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What Hong Kong graduates need to know about finding a job today

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Once you’ve thrown your cap, stretched the selfie stick, and celebrated with yee ma, gou ma, poa poa, bak bak and the rest of the clam, there is fast pressure to turn your expensive degree into a lucrative career.

For fresh graduates though, waiting for a job offer feels like standing in line at Tim Ho Wan on a Sunday afternoon, but fong sum.

There are plenty of resources to point you in the right direction. Most Hong Kong universities don’t teach you how to find what you love or dress for an interview, but we can help you with that.

New graduates need to know how to search for a job before applying for one. It’s tempting to send 10 resumes a day and wait around sharing 9gag memes. But every resume should be tailored to a job application.

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Pluck out a few jobs you’re interested and tailor your resume to each one. Look at the website, what is their tone? Corporate? HR? Local or western-style? A startup environment? Match your personality and skills to the job description. Hong Kong students are some of the most competitive in the world, so stand out!

Since you don’t have a lot of experience, make sure that your CV has personality. That touch of personality gives recruiters a sense of how you fit within the organisation, putting you ahead of others in the consideration process. If you’re lucky, you might even make your recruiter’s day.

Even if your CV stands, out, it could get tossed in the bin without a final check. CVs riddled with mistakes shout sloppiness and do not sit well with recruiters. Proofread several times for spelling, grammatical and other formatting errors. A fresh pair of eyes can be helpful for spotting these mistakes you might have missed.

For more advice on how to land your dream career as a fresh grad, download our FREE Graduate Handbook.

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