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Popular Oil and Gas Job Profiles

Oil and gas industry always stays at the forefront on new and innovative technology as it requires finding new and advanced way of extracting oil and energy. The lifespan of oil and gas increases with an advancement in technology as an increased number of reserves can be extracted cost efficiently.

The need to stay in step with the latest oil extraction technology creates a strong need for the companies to hire specialized professionals with relevant skills and qualifications every now and then. Not only this, the individuals must possess good communication and IT skills, all set to become the part of innovation.

Most sought after job profiles in Oil and Gas Industry are:

Geophysicists: Geophysicists creates map of hydrocarbons buildup on the basis of the interpretation of seismic data and other geophysical data. They also study the physical properties of rocks. They do the research, collect and evaluate the well data. The well data serves as a foundation to build reservoir models to forecast the potential flow from the reservoir.

Geoscientists: A geoscientist primarily explores and develops natural resources such as gas, oil and water. They interpret geophysical, geochemical and geological data to create models of the earth’s subsurface to discover commercially viable and exploitable reserves of natural resources, such as oil and gas.

Reservoir engineers: A reservoir engineer plays a key role in evaluating the field performance by planning reservoir modeling. He explores opportunities to enhance the value of exploration and production properties to increase hydrocarbon production. He also suggests the most apt and cost effective reservoir depletion schemes. 

Drilling engineers: Drilling engineers design and implement the required procedures to drill wells safely and cost effectively. They work closely with the drilling contractor, service contractors, and compliance personnel and geologists as well as other technical specialists.

In addition, Oil and gas professionals need to:
• Stay in step with the latest advances in your profession;
• Develop a deeper knowledge in their respective specialized area; • Enhance their knowledge over the industry spectrum

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