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International Relocation Tips for Returning Residents

Relocation remains the one of the most challenging aspects for returning residents. You may be too caught by hundred different things to overlook the basic areas that need your attention.

Outlined below are some useful tips for successful international relocation:

Choosing an International Mover

1)      The very first step to ensure a smooth international relocation is to select the right international mover. Don’t choose any new market entrant. Go for the known one and check its documentation and licensing. Ask for at least three customer references and also enquire about its insurance policy.  

2)       Make a reservation with the selected mover in advance; say a month ahead to avoid any bad aftermaths.

3)       Also, every country has different rules for the exporting of goods.  Therefore, know what international relocation documents you will require, complete them correctly. This may get you an exemption and save on taxes.

4)      Opt for consolidated shipping to reduce costs.   

Plan Ahead

1)      Make a comprehensive list of things you want to ship and what you want to leave behind. The list will save you to miss on the important stuff. Start with adding the most important things you often use; things you use on a daily basis.

2)      For heavy items like furniture, ship it only when you think it can comfortably fit into your new living place back home.

3)      Also the other items should be worthy enough to ship. Many people tend to spend money to move things that will be thrown away some day, thereby not only adding to expenses but hassles too.

4)      Ensure that the delivery and movement of furniture in the house don’t turn out to be difficult.

5)      You may arrange for a garage sale which is a nice way to get rid of futile stuff as well as to raise enough money to pay for the move. 

Packing the stuff  

6)      Prepare for an early packing to keep yourself stress free as well as to save yourself from forgetting anything important.

7)      Don’t pack on your own. Let professionals handle the wrapping and packing of your stuff. However, keep your important documents like birth certificates, marriage licenses, stock certificates, custody papers, passports, social security cards, medical records etc. in your possession.  Anything that you require immediately to show during your departure from the host country or on your arrival back home should be brought with you.

8)      Begin packing one area at a time; the basement and attic are good places to start with. Using this strategy, packing in one room at a time helps you organize things in the same boxes and will motivate you to keep on packing knowing you have already completed packaging an entire room. This is a good motivational strategy to speed up your packing momentum.

9)      Pack related things together; kitchen tools with kitchen wares, pillow cases with beddings, electrical appliances with their cords etc. and label each box accordingly. It will help you in easy unpacking, retrieving and restoring. Label all the boxes according to the stuffs in them. It needs not to be detailed but ensure that you are able to identify the contents of the boxes with the labels you put.

Taking Care of Visas

10)   It is recommended to contact the embassy of your new country regarding advices on Visas. Also you may ask them to put you in contact with other returnees’ families who can advice you.

Custom Duties

11)   Update your knowledge on the custom regulations as they are subject to change. You may fetch the required information from the office of Consulate. It is advised to go in person than availing online information since it may or may not be updated.

Other Miscellaneous things

12)   Collect all the necessary documents in advance like getting your kids’ school documents and other necessary papers of your transferred.

13)   Returning borrowed books or DVDs, arranging utility shut offs, transferring prescriptions etc.

14)   Don’t rely on the last minute shopping to be stress if tasks are not done as expected. If you need to buy any important stuff, shop for it in advance. Packing ahead will save you a lot of time and effort on the moving day. But before anything else, be sure to have lots of boxes. Life would be easier if you have enough moving boxes cheap.

15)   Note the contact information of all the important people in your personal diary. When you will be ready to move, this will save you from wracking your brain remembering who you need to call.  Also let your near and dear ones in your host country know where you are relocating to. Share your contact information with all of them and do this before you get the current phone shut off.

16)   Check weather reports for moving day. You definitely don’t want to arrive in a bad weather with your stuff packed.



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