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How to recharge your batteries over the festive holidays

How to recharge your batteries over the festive holidays

December is the time companies reflect on the year that has just passed, plan for the year ahead and sometimes even to shut their office for the season.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, whose office winds down over the Christmas and New Year holidays, rejoice and give yourself a pat on the back for the great work you’ve done over the year.

While you’re enjoying yourself, the break can pass as quickly as it has come. How can you quickly regain that productive momentum you had on the job before the holiday lull consumes you?

Clear your clutter
Coming back to a messy desk at work creates the perception that you have a pile of unfinished work waiting for you. We know how difficult it can be to keep your workspace neat and tidy when you’re focused on working all year long – but getting yourself organised is still key to becoming a more productive worker all around.

Before you make the final exit for the year, take time to tidy up your workspace of paperwork and documents. You might also want to look into clearing your email inbox.

Meet your loved ones
If you find yourself making one too many catch-up plans that never happen over the year, it’s about time you get it done before the year ends. To take this a step further, you can also reconnect with your friends you’ve not seen in ages.

Your friends are your greatest support system and it’ll be a fantastic opportunity to rebuild connections, and to remind them you’re still around.

Don’t forget to stay active
While this holiday is the perfect occasion to spend loads of time lounging around not having to worry about work, you should still strive to keep the body active.

Staying active does not necessarily have to involve working up a sweat in the gym. You can simply clock in other forms of exercising including brisk walking, jogging, or hop on a Gobee.bike for a cruise around the city.

Move around enough and you’ll chalk up enough endorphins to help you end the year on a hormonal high.

Lastly, don’t forget about yourself!
It’s important to make time for the people you love but the most important one person you should spend time with is yourself too. Having worked your entire year away, you should too look back and reflect on the year.

Making notes of both the high and low lights of the year paves way for greater clarity on all that you should focus on in the year ahead.

If there is an area you’ve been wanting to pay more attention to – whether it’s picking up a new skill or honing a craft – this might be your only opportunity to do that!

The journey of learning and discovering never stops. If you have been lamenting on not having enough time to make this work for you, what’s your excuse now?

Have a lovely holiday!

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