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Job Description of Employment Counselor

As an employment counselor, you provide advice, coaching, information, and support to individuals who plan, seek, and manage their career paths. Employment counselors help clients make decisions about employment, such as the choice of career, changes in career, or the employment adjustment.

Generally, Career Counselors fall under the general heading of Employment Counselors. Professionals in Employment and Workforce Development assist clients of all ages with:

  • Learn about and select training programs
  • Maintaining a balance between work and other responsibilities
  • Navigate your career stages and transitions
  • Improve career satisfaction
  • Create a resume, develop a portfolio, write a cover letter, and prepare for an interview.

As well as counselor jobs description, employment counselor resume, and professional career counselor profile, we will cover a variety of important topics.

Employment Counselor Resume

Let us see the first example for employment counselor resume


An expert in working with people with disabilities, students in middle and high school, those with felony backgrounds, and those seeking employment. Meeting or exceeding all fiscal and placement constraints in every position.


Recruiting, Case Management, Microsoft Office Suite.


  • Each customer request is listened to and professional advice is provided to help each client decide which service is best for them.
  • I provided career and job search guidance.
  • Ensures that customers understand the next step in receiving services from Workforce Solutions or other community resources.
  • Locates and applies for jobs based on the abilities, interests, and preferences of customers.
  • We match open job postings with our customers’ skills and work requirements directly.
  • Provided qualified job candidates with the opportunity to interview for posted jobs.
  • To determine whether the referral was successful, spoke with the candidate or the employer.
  • Provides employer service representatives with job postings, and searches files for qualified applicants.


Five to seven years




The process of marital counseling

Let us see the second example for employment counselor resume

  • Supported an assigned caseload by providing case management and support services
  • Assist the Job Developers with creating and implementing policies, procedures, and contracts, including the reduction of employment barrier(s), job readiness training, and job development and placement supports.
  • Assessment and development of individualized service plans to remove employment barriers.
  • Following the policies and procedures of the State Department of Human Services, monitored the client’s progress toward goal implementation and maintained client documentation.
  • Answered questions and provided training to new employees.


  • Nine years in the workforce
  • This job has been my job for 3 years


The liberal arts

Professional Career Counselor

Typically, career counselors work in the academic setting, helping students develop future educational or career goals. They generally assist clients in evaluating their capabilities, overcoming challenges, and developing necessary skills. They may also help individuals learn how to conduct job searches, including interviewing, writing resumes, and crafting cover letters.

You should emphasize the skills you possess when writing career counselor job descriptions. The candidates you attract must have excellent communication skills and have to be good listeners who can show like-mindedness toward clients.

Lastly, you should include educational and licensing requirements in your career counselor job description. An ideal candidate will have a master’s degree in counseling or a related field, along with state-issued credentials. Here’s how your job posting should include the essentials. Take a look at our example for ideas.

Summary of the Job of a Career Employment Counselor

We have an opening for a career counselor who wants to help people and make a difference. If you are part of a large public university’s career services department, you will provide valuable career planning, interviewing skills, resume writing, and more information. As a leader or mentor, you will have the chance to work one-on-one with individual students, supporting them in making plans for the future. Our affirming, positive environment allows you to put your interpersonal communication skills to work as a teacher and coach in guiding and coaching our diverse student body. In addition, you will receive a competitive salary and benefits package and have the opportunity to grow and advance within the company.

Job Responsibilities

  • Utilize a variety of methods to determine a student’s interests and abilities, such as aptitude assessments, interviews, and planning materials.
  • Counsel learners, assisting them in the development of both hard and soft skills.
  • Lead group workshops covering topics such as writing resumes and cover letters, preparing for job interviews, using university employment resources, researching graduate programs, etc.
  • Identify and address issues that threaten a student’s academic or career success.
  • Provide students with strategies for reaching their career goals on a long-term basis
  • Access to additional resources including financial aid, vocational training, extensive counseling and therapy services, medical care providers, or other state and local assistance as needed.
  • Organize and publicize career services center events, such as workshops and job fairs.
  • Collaborate with faculty, staff, and other student service divisions to accomplish university-wide goals and contribute to long-range planning.

A career employment counselor’s skills and qualifications


  • Educator, career counselor, or other related fields with a master’s degree
  • Background check and drug screening are required
  • The license issued by the state as a resident educator


  • Teaching experience of two years or previous career counseling experience is required

Counselor Jobs Description

Let us see the first example of an employment counselor jobs description

Employment counselors are qualified individuals who use counseling methods to assist individuals with mental and emotional difficulties. They develop treatment plans, assist patients with coping mechanisms, and listen to their concerns. Mental health professionals work in hospitals, schools, and mental health facilities.

A skilled counselor is needed to provide assistance and support to all of our patients. By actively helping patients create coping mechanisms, you will guide them through difficult situations. You will also be responsible for listening to clients, asking necessary questions, and developing effective strategies to help them.

Communicating effectively verbally and in writing is vital, as is coordinating with support networks, government resources, and community resources involved in the care of your patients. As well as being friendly, professional, and exceptional with people, the successful candidate must also possess excellent communication skills.


  • Establish the appropriate testing or examination through discussion, interview, and observation with patients.
  • Recognize a patient’s emotional and mental disorders.
  • Provide counseling, medication, or other treatment services to create effective treatment plans.
  • Plan your patient’s goals with him or her.
  • Identify and discuss with your patient any faults or areas for improvement in the treatment plan.
  • Teach patients how to deal with tough situations by teaching them appropriate coping mechanisms.
  • Maintain a record of the patient’s progress and adjust treatment plans as needed.


  • Psychology, social work, or counseling as a bachelor’s degree.
  • Professional counseling experience of at least three years.
  • The communication skills of the student are excellent in both written and spoken form.
  • Empathy for clients and the ability to get them to open up.
  • You are good at managing your time.
  • An understanding of how to develop effective treatment plans.

Let us see the second example of an employment counselor jobs description

Listening to, empathizing with, encouraging, and empowering individuals is the job of a counselor. Various problems may be encountered depending on the setting, including depression, anxiety, managing harmful emotions and behaviors, or difficulties coping with trauma. In addition, the counselor may work with people who have mild to moderate mental health conditions, substance abuse problems, or genetic disorders.

Clients do not seek counsel from their counselors, but rather they seek to understand themselves better and identify their ways of managing or resolving problems. It is a feature of the work to refer and coordinate with other organizations.

Employment Counseling usually involves a series of formal sessions scheduled at a regular time and place, where the counselor and the client can discuss the client’s issues and feelings.

Typical responsibilities for employment counseling

  • Counseling can be done in person, by telephone, or online
  • Providing services to individuals, families, and groups
  • Confidential record-keeping
  • Respecting and building relationships with clients
  • Achieving clarity or a different perspective on things by empathizing with clients’ concerns

Typical employers of counselors

The NHS and Community Care websites are the two websites where jobs are advertised. Furthermore, relevant organizations such as the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) list them on their websites.

Several counselors are successfully self-employed, but this can only be accomplished if you have a good referral network.

Qualifications and training required for employment counselor

Even though it certainly doesn’t have to be the case, it is common to enter this profession later in life. The best way to gain experience is to contact employers directly, to work as a volunteer, shadow employees, and network.

Counselors can become either graduates or non-graduates. Almost any degree can qualify graduates to enter the profession. In addition to a degree in your major, you should have relevant experience and a mature attitude, although a psychology or social science degree is advantageous.

The Professional Standards Authority lists relevant professional bodies that maintain voluntary registers for counselors, but there are no set requirements for working as a counselor. Among these professional associations is the British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

The BACP offers student membership to students enrolled in BACP-accredited courses and other counseling courses at diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate levels. Anyone who has completed BACP-accredited training or meets BACP’s registration requirements in any other way is eligible to register. The BACP website contains information about accredited courses.

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Key skills for employment counselors

  • The ability to listen
  • The ability to empathize and understand
  • It is important to not judge others
  • The ability to remain calm and patient
  • Having the ability to cope with emotions
  • Communicate with a variety of people and adapt communication styles accordingly

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