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Tips and Ideas to Set Up a Home Office You Love

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced a large population around the world to work from home. And the way the situation stands today looks like the concept of a home office is going to stay here longer than expected.

As companies get comfortable with the idea of working from home, it’s natural for employees to think of setting up a good home office that’s designed for peace and productivity.

Working in a dedicated office area keeps us available for work with undivided attention along with lots of other benefits. So, starting afresh in the changed circumstances, the best thing you may do is to set up a perfect home workplace.

There are a lot of real-life advantages when it comes to working from home and the biggest of all is the zero-commute time. While most employees may think work from home gives them the freedom to work on a couch but after chilling a little, they’ll agree the real productivity and satisfaction comes from on the right type of desk and chair or the work station.

To help you set up your home office, here are some tips and ideas to make that perfect office space in your cosy home.

  • Find that perfect spot: Deciding a location can be the biggest challenge when setting up your home office. The basic rule to set your work station is that it should be in a quiet area that allows you some privacy. The best thing you can do is to choose a corner for space which no one sits in for the entire day. The best option could be an area little away from your kids’ room.
  • Install a privacy divider: Privacy is must when it comes to working from home. If you are fortunate enough to have a dedicated room for yourself that’s great but if not then you must consider putting a privacy divider to your home office workstation. To do this you may buy a traditional home divider or you may opt for placing curtains of your choice to make that space your own.
  • Consider natural light: Its always best to choose a location where you may get ample natural light. If that’s not possible, make sure that you have the right source of artificial lighting in your work station and a power switch to help you keep your laptop and mobile all charged up.
  • Go green: Plants like aloe vera and bamboo are scientifically proved to enhance the air quality around you. It’s also believed that keeping such plants on your desk allows you to feel better and can improve productivity by helping you focus. Besides keeping you fit and healthy these plants also help in keeping stress at bay.
  • Posters to keep you motivated: It’s always good to have some motivating thoughts around you. It’s believed our behaviour is impacted by what we see, hear and think. So, get some posters to keep you inspired.
  • Keep all office supplies together: Office supplies are must to keep the flow of work, this allows an individual to work effectively hence it is crucial to have all the office supplies at one place. So, you must keep your printer, printing paper, pen stand, stapler, water bottle etc. within easy reach.

Besides above, invest in getting the right desk and chair.

While a good home office setup helps you get more done but it’s important to set clear boundaries between your work and personal life to reap the benefits for a longer time.

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Picture Credit: Carl Heyerdahl | Unsplash

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