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Practical Ways for Working Moms to Balance Work & Life

Millions of women around the world are managing their professional and personal life with ease, however, often at the cost of their own time. They strive day in and day out to accomplish the best, both at work and home.

I have a female friend who I look upon as an ideal woman. Despite having a joint family and two naughtiest kids, the way she goes beyond and above to strike a balance between work and home is marvelous. Unable to keep my curiosity to myself, I went up to her and asked her the secrets of managing work-life for working mothers.

Here are some of her tips:

Don’t Neglect Your Family Needs

“The work is often arduous and hours long, however, I cannot afford to ignore my family needs, which is why I treat my family time as sacred as the meetings with my CEO,” she stated. “How often do you go out with your kids?” she asked.  The question actually made me realized that it has been almost a month I have taken my kids for an outing.

Eat Good, Feel Good!

She told me, “With an entire hectic day waiting ahead, one of the important assets you could possibly have is a perfect breakfast in the morning. Women who skip their breakfasts to rush for the office are doing their bodies a great deal of harm in the long run. Good food can keep ‘stress’ which has become almost a phenomenon today at bay. So I never ever skip my breakfast.” 

Learn to say ‘No’

She further counseled, “Have you ever found it difficult to say ‘no’?”  I was quick in answering, “Whenever someone asks me for help, I generally attend to the requests.”

She replied, “Well, you’re not alone. I used to find saying ‘no’ difficult too. But when I realized that I’m just bringing troubles on myself by not saying ‘no’ to even the most futile requests, I immediately worked on my habit. You are a working professional, a wife and a mother, and therefore you should only be taking care of your ‘own’ duties at work and your ‘own’ personal responsibilities. Do not be too kind hearted to take on others responsibilities, like a colleague needs you to compile her sales figures report just because she has a spa appointment, makes no sense for me.”

Last but not the least, consider about upgrading your skills. You may require spending extra hours after your working hours, however, these efforts will have their own rewards in future.

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