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How to Get a Job at 18 with No Experience

The job market represents quite a conundrum. You require a job to get professional experience but on the other hand you need professional experience to get the job. Today, job experience is an added advantage, especially for senior positions. But how do you enter the workforce when it is your first ever job?

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Internships, apprenticeships and volunteering

One of the best ways for someone with no professional experience to get a job is through internships and apprenticeships. These avenues not only provide the much-needed experience but can also help you secure a permanent position. Volunteering is another great way to enter the professional world without any experience. It helps you develop attributes such as commitment, initiative and strong work-ethic which benefits you in the long run.

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Your personal network is always helpful when looking for a job at any stage of your career. It is imperative that you connect with people, maintain a healthy network and always stay in touch. These contacts can vouch for you whenever you need them and can be the key to finding a job.

Focus on soft skills

Don’t underrate your soft skills when applying for a job. These include communication, leadership ability, teamwork capabilities and attention to detail, among others. Make sure you exhibit these skills to a recruiter, as these are the aspects that are of interest to them, sometimes holding even more weight than your work experience.

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Showcase your professional experience

Your experience needn’t just be the time spent at a job. It can also be the time you devoted towards something positive or productive. What you can highlight is your life experience and how you have had a short learning curve in whatever you have pursued. Showcasing a history of success through activities you participated in or the positions you held in school or college, and even fundraising for a college event, among others, will help your case.

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Work for experience

Though getting food on the table is the primary purpose of looking for a job, without any professional experience your first paycheck maybe thin. You should be realistic about the payout based on your experience and should instead focus on gaining knowledge. In certain cases, if the neccessity for experience is high, you can also consider working for free. This will not only help you garner a special interest from the employer but will also increase your chances of employability at 18.

The truth is, today’s job market is hyper-competitive and it can be difficult at times to land the job of your dreams with no experience to back you up. But, with determination, earnestness, and a little bit of flexibility, be assured that it can be done. You will need to persevere in your own right and prove this for yourself.

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