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Let Them Have Careers!

Ensuring that the right talent has the right job – and a career to boot.

A war for talent is being waged in the region and for any business to have an edge on the competition, investing in their talent program, is the way to go. As a human capital specialist, we believe it all starts with the talent. Every candidate that aspires to greater heights in any organisation has to understand the value of their contribution and worth. It is therefore important for every business to note that the employee value proposition is an integral part of the business. For every specific business nuance, there is someone who fits that role. Once the employer acknowledges talent and the employee recognises his worth and value, it can, as they say, be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Once the talent is hired, the next stage is to manage that talent. Developing a knowledge base, a keen understanding of the business unit and improving the work process – are all initiatives that will ultimately give the talent a horizon to look towards. That is the career vision that companies should imbue each and every one of their staff. It is a career path that should be the concern, not the job. The management team then has to make a personal connection with staff. They are there not only to push the business ahead but to also facilitate the career growth of each talent.

Only when your staff share and value the company vision, while understanding the intricate business process and immersing themselves in a nurturing work environment, can real productivity happen.

And if you really want to have your cake and eat it – relent – and watch as your business improves. Not to relent in terms of efficiency or profitability but in terms of the business pursuit. Our current relentless pace, although rewarding in the short run, will only succumb to the laws of diminishing returns. When subjected to a relentless environment, most talent will remain dormant as they cope with the day-to-day and in doing so, stifling their professional growth.

Ideas and creativity need time to be nurtured and to flourish, so imagine a scenario where employers learn to relent and release the reins, actually allowing space for talent to expand and empower them – that’s when innovation happens.

Bringing the best out of your talent also requires that elusive ‘balance’. As cliché as it may sound, it is pertinent in addressing the issue of sustainability. The ultimate aim is to ensure that the talent not only maintains lifelong employability but to also continually evolve professionally, in order to consistently add value to the organisation. Therefore it is imperative that organisations find that balance – in meeting their bottom-line targets and in nurturing their talent. Constant training and improvement initiatives not only inspire talent, it also makes them more valuable.

Other initiatives such as flexible work options, teambuilding, family focus and other ancillary activities apart from work, are part of an investment that when executed and managed correctly, will maintain a balance that will garner greater returns than any employer can ever imagine.

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