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Why Become a Personal Assistant?

The job would easily be the most prevalent word among the youth. Be it ‘looking for it’ or ‘getting one,’ ‘being unhappy with your current job’, ‘switching to another one, it’s always there. And if you are already into this vicious cycle, you must have noticed that unemployment isn’t the worst-case scenario. It’s job dissatisfaction and underemployment that create more frustrations. Why does it happen? There could be several reasons like:

  • Mismatch in skills
  • Quantum of work
  • Salary
  • The quality of work etc.

The bottom line is that the candidate should be fully aware of what she is getting into. And before applying for the job, she should be skilled accordingly.

A prevalent yet unfathomable job profile is that of a personal assistant. It’s popular because

  • Every office needs one
  • Almost all graduates are eligible

A personal assistant job profile is difficult to understand because

  •  The requirements vary from place to place
  • It’s neither the top nor the bottom of the ladder, making it difficult to get a clear picture.

So, here, it has been tried to explain all about the personal assistant job and unravel all the mysteries around it. 

What is a Personal Assistant?

In simple words, a description personal assistant goes as one who assists a person, is their personal assistant. 

  • That person is usually in the league of executives employed in private, public office, or nonprofit organizations. 
  • That person could also be a celebrity, film star, etc.

It’s a mid-level position in an organization, who is, by and large, responsible for doing the administrative and clerical work of the officer. So it’s the conjunction point between the executive and everyone else.


A personal assistant duties include doing all those things that an officer doesn’t have time to look at. The basic idea behind this position is to let the administrator or executive focus more on strategy, research, and planning. They are expected to attain the following things and more:

  •  Making a schedule of daily activities for the boss
  • Attending to office calls and mails
  • Doing the administrative work
  • Helping in travel and hospitality
  • Arranging different events and function
  • Typing and compiling reports
  • Being available to any work-related activities that are ordered for
  • Miscellaneous

Personal assistant duties:

The most crucial duty of a personal assistant is to anticipate the requirements of their boss. Of course, that makes the job a lot easier and smoother than expected.

In general circumstances ( in the corporate or in the government sector), the duties may include the following:

  • To act as the first contact between the executive and the rest of the world.
  • To control access to the office.
  • To keep track of all the critical events that need to be attended
  • To act as a reminder to their boss
  • To perform any extra duties that may be necessary or ordered by their boss.

Job Description of Personal Assistant:

The profile would sound the same almost on every occasion other than that of a celebrity. However, the job description of a personal assistant to a big star may significantly vary.

  • In a corporate office, you will start as a personal assistant, be promoted to executive assistant, and end up being a personal secretary, corporate secretary, or legal secretary based on the type of industry.
  • In the government sector, particularly in India, it’s considered a very crucial position. You will be keeping a lot of sensitive data. If you play well, a considerable amount of power may be disposed of at your hand. So some of the personal assistant job entails being in the right hands of important government officials.
  • If you happen to work for a private person, apart from the things discussed here, you might have to adhere to other requirements of that person, as may have been discussed with you at the time of the interview.

Responsibilities of Personal Assistant :

The level of the personal assistant job may sound awry, but the responsibilities are almost as high as an executive.

  • Discrete with the boss. As you will be dealing with essential and sensitive information, both personal and professional, related to your boss, you need to keep many things to yourself. You have to be very careful about the things told to you in confidence.
  • Maintaining good chemistry with the executive. As you will be working closely with your boss the whole day, the equation between you becomes very important for smooth functioning.
  • Loyalty to the office. This is what makes the personal assistant job great.

Requirements of Personal Assistant :

Are you a graduate? Then, you would be eligible for almost all the personal assistant job. However, for certain profiles, a particular set of skills or some special qualifications may be required.

Previous experience would also become handy if you have worked in any clerical or administrative role. 


Needless to say, it varies from industry to industry and place to place. The average personal assistant salary is somewhat: 

  • £30000 a year in the UK
  • $35000 a year in the USA
  • 3-4 LPA in India.

Moreover, the pay level lies in the mid-level of the overall pay scale of that sector.

  •  In the government sector, it comes with a decent salary. Although the scope of increment is quite low, you get good job security and other important benefits.
  • You may start a little lower in the private sector, but the incremental scope is high. So you will end up earning at least double the salary of your counterparts in the government sector.
  • If you happen to work for a celebrity, the remuneration will no doubt be outstanding. But again, it’s not easy to become one.

Skill Set:

Different companies may require a different set of skills according to their specific needs. But many things would be similar if you work as a personal assistant to anyone.

So, you need to have many soft skills and a particular set of technical abilities if you want to fit into this portfolio. But no matter what, soft skills play a way more important role as far as this personal assistant job is concerned.

Technical Requirements for the personal assistant job:

  • Domain-specific knowledge. For example, if you would assist a lawyer, you must be aware of standard practice and procedures. Similarly, if you want to work in advertising or creative, you should be good with copywriting, etc.
  • Good typing speed
  • Sound computer operational ability
  • Experience in word, excel, and PowerPoint, etc.
  • Decent filing skills
  • Must be fluent in the working language.

Soft skills:

  • Excellent verbal communication
  • Outstanding writing abilities
  • Good presentation and report-making quality.
  • Good behavioral practices are an essential add-on.
  • Adaptive learning.

Why Become a Personal Assistant?

It is a fascinating job profile in this league. However, if you meet the qualifications for a  personal assistant job, you must think seriously about it.

  • It’s a very dynamic job, requiring you to attend to a diversity of things. So you will not have a monotonous work-life.
  • You can have a normal lifestyle because of your decent earnings.

If you have made up your mind and you meet the eligibility criteria, then it’s not a big deal to find a  personal assistant job:-

  • You can also find them on the websites of particular companies. 
  • Public sector jobs are published in newspapers daily.


Every job has its pros and cons. You just need to be aware of it before you feel betrayed. A personal assistant is one of the most popular and sought-after jobs.

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