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What does a robotics engineer do?

What is a robotics engineer job?

Robotics engineers are responsible for coming up with blueprints for the robotics or automation systems, building and programming robots or machines, testing them out to make sure they’re functional, and putting their designs into practice in limited spaces while working alongside individuals who specialize in particular areas of the business. A Robotics Engineer job requires the individual to play the role of the designers and developers of automated systems. 

They are the ones who help create devices that can act on their own without human intervention to perform complex tasks such as flying an airplane, or navigating a robot through rough terrain. Robotics engineer skills are often demanded in factories where industrial robots use specialized software tools to help build different parts of finished products like cars or electronic equipment.

What does a robotics engineer do?

Just to give you an idea, robotics engineer’s responsibilities spend over half of their time building the machines that robots end up working on. They create the plans that are used to get operational and make sure everything works together in just the right way. They also make sure robots work effectively by designing the mechanics of machines that have been made for building other robots. Before any machine is used to build a robot, engineers decide what purpose it will serve in highlighting what its intended focus is going to be. Although robots are used mainly for task automation, the person designing the robot and has the robotics engineer job has to take into consideration that its intended purpose be well defined.

Robotics engineer Job Duties Include:

  • Robotics Engineer Job includes Building, configuring, and testing robots.
  • They have to design software systems
  • As a robotics engineer, you make sure that your devices represent the optimal fusion of form and functionality. One of your main responsibilities as a robotics engineer is closely analyzing each of your units to be sure they are stable and effective in all conditions. Other big parts of this job include repairing and reprogramming existing machines where necessary.
  • Reviewing, approving and ensuring that construction of the product is cost effective, meets budget and the project may be implemented as designed.
  • A Robotics Engineer who develops robotic systems has to be the technical support for their own creation.
  • Robotics Engineer Job includes teaching plans and paths to robots.

Job brief for Robotics Engineer

A robotics engineer job is fit for one who can help an organization in harnessing the power of technology, robotics, software and automation to continue our legacy of excellent customer service that sets them apart from the competition. For this job, one should have a degree in engineering and knowledge of flexible automation as well as key cost and efficiency optimization skills. In addition, recruiters also ensure that a candidate possesses a high level of resourcefulness concerning ideas about what robotics can do.

Responsibilities of Robotics Engineer

  • Robotics engineers design and evaluate prototypes.
  • They review and approve cost estimates and design calculations.
  • Robotics engineers investigate mechanical failures or unexpected maintenance problems.
  • They have to Provide technical support for robotic systems.
  • Robotics engineers Troubleshoot defects in the robot design.
  • They have to develop software systems which help a lot with localization, object detection & tracking and control of the robots.
  • It’s vital to stay up-to-date with advancements in robotics and engineering that are relevant.

Requirements for Robotics Engineer-

  • Robotics engineers should have any previous experience as a robotics engineer.
  • Robotics engineers must have knowledge of CAD/CAM software.
  • It is a must for them to have knowledge of cost, efficiency, and productivity optimization methods.
  • They should be Well-versed in computer science, applied physics, and mechanics.
  • For Robotics engineers jobs one has the ability to develop and evaluate integrated systems.
  • They must have an analytical mind
  • Outstanding communication skills.
  • Robotics engineers must have Degree in Engineering, Computer Science or similar field.

Average Salary for Robotics Engineer Job  (City Based Tables)

CityMinimum Salary (per annum)Maximum Salary (per annum)Average Annual Salary (per annum)
Mumbai₹ 4.6 L₹ 7.6 L₹ 4.9 L
New Delhi₹ 1.4 L₹ 7.2 L₹ 3.2 L
Bangalore₹ 1.8 L₹ 11.1 L₹ 4.2 L
Pune₹ 2 L₹ 7.1 L₹ 3.5 L
Chandigarh₹ 4.1 L₹ 8.6 L₹ 5 L

This is just an estimate that is received via a few of the individuals who are in the robotics engineer job. These mostly depend on the city that the job is in and the costs that are applicable there. 

Key skills for a robotics engineer Job

  • A Robotics Engineer should have that one skill of Complex Problem-Solving. 
  • They must have a programming Mindset.
  • Robotics engineers should have skills in systems thinking. 
  • Robotics engineers must know python programming. 
  • They must know efficient solution design. 
  • They are required to be great problem solvers who can take care of the many complexities that come with the job. 
  • Adaptability and Flexibility should be their skill. 
  • Robotics engineers must have knowledge of AI or Artificial Intelligence.
  • They should have the skill to work with a team. 
  • Robotics engineers must put their creative thinking on. 
  • Robotics engineers focus on their active learning.

Why pursue a career as a robotics engineer?

The demand for robotics engineers is higher than ever these days. And though there are more opportunities for them to be employed in the world of engineering, robotics has also begun to introduce innovations in different sectors or industries of the entire world. Not only does it play an integral role in almost every industry today, but it also provides individuals with various new ways to generate a sustainable income. 

There are various industrial robotics which help manipulate machines that are responsible for handling hazardous materials or situations. These safer working environments allow workers to exert themselves in safe conditions while still being able to garner an adequate paycheck. Every time an organization invests in the innovation of robotics technology, they have a few new jobs lined up. All the while these opportunities continue to grow organically because skilled professionals are always needed when organizations want to further their particular technological advancement goals. These goals are also great for the employee as well in order for them to gain some genuine experience and make a career out of it.

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How to become a robotics engineer?

To have a good Robotics engineer job or even a career, a person should have a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. For example, one should major in Robotics Engineering. As mentioned above, degrees specific to robotics technology courses can often include skills for many things. These might be numerically controlled systems, general training in pneumatics and hydraulics, CADD/CAM systems, logic, integrated systems,  and microprocessors.

Degrees related to electronics, computing and engineering are the main requirements for a career in robotics. While many universities offer degrees in similar fields, a handful of accredited ones handle specializations that the majority simply will not. To be accepted by any robotics firm or industry leader you must be willing to learn on your own and do whatever it takes to make things work, even if it means going extra miles.

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