like information, assistance, permission, or to take an action. It can be written for various personal or professional reasons like applying for a job, requesting flexible work arrangements, asking for a copy of medical records, seeking information, requesting a product refund, asking for a promotion, appealing a claim denial, etc. Knowing how to write a clear, concise, and compelling request letter can help get your request fulfilled faster. This comprehensive guide will provide tips for writing a formal request letter template.

What is a Request Letter?

An official letter requesting for something is a document written to formally ask for something or politely ask for a favor. It can be used to request information, assistance, permission, or action needed from another party. A formal letter template makes it easier to ensure your request includes all relevant information organized logically.

Request letters can be formal or informal, depending on the situation and recipient. They are often written to your manager, coworkers, or human resources staff for work-related requests. They may also be necessary for personal needs directed to companies, government agencies, organizations, or individuals in your community. A request letter to higher authority should be made with proper professionalism, clarity, and attention to detail.

General Tips to Write a Request Letter 

Here are some useful tips for writing a clear and compelling request letter:

Be clear, concise, and specific about request

A formal request letter template provides the basic structure for making an official request. Clearly state what you are requesting in the first paragraph itself. Provide specific details of exactly what you need or want the recipient to do rather than vague statements. Being concise avoids confusion and helps create an actionable request.

For example, “I am writing this letter to request flexible working arrangements to care for my elderly parents” is more specific than “I am requesting help with my current work schedule.”

Use a professional tone

The formal request letter template has blank spaces to fill in your details so the letter is customized for your situation. Maintain a courteous and professional tone even if you have been facing difficulties. Polite language can leave a positive impression and make your request seem reasonable. For example, To get a request letter for an experience certificate from a current employer, it is essential to address the employer formally, clearly state the purpose of the request, provide relevant details such as dates of employment and job title, and express gratitude for their cooperation in advance.

Include relevant background and supporting documents

Provide context, details, and evidence that support your request. If you request to correct an error, supply copies of paperwork proving the mistake. Letters with supporting documents are taken more seriously as the decision-makers have more information to consider. Like, when submitting a personal loan request letter to the company, it is crucial to include pertinent details such as the purpose of the loan, the desired loan amount, proposed repayment terms, and any supporting documentation.

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Formal Request Letter Template

The formal request application template gives guidance on adopting the appropriate professional tone for a formal request, avoiding overly casual or terse language.

Sender’s address:

Jane Doe

123 Main St, Anytown, CA 12345


March 10, 2023

Recipient’s name and address:

John Smith

HR Department

XYZ Company

456 Oak Rd, Anytown, CA 12345


Dear Mr. Smith,

Paragraph 1: Reason for letter and specific request

I am writing to formally request a flexible work arrangement allowing me to work 60% of my hours remotely. Like, if you’re trying to get a loan, giving a personal loan request letter to a company is vital.

Paragraph 2: Relevant details and background

As you know, I have been an employee with XYZ Company for over 5 years. I have continuously scored over 90% in meeting or exceeding expectations in my recent performance reviews. My father was recently diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease, and my mother needs assistance in caring for him full-time. Having a flexible schedule would allow me to help my parents while continuing to deliver excellent work.

Paragraph 3: Supporting documentation mention

Attached with this official letter format for request template is a document from my father’s neurologist confirming his health condition and need for care assistance.

Closing salutation:


Sender’s printed name and signature:

Jane Doe

Jane Doe

Request Letter Samples

By using a formal request letter template, you can focus on crafting your unique content rather than formatting. Looking at samples can help you format your own request letter while seeing how to apply tips and best practices. Let’s review the request letter sample:

Sample Product Refund Request

Greets the customer service manager politely

It sets a courteous and formal tone at the beginning. Saying “Dear” and using the person’s name makes it more personal to create friendly relations.

States purchase details – item, order number, and date

If you add the order number, it helps the person to find out about the transaction quickly. This shows evidence that it really happened.

Specifies the issue prompting the request, e.g., wrong size shipped

Giving the real reason why you needed to ask for the money back gives important background to those who make the decisions. It shows sensible logic.

Requests a refund of the purchase amount

Asking straight for the exact support needed makes it obvious what outcome the person writing the letter is looking for.

Supplies copies of invoices as proof

Including documents such as order invoices serves as proof. It makes the claims in the letter more credible, improving the likelihood of approval.

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Sample Employment Verification Request

Addressed to the HR department

When you write a formal letter asking to verify employment, it is good to direct it to the right person who manages these things so that they can deal with your request faster.

Asks for employment verification letter confirming job title and dates

When you make it clear that a letter is needed to confirm job details, the HR department understands right away the reason for this verification.

Mentions details of needing proof of employment details for new job’s hiring purposes

Clarifying why we must check things gives a good background. It makes the process of preparing the letter fast.

Requests letter to be signed and on official letterhead

Requesting that the letter be made formal with a signature on the company’s official paper gives it more authority and importance for formal uses.

Offers to pay any fees associated

Offering to cover the charges shows a positive attitude and readiness to make up for the management expenses linked with the application.

Sample Personal Loan Request Letter to Company

Addressed to HR/Finance department

Grasping the request mail format for a bank loan is key to writing one that looks professional and convincing. When you send this to the departments in charge of internal loans, it helps your letter get directed quickly and avoids holdups.

Mentions good standing as a long-term employee

In your request letter for a bank loan, emphasize the good condition to show that the person writing this letter is reliable and deserves to be approved.

States need to take personal loans to pay medical bills

Explaining the important reasons shows why we really need to get the loan from the company.

Formally requests approval of company personal loan up to X amount

Specifying the precise amount of loan needed clarifies the request to the company.

Offers repayments through payroll deductions

Proposing automatic repayments shows the desire and ability to pay back without any problem.


Knowing how to write a good request letter can help you ask for what you need from companies, government agencies, non-profits, or individuals. Use clear language, give the necessary details to support your case, be professional, and follow up if necessary. With the tips, templates, and examples above, you have the guidance to create effective letters that express your request in the right way. Writing a good request letter increases the chance it will be considered and fulfilled to your satisfaction.

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FAQs on Request Letters 

Q1. What elements should a request letter have?

Ans: A formal request letter template should include your contact details, date, recipient details, salutation, formal request, supporting details, close, and signature.

Q2. How should I format my request letter?

Ans: Keep your request letter to 1 page, use block paragraphs with line spacing for easy readability, and use a formal requisition letter format if needed for an appropriate audience.

Q3. Who do I address the letter to?

Ans: Address the letter to the person with the authority to fulfill your request. Verify the correct contact (name, job title, organization) beforehand.

Q4. How do I write the title of my request letter?

Ans: Keep the subject line of your request letter clear, concise, and descriptive of your purpose for quick understanding.

Q5. When should I send request letters?

Ans: Send formal request letters in situations that call for written documentation over verbal conversations – e.g., legal, employment, transactions, or health records requests.

Q6. Do I have to justify my request reasons?

Ans: Yes, provide sound reasoning and evidence to justify requests so your argument seems valid and well thought out to ensure consideration.

Q7. How soon can I expect a response?

Ans: Depending on the complexity of the request and process timelines, a response could take a few days to weeks. Follow up politely if you do not receive a reply within 2 weeks.

Q8. How will I receive a response?

Ans: The response may be verbal, written, or emailed approval/denial per the company norms. Keep contact details handy.

Q9. Can a request be denied?

Ans: Yes, if the justification provided is unsatisfactory or after careful review, the request seems unreasonable or difficult to fulfill at the time.

Q10. How can I improve my chances of approval?

Ans: Frame your request with politeness in clear terms supported by evidence to highlight the reasonability and feasibility of being able to meet the task successfully.

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