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Tips For Using A Resume Template 

In dictionary terms, a resume is a formal document that a person aspiring for a job creates to itemize their qualifications for that particular position. Still, practically speaking, one needs to make an impactful resume to impress the hiring manager and own the role. And just having the requisite qualifications doesn’t do it; you also need to have an efficient resume by using different resume builder templates, many free resumes templates available on the internet as blank resume templates. These blank resume formats contain various templates to choose from, suiting your requirement, which ultimately increases your chance of persuading your recruiter and getting the desired position. 

Different templates are befitting your requirements, which helps you customize yours according to you as the template design also depends on the type of job you are awaiting to own, for example; if you are a software graduate and wants to work in the corporate world as a designer or a software developer, your creative levels will be put to the test in creating your resume itself, no one would hire an applicant who presents a boring, ordinary and normative resume in an innovative field, right?

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What Is The Need Of A Resume Template?

It provides an essential structure for your resume and gives you an overall idea of its appearance and if it’s apt. And by using a template, you would know about what information to include and how much. You can also plan on how to design your resume by arranging the details according to the need. One more advantage of using the blank resume format is that you can avoid the tedious task of formatting a resume and focus on adding the contents and amplifying it qualitatively.

Tips For Using A Resume Template 

After choosing your desired template from the blank resume template, you can personalise it according to your taste and make it more original and effective. 

1. Keep It Simple

While opting for a template, choose the one which is apt yet easy to format and edit. Avoid using a fancy template because there are chances that the fonts might glitch after you have uploaded or emailed the final copy of your resume, not only that, the fancy templates might make you feel monotonous to edit or format. By choosing a simple one you can make it easier for the recruiter to read.

2. Conciseness Is The Key

Remember you are creating a resume, so you need not include everything you did, and the minor, irrelevant details as per the position can be omitted. Keep your resume no longer than 1-2 pages for an initial start; however, if you are experienced, you can make it a little longer, but you don’t have to include all your working experience.

3. Make The Resume Form Unique

Make sure to edit the sample document template accurately so that the document is free of errors like the sample details, and the final document contains all your details such as your contact information, employment history (if any), your education and required credentials, and the requisite skills and qualifications. In addition, please make sure you customize the resume by properly editing the blank resume format to befit it accordingly. For example, if you are applying for a teacher position, include all the voluntary programs that involve services like mentoring and use keywords suiting for the specific job.

4. Choose The Required File Format

Your potential employer may ask you to send your resume in a particular file format. The usual options are Microsoft Word or a PDF file.

5. Give A Unique File Name

Save your resume under your full name, this way it will be easy for the employers to figure out the owner of the resume easily.

6. Double-Check the details

Whenever you’re typing or editing over the contents of the template, make sure that you have replaced all the areas where your information is to be filled, like your contact information, education and working experience (if any). Then, check it thoroughly to make sure everything is correct.

7. Authenticate

Once all the necessary information is entered on the desired template, take time to check if all the details entered are precise carefully or not before uploading or sending your resume. Of course, there have to be absolutely no errors in it.

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Different Type Of Resumes For Different Fields

1. Software Professionals

Since you are looking for a job in which creativity and technical skills are prerequisites, the resume template you wish to choose must be very effective and high-end. There are many unique templates tailor-made for software developers online, all you have to do is browse and choose based on the requirements and interests.

Screenshot 2021-09-20 at 14.08.11

HR Resume Sample Template

C:\Users\smart user\Downloads\temp2.png

2. Teacher Resume Template

For resumes in teaching jobs, you can choose the most ordinary one which is also clear and simply available from the blank resume formats on the internet. Teaching Professions sometimes demand a CV instead of a resume, so be careful while choosing a template, worry not there are many templates available for a CV too, you can browse them and choose the one that fits your personality. While creating a CV or a resume don’t forget to add the credentials of any voluntary programs you were a part of while graduating.

C:\Users\smart user\Downloads\temp3.jpg

CV from blank resume format for a teacher position

Screenshot 2021-09-20 at 14.04.49

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3. Technician Resume Templates from Blank Resume Templates

Basic requirements for the position of a technician are the smooth skills of either computing or instrumentation and other skills like versatility, problem-solving, physical ability, should be able to multi-task, prioritize the tasks and be extremely time-efficient, and if you are the one with some or all of these qualities, then you can add these in your resume under skill to take the edge off and persuade your recruiter.

C:\Users\smart user\Downloads\temp5.jpg

Resume Sample Templates For A Designer

C:\Users\smart user\Downloads\temp6.png

4. Blank Resume Format for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Industry may sometimes ask for a CV instead of a resume in order to include the detailed education description and all the co-curricular activities. There are many CV and Resume sample templates available for people who want to be in the healthcare field. These samples are ATS Keyword friendly too, helping you get filtered through fairly. SO lookup on the internet and find the one which suits you precisely.

C:\Users\smart user\Downloads\temp7.jpg

Nurse Resume

C:\Users\smart user\Downloads\temp8.jpg

Midwife resume sample template

C:\Users\smart user\Downloads\temp9.jpg

5. Banking sector blank resume formats

Skills that are a prerequisite for a banking professional are communication skills, mental math, Problem-solving, analytical skills, customer service, emotional intelligence, working under pressure, time efficiency, teamwork among the many. This job requires high-end accuracy and by presenting these skills on a resume one can have high chances of getting that aspired position. There are many banking template samples available on the internet which is ATS friendly too. Choose the one which piques your interest and create your resume.

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6. Mechanical Technician Resume Format From The Blank Resume Format 

There are some pretty unique skills required for a mechanical technician and they are to Repair, manufacture or maintain machinery, troubleshoot the controls in an emergency, Keep in mind the important information about the machine, work well under pressure, analytical skills about the machine and how it functions, Operation monitoring, critical thinking, complex problem solving, well handy with the controls of the machine, communication skills and some jobs require motivational skills and team work. If this is your forte then this is the ‘it’ job for you. Some resume sample templates for mechanical technicians:

7. Lab Technician

Lab Technicians like microbiologists need some lab experience to get familiar with the equipment and along with that, they also require some sharp skills like interpersonal, mathematical and analytical skills, speaking and writing expertise, detail oriented and reasoning skills, and basic qualities like communication, observation and perseverance. They can choose a template available on the internet for free; there are hundreds of templates you can opt from the blank resume format 

8. Sample Resume Templates For Catering Services

One of the most aspired fields in the management sector. And for anyone who is interested in food, catering is a promising career for them. You can also apply for a management position, sales manager, catering coordinator, or even as a catering director in a catering company or business. And fear not, there are sample templates available for catering jobs that are ATS friendly too. 

Below are some of the sample templates suiting different positions in the catering industry:

Catering Manager sample resume template

Resume for catering director in catering field

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9. Carpentry Job Sample Resume

People mastered in fine repair, creativity and those well versed in physical strength and problem solving skills, interested in carpentry, and are looking out for positions need an ace resume to bag the position. You can choose from the sample templates available on the internet and can opt for one that represents you. There are plenty of resume options available on the internet.

10. Resume Templates For Lawyers

Many positions in the law sector offer high salaries for people holding different positions in that sector in exchange for exceptional research abilities and commendable oral abilities. Suppose you are equipped with skills like time management, critical thinking, collaboration, and handling pressure, among many such skills, and aspiring for a jurisdiction field position. In that case, all you need now is one perfect resume to make the job yours. There are many resume samples available. In addition, there are numerous blank templates available from the blank resume format. Choose the one that defines you and get ready to serve in the jurisdiction department of the country.

Some sample resume templates for the position of lawyer:

11. Resumes For Changing Careers To Choose From Blank Resume Format 

Ask any career expert if you want, even when you want to change careers your resume template plays a key role and defining your interest in the job. There are plenty of templates available even for switching careers, reducing your stress about at least one thing. 

Sample of a resume template for changing careers

Simple Blank Resume Format 

There are also many printable resume samples from blank resume format for offline interview purposes and as they all are blank, you can directly edit and fill in your details either manually or type all the necessary information and credentials and take a final printout and present it during your interview.

Blank Resume Sample Template

Combination Type Of Resume Sample From Blank Resume Format 

There are also different resume samples based not only on the various occupations but also on different resume types and one among them is the Combination Format Resume Template. This Resume is the best that is available for people with working experience, there are templates available in different formats too, which are of course ATS keyword friendly and they come with a variety of templates for you to choose from. You can add your working experience and also your educational qualifications in the already blank space below the already printed headings making your job easy by reducing your confusion as to what is to be filled first, the educational details or the working experience, remember when you have working experience relevant to the job, educational qualifications will always be secondary.

Here is a sample resume for combination type of resume from blank resume format

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Blank CV template

As by now, you are well aware that some of the professions specifically ask for a CV (Curriculum Vitae) instead of a resume. A CV is a detailed representation of your educational details and all that prevails. It includes a detailed description of your academic excellence alongside your extracurricular activities during the course of your graduation and master graduation and it a CV is expected to be longer than a resume, where in the latter is a precise summary of your overall academics and your working experience (if any)

A blank CV Sample Template From the Blank Resume Format

Functional Resume Sample Template

A Functional Resume is a type of resume that focuses upon your relevant working experience rather than your educational accomplishments. This type is similar to a combination type of resume, only here, much more priority is given to working history, and the details of education can be shortened to a line or two. The blank or sample functional templates available on the internet are easy to edit and gives you an overall idea of which details of yours should be added where. This way, one can systematically create a resume and improve their opportunity of getting the position. 

A Sample of Functional Resume Template

These are some of the resume templates based on different job opportunities and resume types. They not only cater to a variety of interests but also ensure that candidates can consult more than one example for creating a resume. The key takeaways would be that these samples serve as the bare minimum that one can use, however, the details would largely vary for each sample.


1. How to fill a resume which is blank?

Ans: Make the formatting proper, the layout of the resume has to match the content, speak more about the achievements, and use certain keywords.

2. How to add content in a resume?

Ans: Add details like personal info, contact details, give your educational details, insert relevant skills etc.

3. What to add in a fresher resume?

Ans: Certifications along with skills should be highlighted. Any projects relevant to the job role should be written first as well.

4. How to write skills in a resume?

Ans: Having good work ethics, leadership skills, fluent communication, and technical abilities always account for being proper skills.

5. Suggest a good template for a resume?

Ans. Muse is one of the most used templates, especially for people who are leading teams.

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