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Top 7 jobs that will be in demand in 2019

7 of the hottest jobs in 2018

In 2019 a fresh pool of young graduate is looking for great opportunities as they enter the job market in the Philippines. To help you with your search, we’ve created a list of jobs that will be in demand for 2019 and beyond.

Data Scientist
As machine learning and automation are becoming a reality in many industries, the demand for data scientists is increasing every single year. As the position itself is still fairly new, skilled data scientists are extremely rare. Don’t be fooled, analyzing and interpreting complex digital data demands not only a healthy amount of intellectual curiosity but also statistical and technical skills as data visualization is part of the daily routine.
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Despite growing automation in the finance industry, accountants are still highly sought-after in the Philippines. Offering a continuous value to companies, book-keeping and organizational skills remain a major key to any business and their success.
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Civil Engineer
Be it commercial developments, private homes, office spaces or infrastructural projects – the construction industry in the Philippines is booming. Spearheading these large-scale projects, civil engineers are hot in demand to facilitate growth across the country.
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 Full-Stack Engineer Jobs
With technology progressing on all fronts, there’s an unprecedented scope for those engineers who know about the ways to work on both the front-end and back-end aspects of website or applications. Needless to say, these jobs have become quite popular in recent times and the demand will only grow in the forthcoming years.
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Market Research Analyst
Launching a new product or expanding a business into the Philippines and the wider region is no mean feat. Market research analysts are incredibly valuable to companies when it comes to conducting consumer surveys and interpreting collected data to inform these moves, making this profession increasingly popular.
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Software Engineer
Just think of all the digital services you are using daily – ranging from sending email and calling a taxi to paying bills and streaming the latest TV series. As the number of services available at our fingertips isn’t decreasing in the future, the number of job for software engineers will only be increasing in 2019.
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Back-end developers
These IT guys can make websites and create compatible software. Such tech whizards can make any website and software come to life by using different codes that responds to commands received from the user’s front end. These professionals ensure that the services or data requested through the front-end system are delivered through systematic programs. The demand for back-end developers is only going to rise as long as web development remains an integral part of the digital ecosystem.
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