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Last minute Diwali leave request? Here’s what to expect

Lamps and lights, mithai and chocolates, online sales and last-minute shopping…Diwali fever is rising across the country. It may be the biggest festival of them all in this part of the world, but for many organisations Diwali is just another day at work. So what happens if you forget to submit your leave application?

As the countdown to D-day begins, here’s a snapshot of how last-minute requests for time off are likely to fare during the most popular holiday of the year.

1. You wake up a week before Diwali and realise everyone is angling for leave. In a panic, you consider petitioning for the entire team to get four days off.

2. There’s a tussle to see the boss. You try to get ahead and make your case for taking the week off.

3. You fill out a leave application form to route through HR. Unfortunately everyone, from your seniors to your colleagues and even the office newbie, has beaten you to it.

4. The boss comes bearing bad news. Only two days of Diwali chutti announced!

5. You go up to colleagues and offer to work on Christmas if they will let you have more days around Diwali off.

6. But you’re outmaneuvered by co-workers who are newly married, or have children, and play the “my family needs me” card.

7. It’s going to be tough to focus on work when your friends and family are snacking on gujiyas, exchanging gifts and posting pataka selfies on Facebook.

8. Also, telling your mother you can’t come home for Diwali never gets any easier.

9. You think about calling in sick, but then decide against it. After all…

10. If you do end up in office over Diwali, don’t walk around like a martyr. Instead, spread some cheer at work.

All humour aside, keep these pointers in mind if you want to apply for leave for a major festival:

– Put in a written leave request early, ideally a month prior to when you need time off.
– Share a clear plan about who will cover your responsibilities while you’re out of the office and whether you’ll complete projects early or wait until you return to finish them.
– If it’s not possible to take leave, ask if you can work from home. Assure your boss you’ll be available on phone or email during regular work hours.

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