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Nursing Resume Sample and Writing Guide


Anyone who wants a nursing job or dreams of pursuing a nursing career should know that they need to have a proper resume prepared. A resume is the first impression and lets the people know you before they have seen or known you. In this way, the recruiter of the nursing job will decide whether you are eligible for the interview or not. This importance can only happen by making a good Nursing resume format. Your resume will always stand out in front of the recruiters who will be bound to call you for the following interview. We shall provide a Nursing resume sample and a registered nurse resume sample along with a nursing student resume  so that you can create your desired format.

Preparations before creating a Nursing resume format

  • Make a list of the skills you can represent in the nursing resume sample.
  • If you are a student and are starting to make a Nursing student resume sample, you need to make a list of knowledge, skills, experiences you have to represent there. First of all, you need to state the ability, skill set that you have on the list. Then you can move ahead and express the experiences you have acquired, such as volunteer work, student Nurse visits, any other work experience, etc. 
  • The experiences and skill set you have provided in the Nursing resume sample should be explained in detail. Also, in addition to that, you need to provide various skill phrases under the statements. After that, explain everything you have stated in detail in the resume. Then you can create your resume. The layout can be up to your choice. 
  • Aside from that, the resume must be concise, more understandable, and clean. You should not make the resume look chaotic and messy.

Nursing resume format writing guide

For the nursing job, the main objective of the recruiters would be to recruit the best candidates. This is why you need to create an exemplary Nursing student resume to grab the recruiter’s attention. This will help you secure a place for the interview. Below is a guide that can help the candidates get an idea about what to mention in their resume. One should follow these to know the nursing resume format-

Add your contact information-

In this Nursing resume sample, add your contact information at the top. As per the nursing resume format, you need to include the following as well:-

  1. Name of the candidate.
  2. Address of the candidate.
  3. Phone number or any other contact details.
  4. E-mail of the candidate.
  5. LinkedIn profile of the candidate.

This information is crucial to mention at the top of the document that the candidate can be summoned for an interview. If the recruiter appreciated your resume and wants to contact you for further interviews, they might lose interest if the information is invalid. 

You need to showcase the experiences and skills you have in the nursing resume format-

As mentioned above, your resume should be concise yet informative. By showcasing the experiences and skills you have acquired you can capture the recruiter’s attention. The skills or the experiences you have highlighted should be relevant to the job you are applying for. This is the important thing that should be used in the nursing resume format. If you are writing a nursing student resume, you need to mention the hospital visits, volunteer work in the hospitals, etc.

Numbers give a clear picture of the nursing resume sample

As per the Registered nurse resume format, you should mention the numbers in your resume. The number represents the number of people you have experiences with or have worked with. These numbers will give the recruiter a vivid picture of the extent of your capabilities and how much work you can handle. 

Represent and highlight all the Nursing related skills and experiences 

As per the nursing resume format, you should highlight all the skills and experience that are nursing-related and that should be highlighted. In this  resume guiding format, it is recommended to represent and highlight all the nursing-related skills and experiences in the Nursing resume format.

Some of the important nursing related skills include –

  1. Teamwork and dependability 
  2. Immediate response in emergencies
  3. Giving care pre and post operations to patients
  4. Good communicative skills
  5. Seeing the safety of the patient at first
  6. Knowing first-aid
  7. IV administration
  8. Dressing of wounds
  9. Knowing how to administer the medicines

You need to cater and tailor your nursing student resume depending on the requirement of your job-

In this nursing resume sample, it is advised that every time you find a nursing job offer, you need to update or modify your resume according to the requirements of the job offer. This procedure helps the recruiter to see how your skills and experience fit in concerning the job offer. 

Important things to specify in the Nursing Resume Format

Several things are important to include in the Nursing resume sample. In this nursing resume format, the following things must be included 

  1. Place of registration
  2. The current RN license i.e. the current Registered License that is applicable for practicing nursing in the current state.
  3. Where did you study?
  4. Did you get any placements when you were in school?
  5. Have you done any volunteer or non-volunteer work?
  6. State the number of shifts and the number of hours you have worked per shift in the Nurse’s resume.
  7. Include your previous experience as a registered Nurse including your roles in that job
  8. Mention your specialization as a registered Nurse and what type of patients you have worked with.

Nursing resume Format-

Some of the nursing resume samples will be provided so that you can get an idea of how to deliver the things in your resume. There are some of the nursing resume samples that are provided below




1. Why is a robust nursing resume format necessary?

 Since most people are very motivated to live, the demand for nursing staff has always been excellent. Your first chance to impress is on your nursing student resume. When doctors trust you to handle complex patient care and procedures with them, you need to make it clear that you have the ability to complete responsible and stressful jobs. 

2. What are the goals of a suitable nursing resume format? 

While seeking a position as a Nurse, broadening practical experiences is a given and the opportunity to provide residents with top-notch medical service. With the right company, there can also be career development opportunities in the world of healthcare.

3. How do you write an objective for your registered Nurse resume?

Please include the name of the hospital, institution, or office you are applying to show that you take that particular organization and position seriously. Summarize your goals in no more than two sentences. When describing your skills and career goals, use strong adjectives.

4. What are some of the goals of nursing that can be included in a nursing resume format? 

To care for patients with acute and chronic diseases; promote rescue plans; provide palliative care; provide training for patients; disease prevention and health maintenance services. Provide tailor-made comprehensive care according to the social, emotional, cultural, and physical needs of patients. 

5. How is the certification to be listed on the nursing resume sample? 

List them entirely and avoid abbreviations. Use the following license sequence: license type, state/licensing agency, license name and number, Nurse license agreement, and expiration date. Starting with the title, followed by the organization, expiration date, and certificate number (if applicable). 


The recruiter for the nursing job gets lots of resumes daily for the nursing job. This can get very hectic for the recruiters to go through every resume. Registered Nurse resumes hence are easier because accomplishments are written on top and concisely. Due to this reason, you need to create your Nurse’s resume so that it can capture the recruiter at first glance itself. According to the guide, you should write the critical information at the top of the Nurse’s resume. After that keep the whole Nurse’s resume concise and detailed.

This is helpful because if the recruiter catches untruths in your resume, then it is most possible that the recruiter will most definitely read your whole resume and come to a conclusion. It would be best to remember that you should always add the lines that showcase eligibility for the nursing job requirements. In addition, you should include soft skills such as communication skills, critical thinking to problem-solving, logical reasoning, etc, which is helpful for the recruiter to decide candidates who will further be allowed for the interviews. Apart from everything above, always keep your educational degrees and certificates with you, so the procedures do not get delayed by any means.

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