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The Digital Rules of Recruitment

Recruiting right is important. The right connection can be beneficial to
both parties and the importance of this is not lost on recruiters and HR
experts. With connectivity tools such as internet and mobile applications; the
task of reaching talented candidates has on the one hand become easier, and on
the other equipped with new challenges. Striking this recruiter-seeker match is
an intricate process today which requires consistent engagement with potential
talent, both those actively looking for a job and those in the passive mode. The
powerful combination of Monster Professional Networking for Jobs and the Monster
Mobile app has been designed to help you crack the rules of recruitment in the
digital age through Better Access and Better Connections. Connect and engage
better with job seekers through Monster’s Professional Networking exclusively
for jobs; and get instant access to the best talent with the uniquely
intelligent Monster Mobile app. The two work in unison to provide recruiters a
platform for better, easier and consistent engagement with job seekers.   

To download Monster for Employer app from Apple Store, click here

To download Monster for Employer app from Google Play, click here

Here’s how this can make your talent search more relevant and efficient.


Building a unique recruiter profile

Professional networking for jobs on Monster.com gives the unique
opportunity to create a public profile page especially for recruiters, where
they can share important company news and details with potential talent. You
can add a short description of yourself/ your company; fields of specialization
and functions; your experience; previous achievements/ industry recognitions
and awards. Monster’s Professional Networking for jobs is designed to increase
engagement with job seekers through features that will enable you to view and
analyse your followers, and a dashboard that neatly summarizes all your
activity to keep you up-to-date. Seamless integration with the Monster Mobile
app ensures that all these features are available to you on-the-go.

Know more about the Monster for Employer app

Leveraging your network for recruitment

Now you can share job openings within your network to reach a more targeted
and relevant audience. On Monster Professional Networking, you can post 10 free
jobs posts from your profile and MOHQ; and further manage and share these posts
within your network. The Monster Mobile app further comes with features to edit,
review and manage job postings. You can also add a unique signature to your job
posts for instant identification with job seekers. The smart features of the
mobile app alert job seekers to the most relevant postings by matching job
posts with their career stage; which means better and smarter access to talent for

Stay cued!

Keep a tab on users following you and making the effort to engage with
you. This can help identify those who may not only have inherent qualities for
a particular position but also show a proactive approach and understanding of
your company. On Monster’s Professional Networking, you can review followers
who have visited your page in the last 3 months, along with their designation
and current company’s name.


It’s all in the image!

You can make your company a coveted brand amongst job seekers. Make sure
you keep engaging with them through company news – how you are transforming,
what’s your vision, any changes in management, industry recognitions and
awards. Recruiter interfaces on Monster Professional Networking are provided
with an update wall where you can post all such news to instantly share with
your followers. This will keep followers engaged and well-informed about your
company, while creating a unique brand image amongst seekers. 

Go beyond – Promote your network

Monster Professional Networking seamlessly integrates with external
platforms, so you can instantly share your posts and reach more people,
quickly. You can invite followers to view and follow your profile; and even get
recommended by people within your network. This never-before option of
recommendations by job seekers seals the deal. On the Monster Mobile app, you
will get instant update on recommendations received from seekers and also have
the flexibility to display or hide recommendations.

Search Better

Monster Mobile app offers a smart search experience whereby you can
quickly sort through resumes, shortlist and send an email or even SMS to potential
candidates. With the reach and personal touch of your professional network,
combined with the smart capabilities and instant access of the mobile app, you
can optimize your searches to find better talent, quicker!

Monster Professional Networking and Monster Mobile app enhances
recruiters’ engagement model, giving you far more avenues and opportunities for
interacting with job seekers. These tips and tools can help you optimize this
engagement. It is a connected world where the rules of the game are changing
and we at Monster are helping you stay ahead at every step. 

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