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How to Search for a Job in COVID Times

With phase two of reopening, Singapore is getting back to work.

But the COVID-19 pandemic induced slow-down has affected the job market severely and according to the news reports ‘Singapore is expected to experience it’s worst recession since independence.’

While there’s no denying that the market outlook is grim but with patience and positivity, job seekers can overcome these tough times.

The idea is to keep trying and not giving up.

We list a few job search-tips to help you better your chances of finding a job in COVID-19 times.


To stay relevant in an uncertain job market, you should take stock of your skills. Reflect on your career and make a note of what’s that you want to achieve or what are your career goals. Now, make a list of your current skills and the ones you’d need to reach the next level. Start upskilling or work on the new skills that are important for you to achieve your career goals. To upskill, you can make use of various learning platforms that provide online courses to advance your career.

Take Help

If you are lost or do not know your way, it’s always better to ask for help. Connect with professionals who’ve already achieved what you desire for. Build your network, follow the experts in your domain on social media. Interact with them. Work on your professional relationships. Let them know you are looking for help. They could provide you with the right advice that you would need in these times.

Work on your Resume

If you have not rejigged your resume, it’s the time to take a fresh look at it to get your resume noticed. Don’t forget to add the new skills and certifications you have acquired. This will help in making a positive impression on recruiters. Upgrading your skills and getting yourself ready for the new challenges will send the right signals to recruiters. Also work on to making your resume visually appealing. These efforts will help you in increasing visibility of your resume and can increase your chances of getting a call for the interview.

Keep the Search on

Don’t let the reports of businesses closing down, job cuts and hiring restrictions to demotivate you. It’s not that all is over. There are companies that are still hiring.  Moreover, the government is working on setting up satellite career centers in all 24 Housing Board towns. So, instead of looking at the negative side of the job market and slowing down your job search, it makes sense in keeping your search on. The government is also focussing to help three groups for workers:

  • Retrenched and mid-career people from all sectors
  • Fresh graduates like those from the Institute of Technical Education, polytechnics and universities
  • Self-employed people

Let the World Know

If you are seriously looking for a job, let the world know about it. To better your chances of getting a job, you should send clear signals to employers that you are open for a job. So, how do you do that? On Monster, you can do so by:

  • Keeping your resume updated
  • Updating your notice period
  • Verifying your contact details
  • Regularly applying to new jobs

Prepare for Remote Interviews

To limit the spread of COVID-19, many companies are using online interviews to screen and hire candidates. This means that as candidates you’ve to prepare for online job interviews to stay relevant. Online interviews include a telephonic interview, skype interview and video interview among others. Make sure, you are well prepared to crack your virtual interviews

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