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Python Developer Job Description

What is a Python Developer?

A Python developer job is basically like that of a building manager. They take the blueprints and put them into action while making sure each one gets done correctly and on time. Sometimes, however, other roles such as architects, supervisors and other developers might want to add their two cents to a project. A back-end developer is dedicated to writing codes for projects that are on the server-side of the software. A front-end developer would write codes for projects that are on the client’s very own screen. They often work on frameworks too. The skills of Python Developers mainly includes coding, designing, deploying, and debugging on daily bread.

What does a Python Developer do?

A Python Developer’s role is one that has the ability to span a wide variety of duties. Python developers are invaluable members of a team. These individuals have the abilities to help them be web developers, data analysts, or even software engineers. 

When there is a need for developing an application, business owners and many companies prefer the skills of a Python developer because of their versatility and efficiency. Hiring for a Python developer job can help in wiring a product’s technological framework, including building digital information to flow between the servers and the users in order to form the end product. 

Whether one has to create a product from scratch or update an existing one, a Python developer’s skills will ensure the code is up to date and there aren’t any loopholes in it that might leave it exposed to any sort of vulnerabilities. 

Python Developer Job Duties Include:

  • Ensuring to write Python codes that are effective
  • Debugging applications in order to ensure their smooth working
  • Designing and implementation of various features in many of the applications
  • Ensuring that there is a proper implementation of data protection for the organization
  • Making sure that the current software systems have up to date functionalities
  • Answering to their superiors about the latest work that they are performing
  • Integrating a number of elements with the help of logic
  • Monitoring online traffic with the use of digital tools that they come up with
  • Keeping up with the latest technological trends that are of their use

Job brief for a Python Developer

Many companies are looking for Python developers. These people are mainly in charge of server-side optimization, thus ensuring high performance when handling data on behalf of users who are working with the front end of the application. Also, they are accountable for integrating the front-end features that contribute to your project’s healthy development into project. 

The recruiters mostly look for an individual for the vacancy in a Python developer job who can design some highly responsive web applications that fall in the perfect category to meet the clients’ various requirements.

Responsibilities of a Python Developer 

There are a lot of responsibilities for Python developer job which requires them to do the following some of which are:

  • They need to come up with a proper plan for creating a website
  • Their job requires to understand the requirements of the client 
  • They have to design and get approval on various components of a website from the client
  • They are required to make the necessary modifications as per the client’s suggestions as well as the organization’s
  • They integrate data storage solutions for a project
  • They need to prioritize the various features requested by the client and implement them
  • They are supposed to test the website from time to time and ensure its smooth working as per the standards set

Requirements for a Python Developer

The following are supposed to be some of the major requirements for a Python developer job:

  • They must have the necessary expertise in one Python framework (minimum). It might be Flask, Django, or Pyramid.
  • A Python Developer’s skills must include them having the knowledge of object-relational mapping, which is otherwise known as ORM.
  • An individual must have some team spirit to maintain smooth working in an organization. 
  • They should be well-acquainted with front-end technologies which mainly include  HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Their skills also include having a problem-solving attitude 
  • It is preferred if an individual has a B.Sc degree in computer science, engineering, or any other relevant field.

Key Skills of a Python Developer

The following are the key skills for a Python Developer job:

  • They must have some analytical skills which can help them in analyzing various issues and prevent them
  • They should be familiar with Python web frameworks
  • There should be some basic understanding within them in terms of front-end technologies.
  • Python developers are supposed to pay much attention to detail.
  • There must be excellent communication skills along with problem-solving skills on their part.
  • They have to be proficient in understanding the codes and the demands of their client.

Average Salary of a Python Developer (City Based Tables)  

CityMinimum Salary (per annum)Maximum Salary (per annum)Average Annual Salary (per annum)
Mumbai₹ 1.8 L₹ 11.1 L₹ 4.2 L
New Delhi₹ 2 L₹ 8.5 L₹ 4.1 L
Bangalore₹ 2.4 L₹ 9.6 L₹ 4.5 L
Pune₹ 1.8 L₹ 8.9 L₹ 4.3 L
Chandigarh₹ 1.2 L₹ 5.3 L₹ 3 L

So, this is how much a python developer job pays in various major cities. One can find slight variations when it comes to some other cities, thanks to the cost of living in them.  

Why pursue a career as a Python Developer?

When it comes to becoming a Python developer, it is essential to understand that there is a lot of scope in the field. Most of the organizations which work online require them. Python is a global language that can get one of the python developer job in almost any country. This is definitely a lucrative career. 

One also has many opportunities and responsibilities that can make one a very significant part of an organization. We can say with utmost clarity that whether one is experienced or not as a Python developer, they can always find a suitable job and enable them to grow even more. Python is one of the most popular programming languages, even if we talk about its adaptability. So, it is definitely a field that one must consider going in for a great career as well as growth at a later stage.  

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How to become a Python Developer?

Python developers need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or any of the related subjects. In order to land the Python Developer job, one has to have the skills as well, or at least some interest. With interest in the field, one can have the ability to get a hold of the language while in training and learn accordingly. This is mostly ensured at the stage when an individual goes for an internship, so they can learn properly about the workings of an organization as well. It is a must that they train themselves as per the other skills required as well, like analytical, attention to detail, etc. 

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