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Video Interview: 5 Tips For a Successful Interview

Video Interview

Technology is shrinking the world in a sense – a short worded email in exchange for a letter; a text in place of a call, and a video instead of a face-to-face interview! Technology has made it possible for companies to seek out the best talent from any part of the world with an internet connection!

Appearing for your first interview can make the interview even more intimidating. Here is how you can prepare yourself: Fresh Graduates, Here’s a Complete Checklist for Your First Job Interview

If you’re about to appear for your first video interview, then read on how to prepare for the video interview.


1. Face-to-face, only on screen

It’s supposed to be a time-saving, cost-effective alternative to a face-to-face interview. So, the rules remain same. Login before time, eye-contact, open body language, smile gently, and don’t lose sight of the dress code. Let all these elements do the talking for your professionalism and put you in an interviewee mindset.


2. Prepare well

It’s easy to be lazy and have notes on the side of your monitor. But your interviewer will see through these tactics for the very notes that were meant to help you, might end up taking away your attention. Do your homework for the position and get a thorough perspective of just where the company stands.

Here are some interview questions you should prepare well before hand for a smoother process: 5 Tricky Job Interview Questions and Answers

3. Bye-bye distractions

If you have flat-mates or live with family, request them to speak in low voices for the duration of your interview. If that is not possible, move to a friend’s house, a cafe or just lock the room so you can deliver the interview noise-free.


4. Testing-testing-1-2-3

Technical problems from your side will add to your interviewer’s irritation. Test out all microphones, cameras, and light in the room well before you begin. Ensure your background is a neutral plain wall. You should be facing straight, not down at your screen. Keep the charger plugged if you’re using a laptop. Ensure your internet bill’s been paid so there’s no last-minute cuts.


5. On record

Some employers record the video job interview. They will send you instructions in advance, which will include time limits. Stay within the duration specified. Even they let you re-record your answers, prepare your answers well so you don’t sound worked up or even fake in the effort to be correct.

Just because it’s a video interview, you shouldn’t take your dress code lightly. Here are some tips to follow: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Interview Dress Code

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