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Job brief for a content writing job

The present industry demands a lot of effort in order to succeed; one of the significant steps to accomplish high reorganization globally is to step into digital marketing. Today, without an online presence, no business can succeed as digital marketing attracts more customers. This is where content writing comes into the picture; a content writing job is to create digital content for companies and provide information about their products and services.

What is content writing ?

A content writing specialist is a person who creates professional content for a specific company or organization to fulfill its marketing objectives. For example, marketers publish online content about a specific product or a service for several reasons – it might either be to let the audience know about the launch of a new product or service or want to increase the traffic on their website. In any situation, a content writing job fulfills the needs of these marketers and companies.

What does a content writer do ?

As mentioned earlier, a content writer is a professional who specializes in writing online content. Some are skilled in a wide range of articles, whereas others work on a particular niche topic. Content writing jobs are available in every industry, be it private companies, individuals starting their own business, government organizations, etc. In addition, some content writers work as freelancers on a contract basis, while others write blogs, articles, landing pages, etc., for some specific companies. 

Content writing job duties include  

In order to get a content writing job, there are some essential duties an individual should be aware of – 

1. Be able to draft unique content ideas that will attract customers.

2. Write articles that excel in Google search results and help drive relevant organic traffic to the website. 

3. For any product description, the content should be written in such a way that it should attract prospective customers and help accomplish the sales target. 

4. To create compelling landing pages that turn prospective customers into actual clients.

5. To carry on regular research to stay updated with the present trends. 

Job brief for a content writing job

A job brief should list all the duties and responsibilities of a content writer and how he should use his content writing skills for the benefit of the company.

A content writer should be able to conduct thorough research and update the company’s website regularly. Generating new ideas, proofreading the articles before publishing, and writing engaging content are qualities every company looks for when offering a content writing job. Ultimately, writing quality articles, boosting brand awareness, and attracting customers are the primary obligations of a content writer. 

Responsibilities of a content writer

The success of a company’s website depends on the way a writer publishes its content. Therefore a content writing job has a lot of responsibilities, some of them are –

  • Be thorough with the research in industry-related and SEO content topics.
  • Prepare marketing copies to promote the products and services for the company you are working in. 
  • Proofreading and editing blogs before publishing. 
  • Submitting the finished work to editors for input and approval. 
  • Identify the customers’ needs and create content based on that to help customers. 
  • Update the company’s website regularly and create specific landing pages.
  • Coordinating with the marketing and designs team to illustrate the articles. 
  • Ensuring all-around consistency and making sure that the content is engaging for the online audience. 

Requirements of a content writer

To bag a content writing job, a person needs to fulfill specific requirements. 

  • He should have proven experience as a content writer, copywriter, or any similar role. 
  • A portfolio of articles published by him. 
  • Experience in research through multiple sources.
  • Should be familiar with web publications. 
  • Outstanding writing and editing skills in English. 
  • Good experience with content management systems. 
  • Ability to complete articles on time and meet deadlines. 
  • Degree in marketing, English, journalism, or related fields.

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The average salary for content writers

Average content writing salary according to different cities – 

Cities Salary per month 
Mumbai ₹23,430 per month
Chennai₹20,550 per month 
Kolkata₹15,142 per month
Bangalore₹24,620 per month
Hyderabad₹20,763 per month

Key skills required for a content writing job 

Every profession requires a specific set of skills; the skill set required for content writers are – 

  • Should be well versed in grammar and writing skills.
  • Detailed researching skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines and work quickly in emergencies.
  • Should have knowledge of various tones and structures. 
  • Expertise in the field you are working in. 
  • Creativity that gives rise to engaging content. 
  • Good communication skills
  • Solid editing skills. 
  • Understanding of SEO optimization
  • Ability to understand the online audience and write for them. 
  • Knowledge about social media. 

Why should one pursue a career in content writing

Building a career in content writing requires good writing skills and the ability to meet deadlines. If you have the qualities mentioned above, you can pursue a career in content writing. 

When you start a content writing job, you will have the opportunity to work with multiple companies on multiple projects; this will help you gain experience in all the different fields you are working on. 

You will have opportunities in India and all across the world as this is a globally accepted skill. You can write for foreign companies as well if you have the required skill set. 

You can either work as a freelancer or a full-time worker; you can work according to your convenience and take projects you like and want to work for. Even companies these days prefer to work with freelancers and pay them according to work done by them. 

Many online platforms like Upwork are looking for freelancers; individuals do not need to work in a specific company or do physical interviews; they can apply for jobs online as content writing is in high demand.

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How to become a content writer ?

1. Gain experience in writing

To start content writing, a person needs to have the ability to write engaging content that will be professionally accepted. Start writing articles or blogs about topics that interest you. Start exposing yourself to different genres and discover the field you are an expert in. 

2. Earn a bachelor’s degree  

After taking the first step and working on your writing skills, it’s time to earn a bachelor’s degree. Most companies give content writing jobs to individuals with degrees in journalism, English, communications, or related fields. Even if your writing skills are excellent, getting a degree will give you good recognition when applying for any job.  

3. Should Stay updated with the latest SEO trends

If you are going to be writing content, you must know about the upcoming SEO trends to implement them in your work. Adapting outdated techniques will not give effective results, while adapting the latest SEO optimization strategy will attract more traffic to your content. All these steps will help you become a writer and get a good content writing job in the future. As this field is flexible, you can work as a freelancer and continue your studies even after completing your degree. It’s your choice either to work as a freelancer or a full-time worker.

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