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Get up and stretch! Easy workouts to do at your desk

The demands of today’s workplace has left us chained to our desks and slumped over our laptops. Long and irregular work hours have pushed exercise to the bottom of our priority list, meaning it doesn’t take long for waistlines to expand and health to deteriorate.

In addition to rising obesity rates thanks to sedentary lifestyles, a recent study suggests employees in Hong Kong are the least active across Asia.

In fact, 66% of us exercise less than once a week, and 70% of us get less than 30 minutes of physical activity each day. How crazy is that?

I’m tai mong (too busy)!
For health’s sake, it’s time to throw this excuse away. Just because you’re glued to your desk doesn’t mean you can’t get active. The trick here is not to try and “burn it all off”, but to keep your body moving in some way.

Whether you’re waiting to jump on another call or simply firing out emails all day, you can carry these simple ‘deskercises’ out. They might not give you rock-hard abs or muscular arms (we’re afraid you’re going to have to go to the gym for that) they can improve blood circulation to keep you healthy and more importantly, happy!


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