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The Verdict is In – Professional Networking is the Key to Better Jobs

Job seekers have casted their votes. Based on a recent poll conducted by Monster.com, Professional Networking is considered the most important asset to find better jobs. The poll was conducted across India and South Asian countries such as Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia to assess top habits and preferences of online job seekers. Pollsters were questioned on the importance of networking, research, and knowing industry trends in finding better jobs. 
Here’s what they had to say: 
A network of possibilities – Building Robust Professional Networks
Majority of job seekers in India believe that networking is the most important asset in finding relevant jobs, a sentiment which is echoed across South Asia, especially in Malaysia where three-fourths of the pollsters rated it at the top. Networking with peers or seniors is also considered important to better understand market insights and get necessary career guidance. 66% Indians believe this while Singaporeans and Malaysians give a 100% nod to the same. When asked to rate the best avenues to locate new job opportunities, strong professional networks again came out at the top; followed by the need to build and maintain relations with recruiters. 
Driven by this widespread consensus on the importance of professional networking, Monster has expanded its offerings with a unique professional network designed exclusively for jobs. You can build a strong professional network by connecting with other users within the Monster environment and by importing contacts from external sources such as G+, Facebook and Yahoo. But what’s even better is that the network allows jobseekers to follow and build relations with companies and individual recruiters. This is integrated into the smart and intuitive Monster Mobile app for on-the-go convenience. 
Know thy prospect – Building knowledge of the industry, sector and potential employers 
Another important step in the job search process, according to the job seekers is researching about the company and sector before applying for a post or going for an interview. Over 80% people across India, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia on Monster’s poll said they research about a company before applying for a job. In India, company research is a close third, denoting the desire for incisive information on companies and the market to make the right career decisions. Pollsters especially want to know about salary trends with 95% people voting for this as a key insight to power job search. The Monster Mobile app offers a smart job search experience with real-time updates on recruiters and/ or companies one follows, including company news, job postings and other relevant alerts. Powered by Monster Analytics, the mobile app also offers market insights such as hiring trends and salaries in the industry. 

Coming recommended – Finding Better with Endorsements and Recommendations
Majority of Singaporeans voted for professional endorsements & recommendations to find good jobs, something that is generally low on the list for other countries. At the same time, it is interesting to note that 86% Indians believe that having good relationships with people in one’s professional network can make it easier to get these recommendations and referrals. What this points to is the increasing importance of building strong professional relations, not just to find better but also stand better amongst the competition. You can give and receive recommendations at the click of a button on the Monster mobile app.  

Smart career tactics – Career Guidance in your pocket  
In Philippines, career guidance is considered the top priority in job search while for Indians it is the second most important factor. You need smart career guidance suitable to your career stage and requirements so you can make the right moves. The uniquely smart Monster Mobile app works as a mini career guide by providing seekers with insights on their profile, job activity and connections and also recommends smarter jobs matched to their career stage.  

On-the-go Connections and Access to Smarter Jobs – The power-packed combo
90% pollsters in India agree that bringing all of these elements – one’s professional contacts, market & salary insights, job recommendations and company updates – in one place can be extremely helpful, even provide a head start, in the job search process. 

The powerful combination of Monster’s Professional Networking and Mobile app does just that! While the Professional Networking brings a unique recruiter-seeker engagement, the mobile app offers smart job recommendations and real-time company updates, all this along with key market & salary insights to aid smarter career choices. This powerful Monster combination comes together to provide all the incisive information and capabilities which are the most desired by job seekers looking for the best and most relevant opportunities online – with quicker access and better connections.
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