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Responsibilities of HR Officer Job

You can abbreviate Human Resources as “HR,” which ensures that employees get all their job benefits and continue working in a desirable environment.

It isn’t easy to fulfill all aspects of employee management. For example, some small companies would only require a single HR officer to satisfy all necessary HR duties. But more prominent companies have several HR officers to ensure specific areas of employee management.

How do you post the job brief and other critical vital areas? This article will give you all the details you need to provide for your HR Officer Job description.

What Is an HR Officer Job?

An HR officer plays a crucial role in a company’s administrative tasks. They are responsible for protecting and managing the workplace. An excellent and competitive workplace can only be successful when qualified candidates evolve a company’s work culture.

The primary responsibility of an HR Officer job is to support human resources, in other words, to ensure corporate team-building and leadership activities. Some other activities of an HR Officer job focus on employee recruitment, benefits, leaves, retention, salaries.

What does an HR officer do?

The responsibilities of an HR Officer job vary with multiple deciding factors, such as your employer and their existing human resources team requirements. Although the basics of the job require you to undertake employee management and ensure employees are satisfied and in line with the company’s interests.

HR Officer job duties include:

  • Identify employee benefits for the employees and explain them to them.
  • Hire new talents that understand the company’s plans and help their business grow.
  • Monitor employee performance and release them from the organization if necessary.
  • If any employee has an issue with salary, work, or other job-related matters, they must resolve it.
  • Plan events and campaigns that strengthen the team-building between employees and other sorts of corporate events when necessary.
  • Ensure the community outreach programs which will help in employee involvement to corporate social activists. These include charity, volunteer, and goodwill initiatives.

Job brief for HR Officer Job

ABC Company is currently recruiting new talents for the HR Department. Your primary job duty is to ensure administrative tasks and contribute significantly to the betterment of the workplace environment.

If you love to work in the Human Resource Department and show excellent efficiency in your work, ABC company will give you the platform to shine. You should possess abundant knowledge of several HR functions. In addition, the company requires a hard-working and approachable individual that our clients will be impressed with your performance.

All of these skills will contribute to ensuring quality assistance and support for the employees and workplace environment.

Responsibilities of HR Officer Job

  • Support the advancements and application of proper HR functions and norms.
  • Consult the employees for policies and procedures.
  • Actively recruit by publishing job descriptions, ads in several job portals.
  • Make plans for effective onboarding plans.
  • Implement proper training and development plans for new employees.
  • Monitor performance for the employees.
  • Ensure disciplinary and all other grievance issues.
  • Check and monitor employee records such as attendance and leaves. 
  • Review working conditions and other vital factors that ensure a proper workplace environment.

Requirements for an HR Officer Recruitment

  • Must have Documents of experience as HR officer, administrator, or other related position
  • It’s best to have knowledge of HR functions (pay & benefits, recruitment, training & development, etc.)
  • It’s best to have a solid knowledge of disciplinary procedures.
  • Have superb organizational abilities to process all HR functions.
  • Have Problem-solving and decision-making aptitude.
  • Own good ethics and show reliance on performance. 
  • Have a proper educational background, such as BA or BBA in Business Administration.
  • You have additional certifications related to the HR Department.

Average Salary for HR Officer Job

According to many surveys from several HR Officer employees, India’s national average HR Officer Salary is about INR 4 to 5 LPA. This salary depends on the location as well. Filter your city on several job websites to know how much you’re going to earn.

Key Skills

Aside from these requirements mentioned above, you need to have specific skills for Human Resource recruitment:

Excellent communication skills

You’ll have to hone this skill as it is an irreplaceable and essential skill needed as an HR Officer. This skill is communication skills. You must have excellent communication skills as you’ll create the link between the business and the employees.

Administrative Skills

Administrative tasks play a vital role in an HR Officer’s job. As an HR officer, you’ll focus on areas like employee performance, leaves, and other benefits and make sure you monitor these factors periodically.

Knowledge and expertise

It shouldn’t surprise you that HRM tools and software mastery will give you a performance boost in your job. If you have previous work experience in this software and tools or know the basics of Management or Organizational Psychology, it will be beneficial.

Good Advising Skills

You must have good advising skills in an HR officer job. As your job responsibility, you need to listen to the issues and provide solutions and advice to stakeholders, managers, or employees.

Why pursue a career as an HR Officer?

The simple answer to it is the job benefits you gain as an HR Officer, which includes some of the below features:

Having an influential position

HR professionals get to have a unique job perspective, as their work is heavily reliant on the nature of jobs. HR officers know what’s best for a company to increase profitability. What makes them even better is the power to influence the company’s future concerning employment decisions.

Career Growth

An HR Officer job is brimming with scopes and opportunities. It would help if you had HR for any company, be it small or large size. Now that you have so many areas, if you show performance, companies will get competitive to have in your company by giving you attractive job positions and roles.

Development of Employees

By having an HR Officer job, you are responsible for providing proper training modules to new employees. In addition, you get to organize campaigns and events for team building, which will give you a sense of achievement because you are always creating value and changing the lives of potential talents.

How to become an HR Officer?

These are three essential steps you need to take to become an HR Officer job: 

Get a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Human Resources

Earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in HR Department from a reputed university. It will ensure that you have proper education and experience to facilitate all HR functions to all the employees, which is highly beneficial for a company.

Certifications and undertake internships

You can apply for many certifications or short internships and strengthen your profile for your HR Officer job. It will be much more beneficial for you as you can improve your chances of being recruited; after all, you’ll have the edge over the others to get hired.

Apply through job portals

You have a degree and additional certificates. You got what it takes to be a successful HR Officer. All you have to do now is apply for several job openings currently available, either as a fresher or experienced.

Sure, it will be difficult for you to join as HR Officer if you are fresher, but don’t give up, and stay updated with current business news. And it will be much easier if you already have one or three years of experience in the related job field. 


HR officer is a very appealing role for those who love a stable job, career growth, outstanding salaries, and various job benefits.

Companies will always appreciate you if you are on an exceptional career track. But for that, you must post an appealing job description. 
This job description is to help you know what information you need for a better understanding of the scope of the HR Officer job. You only deserve the best talents for your company, and the best skills need the best platform to perform. So it’s beneficial for both the employee and employer. 

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