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A Wrong Job Search Strategy is Like Searching for a White Golf Ball in Snow

Whether you are a fresher, mid-level executive or a senior professional, job search and finding a job is a job in itself.  In today’s competitive world job search without planning and strategy is like looking for a white golf ball in snow. And for sure, no one wants to do that. We all want to spend time and efforts on job search strategies that work – quickly and effectively.

But first, here’s what doesn’t work:
Resume bombing – left, right and centre doesn’t work.  After all how much time does it take to click at Submit button? Less than a second right? This strategy hardly yields any results and more often than not ends in disappointment and frustration for a job seeker. Besides wasting your time, this approach is less likely to get you an interview call. Recruiters and hiring managers are a busy lot especially when they have to scan thousands of resumes in quick succession.  If you click ‘Submit’ whenever you come across a job posting that slightly matches your qualification and skills, in most likelihood you are not taking the time out to customize your resume in line with what’s required or what a hiring manager is looking for.

A job search doesn’t end with an offer letter! It probably does when you and your prospective employer find a common ground when it comes to your salary expectation.  At times, this is where a job seeker gets stuck. This is a point where none of the parties prefer to break the relationship, particularly when they have spent time and energy in understanding each other.  At this stage playing hardball when negotiating your salary may deprive you of a job opportunity. You must be prepared not only to answer what is your salary expectation but be well informed to understand your worth in the job market.

And here’s what works:
It is not important and essential to apply for all the jobs that slightly match your key skills and qualifications. However, in order to maximize your chances of getting an interview call, it is mandatory that you read each job description carefully, especially the minimum requirements. If you are short of two or more of them, do not apply. But if you meet all or most requirements, and the role excites you, then do take time out to customize your cover letter and resume.

While it is acceptable to negotiate once or may be twice, pushing too much however, could go against you.  It is important to find a balance between your expectation and what a company could finally offer.

Networking is another good way of landing an interview call. Reach out to your friends and former colleagues. Networking on social and professional platforms could also prove helpful. Monster is a great place where job seekers besides searching for jobs can also professionally network for jobs.

Participating in a job fair is another interesting and useful way of increasing your chances of a landing a job.  A Virtual Career Fair (VCF) is yet another modern and effective way to reaching out to employers and recruiters.

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