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Honesty is Not the Best Policy in These Situations at Work

Honesty is not the best policy

We’ve all been raised on that classic value of being truthful throughout our growing years. But “adulting”, as they call it, isn’t easy, especially at the workplace. Sometimes, a little masking, or even withholding information in a tight situation is the best way to keep things civil and in control.

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When you need the job 

There’s a world of a difference between “need” and “want”, and if you need a job, your bills, rent, subsistence depend on that monthly paycheck. If you haven’t found a new job, have only recently joined this one, or must interact with an unsavory colleague occasionally, we suggest you swallow the bitter pill and make it work for long enough to use your experience and employability elsewhere.

Instead of constantly complaining about how much the job sucks, try learning a new skill (or two) and change how you feel at workplace.

When people around can’t take no or negative feedback
Whether they are narcissists, complacent from a ton of previous appreciation, or just set in their ways, some colleagues – especially seniors – will not take Kindly to your honest “this won’t work and here’s why” spiel. Spare yourself the agony of having to face their denial and just accept and move on. A monosyllabic favorite when you don’t like something but must express appreciation is “nice”. If the recipient is smart enough, she or he will get the message and you don’t have to say anything negative.

When you are angry

You know how road rage usually ends in accidents or street fights? Letting off steam at the workplace around your colleague works the same way. You attract cops on the street, and you’ll attract a bad reputation at work. Reserve venting for your Saturday night group and make sure your social group is always disconnected from your colleagues. Do some stretches, drink water, move away from the situation and splash some water on your face to calm your nerves.

When you are about to leave your organization

If you’re serving notice at your current workplace, telling off everyone who’s been mean to you, or even talking behind people’s backs might seem like you’ve got nothing to lose. However, your reputation and people’s ability to trust you goes beyond your job. Refrain from ruining your professional credibility by indulging in what you might deem as “revealing the muck” at your workplace.

When you are exiting a company

If notice periods are tempting, exit interviews present a salivating opportunity to reveal nothing short of a sting operation. Instead of focusing on the people you thought didn’t treat you right, talk about bettering processes. After all, this could be a company you may consider returning to and then the same bosses may not want you back because you spoke nastily to HR about them!

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