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How can working women help inculcate entrepreneurial skills in their kids!

Recently, while going back home my daughter told me about her day in school. She happily said that her teacher asked, “What do you want to be, when you grow up?” I asked her for her reply, and she said, “I want to be a business woman just like my mother!” Tears rolled down my eyes, I had always been living in the guilt of not being able to spend enough time with my children due to the work pressures.

Her answer gave me enough confidence to take pride in my entrepreneurial journey. I realized that I am setting an example for my daughter on both personal and professional levels. I am teaching her to be independent and helping her pursue her dreams when she grows up.

Here are some of the key pointers on what can be done to inculcate entrepreneurial skills in children:


  1. Goal setting is vital for future success– The best way is teaching your children to accomplish their goals in a fun and exciting ways. They can write down their top 10 goals and then choose the one goal that would make the greatest positive impact in their life.


  1. Kids must learn to recognize opportunities– Your kids can point out what stresses them or causes them grief.  They can give out possible solutions to the problems; this would help them focus on the solutions, rather than the problem itself.


  1. Selling is involved in every part of life– Encourage your kids to start with smaller projects like selling their old toys, having lemonade stand. Let them decide the price and sell it to their customers. This skill will last a lifetime.


  1. Inspiring creativity will build marketing skills– Motivate your kids to start observing marketing materials like billboards, advertisements. Know what catches their attention and what they would do to improve their liked advertisements.


  1. Effective communication improves all relationships– Most important thing is good communication skill. Teach children about using verbal and written communication in the way it is supposed to be.


  1. Independence creates confidence– Next time your kid asks you to buy a new toy for them, ask them various possibilities of creating money through entrepreneurship. Let them find out different ways in which they can buy the toy themselves


This article was originally published on BizDivas.in 

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