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20+ CV Templates: Download a Professional Curriculum Vitae

A Curriculum Vitae is an essential document as it provides a summary of a job seeker’s history. This document also helps to know the academic qualifications and the future potential of the job seekers. A Professional Curriculum Vitae mainly aims to impress the recruiter, and it is sent as an application to the prospective companies. Your CV is your most precious arsenal, which can help you land a job of your choice.

A CV is fundamental equipment for your pursuit of employment since it offers a page or two where you can show your top abilities and characteristics. CVs help businesses settle on recruiting choices and assist you with getting your first meeting. That is why it is important how you structure your CV and what data you choose to incorporate. You have to be very particular while selecting the best CV format.

So, if you are looking for the best CV formats, this is the right place for you.  The Curriculum vitae templates are required for descriptive detail multi-page profiles. This best CV format is all-around planned and extremely simple to alter. Furthermore, you can check well-known resume design formats. These are accessible in different software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Google Docs, and MS Word. You can download them and create a whole new best CV format. All these changes will make your CV look professional, and hence entice more recruiters with it.

Here are some Professional curriculum vitae templates that can help you to impress your job recruiter:-

1. Prime Resume Template

This is the best CV format in MS word. This template will help you to achieve the job you want. This template comes with two columns structure in black & white colour. This format is perfect to use when you are in a fresher or inexperienced position. This is available in Docx and pdf format.

2. Air Template

This template is Basic yet rich in look, and the Air layout is customary in its show. However, its two-tone topic and timetable-like design give it a cutting-edge style that won’t disappoint you. Moreover, this template will give your profile a decent and elegant look. So, if you are a fresher or an experienced person, try using this template for designing your CV.

3. Arya Template

The Arya format is a smooth and jazzy CV layout that grabs the attention of viable businesses. Its right-adjusted titles and exquisite utilization of blank areas make this format ideal for work searchers needing a spotless, essential CV to feature their abilities and experience.

4. ATS

This straightforward layout is excellent for online applications that use a candidate global positioning framework.  Its smooth plan and clear show take into consideration astounding coherence and CV parsing. This will provide a better picture to the recruiter when will go through the searcher’s CV. This is one of the most used Curriculum Vitae templates.

5. The Avant Template

The Avant layout is an advanced, proficient format with an entire section of adjustable shading. It is an incredible organization for new and experienced occupation searchers hoping to add some personality to their CV.


6.The Baker Template

The Baker CV layout’s course of events like the Work History area and unobtrusive shadings make it an intelligent decision for any work searcher. This will attract job seekers when they are looking for the best CV formats as it includes all the essential details of the searcher.

7. Brooklyn Template

The Brooklyn layout is an incredible CV for the current occupation searcher. It grandstands abilities and experience and expertly, while the noble high contrast header gives it a cutting edge curve.

8. Gain a professional resume Template

This is a fantastic MS word resume Template. The primary aim of this template is to help you to get your dream job. This comes under the format of docx and PDF documents. Curriculum vitae templates like these offer you the perfect arrangement if you are looking for a job as a fresher or as an experienced person.

9. Winner Professional resume Template

This unique and exceptionally exquisite expert resume layout in MS word helps you to accomplish a truly fantastic job. This incredible, straightforward resume format draws in the work selection representative in no time. This bundle comprises of a point by point Instructions that will genuinely help you while refreshing.

10. Edge professional curriculum vitae templates

This is the most elegant professional curriculum vitae that will help job seekers to find the job they want. It comes with the fantastic design of column structure in black and white with yellow touch up. This format is straightforward to use as well.

11. Chloe Template

This good layout is an outstanding choice for work searchers needing a rich CV. The Chloe layout’s smooth two-section plan and a la mode design pass on CV subtleties and straightforwardly, and the inconspicuous shading customization give a sprinkle of character.

 12. Corporate template

This template is elegant yet compelling. This is a superb layout for corporate situations, as the name would infer, and the diversely measured segments make for an innovative and viable show. This best CV format will help the job seekers to find the job they wish, and this format has many components that will hold various information about the searcher.

13. Simple trendy resume Template

Simple Trendy resume format is uniquely intended to catch the selection representative’s eye, settling on the right decision for those energetic occupation searchers. Accessible in PSD design, this resume is very organized with clean typography and looks to make the right great impression. The altering part is quite simple and basic and can be altered in Adobe Photoshop. All the shading plan varieties are accessible, and there does not impede the content text style, shading utilization. So anyone who might need to snatch the work effectively can make one of the best cv format like this one to work with them.

14. Best professional, free resume Template

The amazing Best Professional Resume/ CV Template is accessible in different document designs like PSD, Adobe Illustrator, InDD, PDF. This resume layout can be effectively altered in Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator/MS word. To make their choicest resume for their number one job, one needs to make changes in the printed content, subjects, and the showcase pictures.  Besides different record designs, its new and new look makes it the best resume format to be selected. The CV looks fantastic in this format when it is presented to the recruiter.

15. Modern trendy free resumé CV template

The best Modern Trendy Resume/ CV Template helps you in getting your fantasy job. This CV Template is ideal for individuals who need to show all the data inside the single page like summary, abilities, experience, training, and interests.

16. Free creative CV template

This CV is excellent for individuals with tons of data to compose, abilities, experience, portfolio connections, and interests to highlight. The download bundle contains three Adobe InDesign documents. Text styles utilised are OpenSans (a free Google text style) with a short and new letter dividing to include all the more new look the titles.

17. Denali template

Like the mountain top it was named for, and the Denali format is dignified and significant. Its two sections and elegant tones guarantee that your CV will stick out. This is the best CV format for job seekers who are looking for jobs. This format will help them to acquire the job they are looking for in their dreams.

18. Gallant template

The Gallant layout is elegant and attractive with a cutting edge, proficient format with an entire segment of adjustable shading. It is an incredible organization for new and experienced occupation searchers hoping to add some character to their CV.

19. Lingo template

This template comes With an adaptable pennant picture and a perfect, proficient plan; the Lingo layout is excellent for individuals hoping to establish a solid connection with their online CV. Heading and connection tones can be changed to suit your inclinations. This is one of the best CV format to use.

20. Marketing template

The Marketing layout is an online CV with a detailed pennant picture. The picture can be changed to suit your industry, and the two-shading CV body makes for a particularly current show. Job seekers will love this format as it is easily accessible.

21. The modern Template

This beautiful layout is ensured to grab the attention of any business that you are looking for. The adjustable shading plan and two-segment design make for a detailed CV with loads of character. The job searchers will love this format when they see this template.

22. Monte template

The Monte layout is an exemplary CV organization, organized with focused subject headings and a good line outlining each segment. Its adjustable shading plan combines well with the basic configuration to take into account an inconspicuous individual touch.

23. Onyx template

This template comes under the best CV formats With a standard adjustable picture and timetable-like show. The Onyx layout functions admirably both as an on the web or actual CV. A customized picture is an excellent method to give your CV to some person.

24. The signal CV template

The Signal CV format is an extraordinary decision for those hoping to show their demonstrable skill and character. The plan of the format is smooth, and the standard picture and heading tone can be redone for a bit of pizazz.

25. The slate CV template

The Slate layout is an extraordinary CV configuration for experienced experts and new position searchers the same. Its two-segment structure is essential and proficient, taking into account alluring one-page CVs that don’t show up excessively jumbled.


A very much organized resume features your most appealing abilities and experience to likely bosses. This permits them to push ahead with the best applicant. Ensure your latest skills and encounters are reflected in your resume hence. The best CV format is relatively straightforward, brief and makes each point vital without wavering. A CV is a consolation to an expected business, and it’s an opportunity to mark the right boxes. What’s more, if everything is fulfilled, there’s a superior possibility of a new employee screening.

This report gives managers a definite record of your expert and instructive history to conclude whether you’re ideal for a task. Designing your CV effectively is essential to make it look proficient and simple to peruse. All these templates mentioned above will give your profile a better view so that you will be able to achieve the dream job you were looking for for a very long time. These templates come under the category of best CV format. Hence it is advisable to try any one of these templates to make your CV shine the brightest.


1.What is the need for a Curriculum vitae?

The motivation behind a CV is to animate the interest of a potential business enough to need to talk with you. CV gives a short outline of your abilities and encounters and shows your inclination for the work you are applying for.

2. Can a CV be more than a single page?

Yes, it can be more than one page, but it shouldn’t be more than one page unless you have experience related to the job. 

3. Should an individual include hobby and interest in their CV?

Yes, it will help the employer get an idea of who are you as an individual.

4. Do I have to include jobs that I have done in my past?

Your CV should include all your experience as it will help the employer know about your ability.

5. What is the best CV format?

The best CV format depends on what you have done in your past and what you want to accomplish.

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