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Why pursue a career as an accounting manager job?

Every business organization needs to abide by certain legal and regulatory methods to look after its financial records and reports. This said an accounting department carries out duty. The accounting department collects its financial data and tabulates them into meaningful information using record books and software. This information helps a company understand its financial position in the market, debts, profits, bills, and losses. These reports help the company to modify company procedures and policies. The accounting manager job description represents the leadership of the accounting department.

What is the description for accounting and finance?

1. Accounting

It describes all the steps and procedures to record financial transactions and details relevant to a business. The steps include;

  • Summarisation of data
  • Data analysis
  • Reporting
  • Tallying with agencies, regulators, and various tax reports and updates.

2. Finance

The complete record of liquid money resources of a business, government, agency, or individual is called finance. On that note, there are four principal kinds of resources: public finance, personal finance, corporate finance, and private finance. So, naturally, the study of finance helps people to generate money.

What is an accounting manager job?

The origin of the accounting manager job can be traced to the Mesopotamian civilization with writing and counting about monetary records; audit originated in Egypt and finance by the Romans.
An accountant is a person who evaluates financial statements and performs the steps of accounting like; auditing, data analysis, data record, worksheet management, and closing the record books. The work of an accounting manager to supervise the accounts, develop systems and processes for generating account-related information from raw data, adhere to the regulatory and legal requirements, and suggest improvements on the same.

What does an accounting manager do?

The origin of the modern accounting manager job can be traced to the financial system of Scotland in the nineteenth century. The current accounting manager job consists of two main systems: financial accounting manager and management accounting manager. Both of them do different aspects of accounting as;

Financial accounting manager

These managers maintain the organization’s financial health by; creating financial reports, creating reports on investment activities, and developing long-term financial goals.

Management accounting managers

Management accounting managers are mainly involved in risk management, budgeting, recording crunching numbers, and decision-making.

Accounting manager job duties include:

Be it financial accounting or management accounting; the accounting manager job duties include the following steps:

1.Assign projects to the accounting department
2. Managing and invigilating all the operations of the accounting department of the company, including;

  • Accounts
  • Ledgers
  • Payrolls
  • Utilities
  • Treasury
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasts
  • Assets
  • Cash flow
  • Debt activity

3. Monitoring the finance-related data from different sources and marking out the outliers before final tabulation.
4. Enforcing proper accounting methods, policies, procedures, systems, and principles.
5. Coordinate to complete final audits
6. Make probable recommendations
7. Generate financial statements for the company.

Job brief for the accounting department

The accounting department of a corporate house consists of several departments. So naturally, the job brief of the accounting department consists of the following work:

  • Billing section – Collection of information of sales, invoices, orders, and shipping.
  • Budgeting section – Planning for expenditures of the company.
  • Collection section – To collect overdue payments.
  • Payables – Collection of supplier invoices, employee expenses, and early payment records.
  • Payrolls – Tax and deductions from employee pay and deposits calculation.
  • Reporting – Calculation of profitability of the company’s products or services.
  • Taxes – Calculation of taxable income, sales taxes, and use taxes.
  • Financial statements – Creation of journal entries, accounting framework, and the reporting period.

Responsibilities of an accounting manager

To put it simply, the accounting manager job requires the accounting manager to co0ordinate with the sub-sections of the accounting department. The responsibilities of the accounting manager include:

  • Lead, monitor, and manage the divisions of the accounting department
  • Give leadership and targets to the respective accountants in the sub-sections of the accounting department.
  • Reconciliation with the financial institutions.
  • Ensure timely completion of company’s audits
  • Ensure compliance with the company’s financial goals

Requirements for accounting manager job

The accounting manager job requires certain qualifications, passion for the job, and experience. On that note, the requirements for an accounting manager job are as follows:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in commerce, business studies, management, and related field from a recognized university, college, or institution.
  • A Masters’s degree is in those described above for better remuneration and salary hike.
  • Relevant short courses, certificate courses, or diplomas from accredited institutions.
  • Part-time or full-time experience with an authentic firm
  • Additional qualifications in business software, information systems or artificial intelligence, and so on.

Average salary of an accounting manager

The average salary of an accounting manager job varies from company to company, location to location, qualification, and relevant experience of the individual. However, in India, the average annual salary of an accounting manager in different cities is as follows:

Name of the cityThe approximate average annual salary in Rupees
Mumbai8.3 Lakhs
Chennai7.03 Lakhs
Pune7.01 Lakhs
Gurgaon6.43 Lakhs
Ahmedabad6.28 Lakhs
Bengaluru5.88 Lakhs
Hyderabad5.66 Lakhs
Delhi5.07 Lakhs

Chart: A city-wise representation of the annual average salary of an accounting manager in India.

Key skills required in the accounting department

As mentioned earlier, the job of an accounting manager requires passion and specific qualifications that help them gain sufficient experience. All of this aforesaid is incomplete without key skills. The key skills required in the accounting department are as follows:

  • Strong oral and written communication
  • Organizational skills
  • Apt attention and details mongering
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Great time management
  • Great numerical, logical, and reasoning skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Adaptive and attentive learning enthusiasm and skills
  • Good clerical knowledge
  • Proficiency with typing, MS Office, computer software.

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Why pursue a career as an accounting manager job?

Pursuing a career is, however, an individual’s decision as per their passion and goals. But when it comes to an accounting manager job, one can consider the following reasons:

  • Number in job opportunities – No matter how adverse a market condition be, neither is business going to stop, and so does accounting for the same.
  • Exciting work and innovation – The job helps one see through various kinds of markets in practice and concentrate on better finance systems.
  • Pay range – Accounting job is easy to land, and the pay range is easy to increase with requisite qualification and experience.

How to become an accounting manager?

To become a successful accounting manager, one needs several years of experience, proper career planning, and devotion to the job. On that note, the following are the steps to become a successful accounting manager:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree, as mentioned earlier. One can also add additional Master’s degrees to the same.
  • In order to qualify as a chartered accountant, one may also take the different entrance exams like CPA, CIMA, CFA, or ACCA.
  • Apart from the same, the aspirants must develop their communication skills and computer knowledge to be placed in good companies.


Like every profession, the accounting manager job also has its share of disadvantages. The process of being a successful accounting manager is ongoing, and the learning aspect never stops. It involves only intuitive decision-making, and the progress is plodding unless the business models, company, or market situation changes. But with proper planning, one is expected to emerge as a champion.

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