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‘Look for a profession that makes you feel motivated every morning to run harder and faster…’

CP Gurnani
If there’s one piece of advice C. P. Gurnani, Managing Director & CEO of Tech Mahindra, has for first-time jobseekers, it’s the importance of doing their homework.

According to Gurnani, a good candidate is one “who does a decent amount of simulation of what I as an interviewer is seeking. Somebody who has simulated the job that he wants, simulated the job that the company is offering, simulated the people that you are going to interact with, and if you are able to research and piece it together, then you are at the same frequency.”

His views reinforce the findings of Monster’s My First Job Survey where more than a quarter of the respondents (28%) felt their biggest mistake in their first job interview was not knowing enough about the potential employer.

Another tip: Choose your career wisely. “Between ’81 to ’86, I explored five jobs to actually come to a conclusion about what kind of a job actually I want to do. Yes, it takes that much time to know what your strengths are, what makes you happy, what makes you feel that you’ll be motivated every morning and every morning you are running harder and faster than everyone else because that passion is coming from within,” says Gurnani, who helms one of the leading tech companies in the country.

While marks and degrees are important, talent is equally imperative. “At the end of the day, a degree is only a passport. A passport gets you inside a country, it gives you an identity, but your staying power depends on what is your real talent,” says Gurnani.

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Experts recommend choosing a career that’s in line with your passion and aptitude. If you are confused about which career to choose as a graduate jobseeker, this infographic contains valuable tips. You could also take our Career Orientation Test which will analyze your personality to suggest professions which are suitable for you.

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